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41 hourstdf#159907 - A11Y - Fix highlighted text does not show its attributesBalazs Varga1-4/+4
48 hoursRelated: tdf#127293 Add new Match_mode option for XLOOKUP andBalazs Varga4-15/+18
3 daystdf#159906 - A11Y: Add new direct character formatting group levelBalazs Varga6-36/+83
12 daystdf#161496 - Fix single ocPush tokens in LET function Name valuesBalazs Varga2-137/+321
12 daystdf#161457 - Fix autofilter result is wrong when cells containBalazs Varga4-4/+46
13 daystdf#161454 - Fix new array functions handle empty matrix cellsBalazs Varga5-99/+400
13 daysRelated: tdf#137543 - fix LET function jump count numberBalazs Varga6-10/+9
2024-06-06Related: tdf#137543 - Add new LET function to CalcBalazs Varga5-10/+63
2024-06-06tdf#137543 - Add new LET function to CalcBalazs Varga26-10/+4641
2024-06-04Related: tdf#128425 tdf#127293 - Extend function wizard descriptionBalazs Varga3-229/+181
2024-05-15tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function UNIQUE to CalcBalazs Varga18-3/+5259
2024-05-14tdf#160753 - sc: fix XMATCH function in search for empty cellBalazs Varga2-364/+771
2024-05-13tdf#157657 - sc: add option to make data validity case-sensitiveBalazs Varga20-28/+148
2024-05-09tdf#58038 - chart: make available format characters toolbar forBalazs Varga2-4/+5
2024-05-08tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function RANDARRAY to CalcBalazs Varga18-4/+4237
2024-05-07Related: tdf#127293 Add unit test for xlookup regex search modeBalazs Varga1-0/+48
2024-05-06tdf#160961: hide open remote file button from startcenter if theBalazs Varga1-1/+9
2024-05-01Related: tdf#160725 - Add horizontal binary search mode for SortedCacheBalazs Varga6-385/+913
2024-04-30tdf#160725 - Fix XLOOKUP has different result for approximateBalazs Varga8-436/+384
2024-04-26tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function SEQUENCE to CalcBalazs Varga18-4/+4330
2024-04-19tdf#160711 - sc fix XLOOKUP function search for empty cellBalazs Varga3-16/+365
2024-04-18tdf#160517 - chart odf: import/export formatted chart titlesBalazs Varga14-125/+491
2024-04-12Related: tdf#127293 Fix regex search mode in XLOOKUP wildcards modeBalazs Varga1-8/+1
2024-04-11tdf#160616 - Fix SUMPRODUCT calculation is broken in some casesBalazs Varga2-3/+8
2024-04-05Related tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function SORT to CalcBalazs Varga2-137/+422
2024-04-02Related: tdf#39052 - chart ooxml: export formatted chart titlesBalazs Varga12-62/+230
2024-04-02tdf#39052 - Chart: make characters formatable in editable chart textshapesBalazs Varga14-40/+180
2024-04-02tdf#78027 - Fix Chart OOXML Import with non-uniform formatted titlesBalazs Varga5-26/+71
2024-03-26tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function SORTBY to CalcBalazs Varga19-44/+6045
2024-03-25tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function SORT to CalcBalazs Varga23-182/+6623
2024-03-22tdf#159258 sd: fix to show objects in slideshow if they haveBalazs Varga2-3/+22
2024-03-22tdf#159687 sc formula SUMPRODUCT performance fix: add more binaryBalazs Varga2-1/+36
2024-03-15Related: tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function FILTER to CalcBalazs Varga2-2/+3
2024-03-08tdf#159456 - chart view: fix wrongly shifted value Y axisBalazs Varga3-6/+28
2024-03-08tdf#159422 - chart view: fix symbols position of data table legendBalazs Varga3-4/+44
2024-03-08tdf#159443 - chart view: fix Data table is not rendered below chartBalazs Varga3-0/+37
2024-03-01tdf#126573 Add Excel2021 array function FILTER to CalcBalazs Varga19-5/+5307
2024-02-28tdf#159467 XLOOKUP propagate error only for active pathsBalazs Varga3-16/+375
2024-02-22Related: tdf#127293 Fix typo for function XLOOKUPBalazs Varga1-3/+3
2024-02-21tdf#158360 - sw, ooxml import - fix insertTextPortion crashBalazs Varga3-1/+10
2024-02-19tdf#124098 sc add global config setting "RecalcOptimalRowHeightMode"Balazs Varga9-8/+211
2024-02-18tdf#128425 Add Excel2021 function XMATCH to CalcBalazs Varga18-28/+3988
2024-02-16Resave with newer Glade versionBalazs Varga1-144/+144
2024-02-09Related: tdf#127293 Fix function XLOOKUP with nested XLOOKUP functionsBalazs Varga2-78/+108
2024-02-08Related: tdf#127293 Fix function XLOOKUP binary search corner casesBalazs Varga4-80/+423
2024-01-30tdf#159384 - A11y: fix simulated numbering warning in TOCBalazs Varga1-0/+4
2024-01-24tdf#159128 UI: Open Security settings option directlyBalazs Varga14-40/+103
2024-01-01tdf#157742 tdf#157783 - sd: fix copy master slides styleBalazs Varga1-18/+46
2023-12-22cid#1559857 Illegal address computationBalazs Varga3-3/+4
2023-12-21tdf#158759 - UI: Part 56 - Unify lockdown behavior of Options dialogBalazs Varga3-86/+183