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2013-08-01GSOC work, renaming for consistencyGergo Mocsi1-126/+0
Menu enrty was renamed to IDE Options under View. SID_BASICIDE_CODECOMPLETE was renamed to SID_BASICIDE_IDEOPTIONS. CodeCompleteDlg was rename to BasicIDEOptionDlg. Ui file was renamed to basicideoptionsdialog.ui. Checkbox for extended types is now independent from code complete one. Change-Id: Id862df0ee56cdf2aa81e19a34099fe679ad5d311
2013-07-31GSOC work, ListBox appearance fix (at the borders) + code fixesGergo Mocsi1-7/+22
ListBox appearance fixed at the borders: a) bottom: it it placed over the current line (not under) b) right side: listbox's right side is adjusted to the window's right side Coed fixes: CodeCompleteOptions now intializes itself from the configuration file BasicIDE.xcs Added a checkbox for enabling extended types in the options dialog. Cursor is visible when the listbox is active. Fixed the small issue when deleting a character. Change-Id: I68b80143de245cebfce65cdd8af37ea4694aa81b
2013-07-30GSOC work, config crach fixGergo Mocsi1-4/+4
Storing code completition data in config file is fully functional. Change-Id: If9a974dd0ed052e26963ad5f202493674f1a51ca
2013-07-30GSOC work, config entry to store optionsGergo Mocsi1-0/+32
Created a config file to store configuration for the feature. NOTE: it gives a runtime error, so it is temporary disabled. Change-Id: I7103bdfad43bb5760165430a57d93a90a7e5dc7e
2013-07-29GSOC work, "autocomplete procedures" fix + new featureGergo Mocsi1-0/+3
Fixed the procedure autoclose function. Now, autoclose is based on the syntax higlighter: if finds an opening token, starts searching forward to a close token. If there is another sub/function keyword, or EOF is reached, the procedure is considered incomplete. If the end token is found, the procedure is considered to be closed. Added function autocorrect symbol spelling, wich corrects the ascii case of the keywords, and corrects the spelling of the extended types. Change-Id: Ibd17f319a6d6ff5c3f91f4adb7a10dc701f0468a
2013-07-26GSOC work, implement "Autoclose parenthesis" functionGergo Mocsi1-3/+3
Autoclosing parenthesis function is working. Implementation is similar to autoclosing double quotes, except that this one does not need the HighlighPortion struct to use. Renamed the checkbox title to "Autoclose parenthesis". Change-Id: I4311cd8020f0dc0b62a2d8707e0eccbf57e0d2c2
2013-07-25GSOC work, implemented "Autoclose Double Quotes" optionGergo Mocsi1-1/+2
Feature autoclosing double quotes (strings) implemented. When the user presses the '"' key, it's pair is also being inserted (only when the previous character is also a '"'), and the cursor is being placed inside the two quotes. Also, if the there was a string (like: "aaa""), the second one is not inserted. Change-Id: I3e4a5e426d2d4bdbf56899fe3e36359ae161b52a
2013-07-25GSOC work, procedure autoclose implementationGergo Mocsi1-3/+2
Now, function procedure autoclose is working. Created a struct named IncompleteProcData to store the line number, type and name of the inclomplete procedure. Procedures are store in a vector (IncompleteProcedures), and are as a member in SbModule. I've created a function called SbModule::GetIncompleteProcedures() to extract the data. Data extraction uses SbModule::SetSource32, beacuse that one tokenizes sthe source file, and recognizes procedures. Closing procedures is triggered ky pressing the Enter key when typing. It checks the actual sub, and if it's incomplete, adds the correct ending( End Sub/End Function). There is only one problem: function SbModule::SetSource32 is not too often calle, maybe extraction should be done by a timer. Change-Id: Id88daaef329e8b5c194b765c5261d356bfb3a0c9
2013-07-25GSOC work, disable QuickSelectionEngine+ListBox navigation modificationGergo Mocsi1-2/+3
Added a function to disable QuickSelectionEngine in ListBox, beacuse it's not needed. ListBox navigation changed: it is not hiding/showing entries, instead of it, jumps to the longest match without filtering. Arrow behavior remains the same. Change-Id: I8982c280f20929c74f9630cbaa95010820d2e234
2013-07-24GSOC work, cache implementation fix, code fixesGergo Mocsi1-2/+3
The CodeCompleteDataCache got a new implementation: global variables are stored separately. The "static const" OUString-s were removed from the class. Data extraction is only done when pressing the dot key. Change-Id: I3ff94c0c6eabe328761336d4c74744eb7efc6056
2013-07-23GSOC work, ModalDialog instead of menu entryGergo Mocsi1-0/+74
Created a ModalDialog named CodeCompleteOptionsDlg to edit options for code completition/suggestion. Unimplemented features in it are disabled. The dialog window uses Glade .ui file. Change-Id: I1b59f386a9575aa25b38c5a1d7d1f020498a69ab