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2014-08-07writerfilter: This depended on the order of attributes.Jan Holesovsky1-1/+3
This code actually worked by mistake, thanks to the wrong ordering of attributes that was caused by the usage of the boost::unordered_map. Change-Id: I72cc5b54496b03183987d4d004f985d368e63deb
2014-08-07writerfilter: Kill AttributeToResourceMap.Jan Holesovsky4-53/+34
IMPORTANT: From now on, the order of attributes becomes stable, based on the order in model.xml (not on implementation details of unordered_map), and the code that handles attributes may depend on a particular order. If you want to change the order how the attributes are handled, change model.xml, and check you achieved what you wanted in the generated ::getAttributeInfoArray()'s. [Writerfilter loses another 250k (stripped dbgutil). And the usage of unordered_map here was just completely bogus from the very beginning, as it was only iterated as a normal array anyway ;-)] Change-Id: Ic70c37793e313c4ccda1d6f374cc2d366307ba1b