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2013-01-18super-long language names make character dialog look real uglyCaolán McNamara1-16/+6
2013-01-18split out background page and adapt code to .uiCaolán McNamara1-0/+622
2013-01-16Resolves: fdo#59182 make the special character dialog behaveCaolán McNamara1-12/+15
2013-01-15make translatable a few more ui stringsAndras Timar2-5/+5
2013-01-15split out border page and adapt codeCaolán McNamara1-0/+647
2013-01-11use sizegroups instead of explicit codeCaolán McNamara1-0/+32
2013-01-11Use a sizegroup in the numbering formatting page instead of using codeCaolán McNamara1-12/+11
2013-01-09Personas: Improve wording of the choices.Jan Holesovsky1-5/+5
2013-01-09Personas: Improved wording (URL -> address, and related changes).Jan Holesovsky1-3/+3
2013-01-09Personas: Fix typo (Backround -> Background).Jan Holesovsky1-1/+1
2013-01-07split out numbering options page to cui and adapt codeCaolán McNamara1-0/+785
2013-01-07split out numbering position page to cui and adapt codeCaolán McNamara3-1/+450
2013-01-07we will want to have different helpids, so split numbering pagesCaolán McNamara2-0/+80
2013-01-07pick out graphic numbering page to cui and adapt codeCaolán McNamara1-0/+85
2013-01-07split out pick single and outline numbering page to cui and adapt codeCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
2013-01-07split out pick bullet page to cui and adapt codeCaolán McNamara1-0/+40
2013-01-07Better wording for Spellcheck buttons/context menuSamuel Mehrbrodt1-4/+4
2013-01-07Change 'Add' to 'Add to Dictionary' in the Dialog alsoSamuel Mehrbrodt1-4/+4
2013-01-01fdo#58651 improve layout/spacing of positionpage.uiJack Leigh1-135/+165
2012-12-29adapt spelling dialog to use .uiCaolán McNamara1-90/+179
2012-12-29move spelling .ui to cui and clean up a littleCaolán McNamara1-0/+333
2012-12-20Resolves: fdo#58325 give each font category a separate info labelCaolán McNamara1-15/+120
2012-12-20improve padding on character dialog pagesJack Leigh3-0/+13
2012-12-18restore accelerators for format cell numbers tabCaolán McNamara1-14/+23
2012-12-17Resolves: fdo#58373 restore label for font is printer/both or unavailableCaolán McNamara1-1/+14
2012-12-06convert number format page to .uiCaolán McNamara1-417/+480
2012-12-06Personas: Hide the Persona UI on non-Windows.Jan Holesovsky1-1/+1
2012-12-05allow arbitrary icons from our icon-themes as button imagesCaolán McNamara1-3/+3
2012-12-05move numberformatpage to cuiCaolán McNamara1-0/+518
2012-12-03remove line feed from label textAndras Timar1-2/+1
2012-11-30Personas: Tweak the Select Persona dialog to be nicer.Jan Holesovsky1-42/+49
2012-11-30tweak dialog to have a default button and fix up for current glade behaviourCaolán McNamara1-58/+63
2012-11-30set expected dialog nameCaolán McNamara1-7/+8
2012-11-30Personas: .ui file for the Select Persona dialog.Jan Holesovsky1-0/+179
2012-11-30Personas: Introduce Tools -> Options... entry for Firefox Personas.Jan Holesovsky1-0/+240
2012-11-23vertically center button rather than stretch itCaolán McNamara1-0/+2
2012-11-22make left-right traverse through radiobutton groupsCaolán McNamara3-4/+56
2012-11-21Moved buttons for consistency and improved widget spacingAlexander Wilms3-52/+6
2012-11-08center vertical items in first rowCaolán McNamara1-0/+3
2012-11-08convert macro dialog to .ui formatCaolán McNamara1-0/+199
2012-11-05convert basic dialog to .uiCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2012-11-02tidy dialog a bitCaolán McNamara2-242/+252
2012-11-02WIP: first stab at converting the insert-row dialogPhilipp Kaluza1-0/+242
2012-10-31convert run macro to .uiCaolán McNamara1-0/+358
2012-10-26connect adjustments to spinbuttonsCaolán McNamara1-10/+29
2012-10-26migrate Insert Floating Frame dialog to .ui fileJack Leigh1-0/+486
2012-10-25remove .ui mark-up in favor of font attributesCaolán McNamara7-42/+84
2012-10-17make use of ability to use bold in labelsCaolán McNamara7-33/+46
2012-10-12grr I wanted can+has *default* not *focus*Caolán McNamara2-1/+3
2012-10-12set has-default for insert ole object dialogCaolán McNamara1-18/+1