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2004-03-15#110496# Corrected algoThorsten Behrens1-3/+3
2004-03-15#110496# Moved methods into basegfx namespaceThorsten Behrens1-19/+19
2004-02-25#110496# Made B2ITuple convertible to B2DTuple. Completed filter listThorsten Behrens2-99/+35
2004-02-24Initial revisionThorsten Behrens1-0/+153
2004-02-16#110496# Made headers gcc-Wall clean, added some Canvas-related toolingThorsten Behrens46-138/+142
2004-02-12Added areControlPointsUsed(), areControlVectorsUsed() methodsArmin Weiss1-3/+4
2004-02-12Changed usages of (G/S)etControlVector(A/B) to use the new curve convention t...Armin Weiss2-5/+18
2004-02-03Re-Added some automatic type conversionsArmin Weiss12-37/+55
2004-01-16Added == and != operators to ranges, some other goodies, too. Also changed re...Armin Weiss10-19/+228
2004-01-16#110496# Some more adaptions to integer classesThorsten Behrens5-14/+272
2004-01-16#110496# Added integer point, size and rectangle classes, needed for the new ...Thorsten Behrens24-301/+334
2004-01-15Initial revisionThorsten Behrens18-0/+3496
2003-12-08Updated unit testsThorsten Behrens1-27/+4
2003-12-08Merged to AW's latest changes, added preliminary bezier testcasesThorsten Behrens1-26/+53
2003-12-03remaned min, max, abs to their longer names due to preprocessor expansionsArmin Weiss4-20/+20
2003-11-28Removed in-between namespaces (curve, matrix, numeric, point, polygon, range,...Armin Weiss27-3200/+3044
2003-11-26Added support for B3DPolyPOlygon, moved BDRange from source/inc to range name...Armin Weiss13-60/+245
2003-11-26Moved BasicRange header and implementation to range namespace and directoriesArmin Weiss1-0/+177
2003-11-26Added B3DPolygon supportArmin Weiss4-0/+552
2003-11-12Put Impl class into anonymous namespaceThorsten Behrens2-10/+10
2003-11-12Added second adaptive subdivision method (this time with an angle differences...Thorsten Behrens2-21/+146
2003-11-11added B2DVector::angleArmin Weiss1-2/+12
2003-11-11Added functionality at the Poly and PolyPolygon tools for subdivides, correct...Armin Weiss2-5/+11
2003-11-10Initial revisionThorsten Behrens1-0/+131
2003-11-10Some error corrections, some additions to polygon stuff, making PolyPolygonCu...Armin Weiss8-33/+60
2003-11-06Added tooling for PolyPolygon cutting and some more tooling at B2DPolygon and...Armin Weiss15-101/+181
2003-11-06Added tooling for PolyPolygon cuttingArmin Weiss1-0/+280
2003-11-05Added PolyPolygonTools, Added PolygonTool functionality, changed bool to sal_...Armin Weiss17-141/+200
2003-11-05Added new area for PolyPolygon toolsArmin Weiss1-0/+101
2003-10-31includes were one inc too deep, correctingArmin Weiss13-0/+2735
2003-10-31includes were one inc too deep, correctingArmin Weiss6-0/+1401