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2018-05-16android janitor... convert chained ifs to switch statementChristian Lohmaier3-24/+36
2018-05-16android janitor... remove unnecessary imports, variables and castsChristian Lohmaier6-9/+4
2018-04-19tdf#96795: Use locale-sensitive sorting in Android viewerMert Tümer1-2/+5
2018-04-13tdf#116820 The viewer does't show recent filesMert Tümer1-0/+2
2018-04-13tdf#116842 fix crashing when adding slides or spreadsheetsMert Tümer1-4/+6
2018-04-07add hint on how to use lldb pretty-printers form within android studioChristian Lohmaier1-0/+3
2018-04-07prevent crash on invalid bitmap sizeChristian Lohmaier1-2/+7
2018-04-07tdf#116152 is even better...Christian Lohmaier1-8/+2
2018-04-07tdf#116152 fix filenames with spaces (code expects %20, not +)Christian Lohmaier1-1/+1
2018-04-02use https links for and opengrokdennisroczek1-1/+1 callback for the Android ViewerMert Tümer7-31/+70
2018-03-27tdf#116152 fix unsupported url exception on Android ViewerMert Tümer1-2/+16
2018-03-15tdf#96796 - Added clipboard actions for the Android ViewerMert Tümer10-0/+185
2018-03-14Revert "tdf#96796 - Added clipboard actions for the Android Viewer"Thorsten Behrens10-185/+0
2018-03-14[Pardus] tdf#107026 render the new page without reopen the documentMert Tümer5-0/+38
2018-03-14tdf#96796 - Added clipboard actions for the Android ViewerMert Tümer10-0/+185
2018-02-24[Pardus] tdf#112481 Ability to add worksheets on CalcMert Tümer5-3/+35
2018-02-18[Pardus] tdf#108446 - Shape is not changed after saveMert Tümer2-2/+3
2018-02-04Fix adjust width/height behaviorXimeng Zu2-2/+7
2018-02-02tdf#115388: Android: Use HTTP SecureXisco Fauli1-1/+1
2018-02-01Fix typosAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
2018-01-30[Pardus] tdf#106326 ability to change font background colorMert Tümer6-12/+166
2018-01-30[Pardus] tdf#112482 ability to add slides to impressMert Tümer5-0/+29
2018-01-29tdf#89215 only process state changes after TileProvider is readyChristian Lohmaier2-1/+8
2018-01-19Fix typosAndrea Gelmini2-2/+2
2018-01-18adjust path to generated apk to new defaultsChristian Lohmaier1-1/+1
2018-01-18pass context as parameter instead of risk of leaking memoryChristian Lohmaier18-206/+158
2018-01-18Fix typosAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
2018-01-18android: use unified headers and llvm-c++ STL (x86) with NDK 16Christian Lohmaier5-22/+19
2018-01-18use string-resource with placeholder instead of hardcoded concatenationChristian Lohmaier2-3/+3
2018-01-18android: fix some layout issues with new-document buttonsChristian Lohmaier7-83/+88
2018-01-18tdf#112140 fix some NPEs re touch/zoom while doucment is not readyChristian Lohmaier4-5/+20
2018-01-17Fix typosAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
2018-01-15tdf#103083 option to show/hide hidden files/folders on AndroidMert Tümer3-1/+23
2018-01-15tdf#89639 added path text for the document browserMert Tümer3-1/+14
2018-01-13tdf#96790 search function in non experimental modeMert Tümer2-7/+14
2017-11-16tdf#106370 Android: add ability to insert picturesXimeng Zu9-2/+262
2017-11-16[Android] Add address/formula barsXimeng Zu5-2/+106
2017-10-23chmod 0755 -> 0644 for some source filesStephan Bergmann1-0/+0
2017-09-24unused importChristian Lohmaier1-1/+0
2017-09-24lint: remove redundant type casts (findViewById to object of type)Christian Lohmaier13-63/+63
2017-09-24use gradle to build the owncloud-android-libChristian Lohmaier1-5/+9
2017-09-23buildscripts section actually needs dedicated repositoriesChristian Lohmaier1-1/+3
2017-09-22android: bump support library & buildtools/SDK versionsChristian Lohmaier1-7/+11
2017-09-21blank doesn't take any effect anymore. remove it from android's fonts.confChristian Lohmaier1-66/+0
2017-09-15android: textrelocations are no longer an issue (can target 23 and later)Christian Lohmaier1-4/+1
2017-09-12android: tune symbols for lldb & we actually target 14 as minSDKChristian Lohmaier1-0/+1
2017-09-07tdf#90556 android: make buildID in about a clickable link to git logChristian Lohmaier2-5/+7
2017-09-07android: drop workarounds for ndk-gdb support (can still run manually)Christian Lohmaier6-61/+19
2017-09-04tdf#112190 installLocation should be specified in toplevel manifestChristian Lohmaier1-1/+1