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2001-03-01*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui13-366/+443
2001-02-27*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui19-0/+4921
2001-02-27*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui3-9/+9
2001-02-27*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui4-0/+599
2001-02-27*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui6-0/+1119
2001-02-26*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner1-2/+3
2001-02-26IDropTarget implementationJoachim Lingner2-0/+248
2001-02-26DropTarget does not implement IDropTarget any longerJoachim Lingner1-185/+192
2001-02-26DropTarget doesnt implement IDropTarget anymoreJoachim Lingner1-26/+37
2001-02-26*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner2-8/+8
2001-02-26*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui1-3/+3
2001-02-26support for quoted parameter values with spaces addedTino Rachui1-7/+17
2001-02-23OleUnitialize removed from DropTarget::setActiveJoachim Lingner1-4/+4
2001-02-23Generated solar list particle for usage per projectNils Fuhrmann1-0/+8
2001-02-21handle terminated strings as well as unterminatedPhilipp Lohmann1-3/+11
2001-02-21end drag on rejectDropPhilipp Lohmann1-2/+16
2001-02-20end drag on drop with drag action noneOliver Braun1-3/+3
2001-02-20update drag action on shortcutOliver Braun1-2/+17
2001-02-20DropTargetDragEvent does not use awt::Point any longerJoachim Lingner1-8/+8
2001-02-20some cleanupJoachim Lingner1-5/+2
2001-02-20XDropTargetFactory includes removedJoachim Lingner3-9/+6
2001-02-20adopted latest interface changesPhilipp Lohmann1-18/+18
2001-02-16changed to holder interfaces to solve single display multi instance problemPhilipp Lohmann6-155/+442
2001-02-16one instance for clipboardPhilipp Lohmann1-3/+3
2001-02-14respect active attribute on XDropTargetPhilipp Lohmann2-28/+41
2001-02-14changed active to be the default and call OleInitializeOliver Braun1-3/+16
2001-02-14updated service namesOliver Braun2-13/+13
2001-02-14updated service namesOliver Braun2-4/+6
2001-02-14include stdio.h for stderrOliver Braun1-2/+6
2001-02-14initialize AtomToString table with value 0 (None)Oliver Braun1-2/+5
2001-02-14do not send dragLeave on no drop targetPhilipp Lohmann1-23/+25
2001-02-13*** empty log message ***Tino Rachui6-13/+13
2001-02-13XDropTargetFactory include has been removedJoachim Lingner1-5/+2
2001-02-13*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner1-14/+16
2001-02-13*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner1-1/+0
2001-02-13*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner2-109/+44
2001-02-12*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner5-24/+20
2001-02-12*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner2-0/+203
2001-02-12*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner6-123/+41
2001-02-12interface changesJoachim Lingner2-29/+26
2001-02-12interface changesJoachim Lingner9-98/+100
2001-02-09changed dnd according to latest API specificationPhilipp Lohmann6-183/+515
2001-02-09debug console output disabledJoachim Lingner1-3/+3
2001-02-08*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner6-36/+50
2001-02-08*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner1-2/+4
2001-02-08*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner1-0/+3
2001-02-08*** empty log message ***Joachim Lingner8-0/+1298
2001-02-08 DTransHelper.cxx DTransHelper.hxx DataObjectWrapper.cxx DataObjectWrapper.hx...Joachim Lingner15-207/+501
2001-02-08call dragOver on XDragSourceListenerPhilipp Lohmann1-2/+12
2001-02-07fixed a deadlock, transferable should hold a reference on its creatorPhilipp Lohmann4-14/+17