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2014-01-26Add basic multi-threading for each mimetypejorendc1-8/+50
2014-01-20Add a %age completion.Michael Meeks1-0/+4
2014-01-19detect unlocalizable strings in GtkComboBoxText <item> elementsAndras Timar1-0/+4
2014-01-16Introduce singletonStephan Bergmann2-3/+4
2014-01-14Add libabwTor Lillqvist1-0/+1
2014-01-02fix error in bin/find-german-commentsPhilipp Riemer1-1/+1
2013-12-20typo fixesAndras Timar1-1/+1
2013-12-18fdo#72598: odk: remove SunStudio supportMichael Stahl1-1/+0
2013-12-17add more graphics apps to launchpad listDavid Tardon1-1/+1
2013-12-16disable novell bzDavid Tardon1-1/+5
2013-12-13do not download html files from moz bzDavid Tardon1-0/+5
2013-12-11Related: rhbz#1040291 Change language name from 'Oriya' to 'Odia'Caolán McNamara1-1/+1
2013-12-07unxlng* is no moreDavid Tardon3-6/+6
2013-12-07print bug count in rss query tooDavid Tardon1-0/+1
2013-12-07put bz URLs into a list to avoid repeated codeDavid Tardon1-35/+15
2013-12-07enable more bugzillasDavid Tardon1-0/+11
2013-12-07try to minimize bugzilla queriesDavid Tardon1-104/+167
2013-12-06Source more PEP8 friendlyJesús Corrius1-95/+156
2013-12-06Add comment about portabilityTor Lillqvist1-0/+3
2013-12-06Revert "The TODO seems to be DONE"Tor Lillqvist1-0/+6
2013-12-05Fix path to libfreetype.aTor Lillqvist1-1/+1
2013-12-05fetch abiword bz attachments (for future use)David Tardon1-0/+1
2013-12-02The TODO seems to be DONETor Lillqvist1-6/+0
2013-11-30mark non-translatable .ui strings explicitely as suchAndras Timar1-1/+1
2013-11-28Point to some documentationTor Lillqvist1-0/+2
2013-11-27Add initial hacks for eventual Xcode supportTor Lillqvist1-0/+170
2013-11-26Make it easier to debug the gbuild-to-ide scriptTor Lillqvist1-2/+7
2013-11-26Add Emacs modesTor Lillqvist1-0/+4
2013-11-23connectivity: use "application/x-dbase" for DBase filesMichael Stahl1-0/+1
2013-11-22Add libs built only for AndroidTor Lillqvist1-1/+9
2013-11-22Expand the FOO_LIBS vars to a list of the actual archivesTor Lillqvist1-5/+18
2013-11-22Add script to produce a list of all the static libs built for iOS or AndroidTor Lillqvist1-0/+41
2013-11-21move finunusedcode to a scriptBjoern Michaelsen1-0/+49
2013-11-20download fb2 files tooDavid Tardon1-0/+1
2013-11-19related fdo#70414 gbuild to ide: kdevelopBjoern Michaelsen1-0/+295
2013-11-17script that checks for translatable="yes" attributes in .ui filesAndras Timar1-0/+18 -> bugs.libreoffice.orgAndras Timar2-2/+2
2013-11-15update count-todo-dialogs to exclude comments mentioning DialogsCaolán McNamara1-2/+2
2013-11-13enable more useful formatsDavid Tardon1-5/+5
2013-11-13add cmxDavid Tardon1-0/+1
2013-11-11get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: add libebook typesMichael Stahl1-0/+3
2013-11-11get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: more launchpad fixesMichael Stahl1-32/+33
2013-11-11get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: better test for existing fileMichael Stahl1-1/+5
2013-11-11get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: add some missing mime typesMichael Stahl1-0/+16
2013-11-11get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: more Python 3 in exception handlerMichael Stahl1-7/+8
2013-11-11typo fixesAndras Timar1-7/+7
2013-11-10get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: fix the lanuchpadlib messMichael Stahl1-1/+1
2013-11-10get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: make this run on Python 3Michael Stahl1-6/+22
2013-11-10get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: port to Python 3 syntaxMichael Stahl1-30/+30
2013-11-10get-bugzilla-attachments-by-mimetype: IANA has 2 mime-types for WPDMichael Stahl1-20/+21