path: root/crashrep/source/unx/main.cxx
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2013-10-03fix thinkoDavid Tardon1-1/+1
2013-03-27Remove unused macro "PMAP_CMD"Julien Nabet1-6/+0
2013-01-22convert crashrep to gbuild and add to tail_buildPeter Foley1-1/+0
2012-12-27Some cppcheck cleaningJulien Nabet1-6/+4
2012-08-11Remove unused local varsJulien Nabet1-1/+0
2012-07-02Remove unused definesThomas Arnhold1-2/+0
2012-07-01Remove unused definesThomas Arnhold1-1/+0
2012-06-14re-base on ALv2 code.Michael Meeks1-23/+14
2012-04-21make comment reflect realityCaolán McNamara1-23/+2
2012-04-21WaE: crashrep warnings fixedDavid Ostrovsky1-2/+10
2011-05-01Declare and use the boolean variable for the returnJulien Nabet1-2/+3
2011-04-28fixed cppcheck warningsAndreas Becker1-6/+2
2011-03-14Use format string on printf()Thomas Arnhold1-2/+2
2011-02-06move components to boost unordered containersFridrich Štrba1-13/+13
2011-01-21Remove doubled headers.Thomas Arnhold1-1/+0
2010-12-05Replace all occured, occurance etc.Takeshi Abe1-1/+1
2010-10-13Add vim/emacs modelines to all source filesSebastian Spaeth1-0/+3
2010-10-05remove include guards using fixguard.pyPetr Mladek1-0/+0
2010-10-01#i112871# missing parentheses around || within &&Caolán McNamara1-2/+2
2010-02-12changefileheader2: #i109125#: change source file copyright notice from Sun Mi...Jens-Heiner Rechtien1-4/+1
2009-07-27CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS kso32fixesJens-Heiner Rechtien1-2/+2
2008-06-16INTEGRATION: CWS hr51 (1.29.2); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-1/+2
2008-04-24INTEGRATION: CWS cmcfixes43 (1.26.44); FILE MERGEDIvo Hinkelmann1-1/+2
2008-04-22INTEGRATION: CWS hr50 (1.26.50); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-3/+3
2008-04-10INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.26.46); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-23/+18
2007-01-29INTEGRATION: CWS hro11_SRC680 (1.25.26); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-4/+5
2006-08-29INTEGRATION: CWS hro08 (1.24.10); FILE MERGEDIvo Hinkelmann1-2/+4
2006-06-19INTEGRATION: CWS warnings01 (1.22.4); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-13/+16
2005-09-28INTEGRATION: CWS nativefixer18 (1.21.28); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-3/+3
2005-09-08INTEGRATION: CWS ooo19126 (1.21.30); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-31/+21
2005-05-06INTEGRATION: CWS crashrep8 (1.20.16); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-9/+17
2004-12-20INTEGRATION: CWS hrogtkremove (1.19.6); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-136/+22
2004-11-26INTEGRATION: CWS recovery04 (1.18.10); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-86/+129
2004-06-28INTEGRATION: CWS reportcompfix2 (1.17.8); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-3/+6
2004-06-02#i29762# Don't override proxy settings if environemnt variables are not set (...Rüdiger Timm1-8/+12
2004-05-10INTEGRATION: CWS crashreport01 (1.15.6); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-32/+122
2004-01-07INTEGRATION: CWS geordi2q12 (1.14.2); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-11/+14
2003-12-17INTEGRATION: CWS geordi2q11 (1.12.32); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-18/+2
2003-12-16INTEGRATION: CWS crashrep12 (1.12.26); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-3/+17
2003-07-25INTEGRATION: CWS crashrep10 (1.11.8); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-11/+3
2003-07-16INTEGRATION: CWS ooo11rc2 (1.9.2); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-3/+3
2003-07-11#100000# use locally generated _version.hVladimir Glazounov1-3/+3
2003-07-02INTEGRATION: CWS ooo11rc (1.6.6); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-5/+5
2003-07-01#100000# Correction for last checkin: it's _version.h to include, not that ou...Rüdiger Timm1-3/+3
2003-06-30INTEGRATION: CWS crashrep09 (1.6.8); FILE MERGEDJens-Heiner Rechtien1-23/+4
2003-06-11#110104# Current working directory has to be set to office dir firstHennes Rohling1-4/+4
2003-06-10#110104# Close the command with with pclose instead of fcloseHennes Rohling1-3/+3
2003-06-10#110104# Don't start if gnome accessibility is enabledHennes Rohling1-3/+3
2003-06-10#110104# Don't start if gnome accessibility is enabledHennes Rohling1-3/+24
2003-06-10#110164# Stack parameter of SOAP request now has the name stack.txtHennes Rohling1-3/+3