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2017-07-17Remove unnecessary dependencyStephan Bergmann1-1/+0
2017-07-17no need to statically link against the emfio library in the testsMarkus Mohrhard5-20/+48
2017-07-15emfplus: corrections for UnitTest in vclArmin Le Grand2-45/+56
2017-07-15emfplus: more corrections due to linux buildArmin Le Grand4-58/+55
2017-07-15emfplus: UnitTests and gerrit build correctionsArmin Le Grand18-7/+544
2017-07-15emfplus: finetuning, UnitTest, not active by defaultArmin Le Grand2-8/+4
2017-07-15emfplus: completed isolation/migration of Emf/WmfArmin Le Grand5-122/+116
2017-07-15emfplus: more streamlining of metafile importerArmin Le Grand4-316/+303
2017-07-15emfplus: reorganized some old filter aspectsArmin Le Grand7-897/+814
2017-07-15emfplus: add rough version of local readerArmin Le Grand8-51/+6955
2017-07-15emfplus: use size of image of metafile fallbackArmin Le Grand1-3/+16
2017-07-15emfplus: for convenience added fallbackArmin Le Grand2-6/+36
2017-07-15emfplus: create a wmf/emf/emf+ primitive based importerArmin Le Grand13-0/+636