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2017-10-09remove cppcanvas Color classNoel Grandin1-2/+2
which actually does nothing useful. Looks like it was originally intended to be used to implement color profiles, but since nothing has happened on that front since it was created, safe to say it never will. Probably not the right place in the graphics stack to do it anyhow. Change-Id: I36990db4036e3b4b2b75261fc430028562a6dbd9 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Noel Grandin <>
2017-07-28loplugin:checkunusedparams more part1Noel Grandin1-4/+2
seems I got one of the checks wrong, and was missing a bunch of stuff Change-Id: I2c662fc4e735f8d6cbe56c6f82906a60a580331b Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins <> Reviewed-by: Noel Grandin <>
2012-06-21re-base on ALv2 code.Michael Meeks1-26/+17
Change-Id: I6c145e984c885c7e06caa1c27bfb354ea49ad9ce
2011-11-27remove include of pch header in cppcanvasNorbert Thiebaud1-2/+0
2010-10-14Add vim/emacs modelines to all source filesSebastian Spaeth1-0/+3
Fixes #fdo30794 Based on bin/add-modelines script (originally posted in mail Signed-off-by: Sebastian Spaeth <>
2010-02-12changefileheader2: #i109125#: change source file copyright notice from Sun ↵Jens-Heiner Rechtien1-4/+1
Microsystems to Oracle; remove CVS style keywords (RCSfile, Revision)
2008-04-11INTEGRATION: CWS changefileheader (1.7.46); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-23/+18
2008/03/31 13:07:08 rt #i87441# Change license header to LPGL v3.
2006-10-12INTEGRATION: CWS sb59 (1.5.26); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-6/+6
2006/08/11 15:36:04 thb #i68336# Removed unused params; added a few using declarations for hidden methods; added a few casts; added some default statements to get cppcanvas warning free
2006-09-17INTEGRATION: CWS pchfix02 (1.5.28); FILE MERGEDOliver Bolte1-2/+5
2006/09/01 17:22:50 kaib #i68856# Added header markers and pch files
2005-09-08INTEGRATION: CWS ooo19126 (1.4.20); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-47/+21
2005/09/05 18:41:01 rt #i54170# Change license header: remove SISSL
2005-03-10INTEGRATION: CWS presfixes01 (1.3.6); FILE MERGEDVladimir Glazounov1-3/+2
2005/02/16 11:14:33 fs #i42558# moved to*
2004-11-26INTEGRATION: CWS presentationengine01 (1.2.2); FILE MERGEDRüdiger Timm1-17/+11
2004/08/13 20:35:49 thb #110496# Improved color tooling 2004/07/20 19:09:02 thb #110496# Unified include statements; removed external prefix from boost includes 2004/04/05 15:58:50 thb Resync with canvas01 changes
2004-03-18#110496# Merge from cws_srx645_canvas01: first working version of XCanvas ↵Thorsten Behrens1-0/+100
C++ wrapper, providing encapsulation against possible API changes and some amount of convenience.