AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2022-12-07sdext: move the include of XComponentContext.hpp to where it is usedKevin Suo2-2/+1
2022-12-07sw layout xml dump: avoid confusing content of SwParaPortionMiklos Vajna3-20/+26
2022-12-06Resolves: tdf#152381 Treat 0-0-0 invalid date as 0 relative daysEike Rathke1-0/+16
2022-12-06tdf#152029 Visually draw attention to in-view bookmarkJim Raykowski7-36/+224
2022-12-06Fix typoAndrea Gelmini1-1/+1
2022-12-06Update git submodulesOlivier Hallot1-0/+0
2022-12-06weld InformationDialog info dialogCaolán McNamara12-316/+132
2022-12-06InformationDialog is a misleading nameCaolán McNamara5-8/+8
2022-12-06add Assistant::set_page_side_imageCaolán McNamara6-3/+19
2022-12-06Resolves: tdf#121297 weld Presentation MinimizerCaolán McNamara17-1693/+1508
2022-12-06sw:qa: add mailmerge export directly pdf unit testHenry Castro2-0/+71
2022-12-06sfx2: rename FN_PARAM_1 to FN_NOUPDATEHenry Castro4-4/+7
2022-12-06sw, .uno:InsertBookmark: add a new BookmarkText parameter and accept HTML thereMiklos Vajna3-1/+75
2022-12-06sfx2: add log information to catch the exceptionHenry Castro1-2/+14
2022-12-06crashtesting forum-en-4598.odsNoel Grandin1-1/+12
2022-12-06get-forum-attachment: Add one more mso forumXisco Fauli1-0/+1
2022-12-06Resolves: tdf#151722 use UI Language for localized font namesCaolán McNamara1-6/+3
2022-12-06Resolves tdf#132398 - New hicolor/macOS iconsgaljit682-141/+364
2022-12-06build installer packages with make parallelism instead of GNU parallelChristian Lohmaier4-71/+63
2022-12-06tdf#150940: Store frame reference in the panelMike Kaganski3-7/+14
2022-12-06tdf#152058 THEMES: Not possible to change back to default lookNoel Grandin1-2/+0
2022-12-06Need --disable-gen for the Qt5-based WASM LibreOffice nowTor Lillqvist1-0/+1
2022-12-06Move cppu::BaseMutex up to the base class OPropertySetNoel Grandin50-104/+33
2022-12-06Update git submodulesOlivier Hallot1-0/+0
2022-12-06tdf#53023 - Remove last empty paragraph from auto textAndreas Heinisch502-96/+546
2022-12-06Disallow linking files as Writer sections in OnlineAndras Timar1-0/+16
2022-12-06tdf#152134 Customize: assign user macro to menu hangsNoel Grandin1-21/+12
2022-12-06Simplify a bitMike Kaganski1-22/+17
2022-12-06Update libxmlsec to 1.2.37Miklos Vajna1-2/+2
2022-12-06tdf#151847 Some chart UNO objects were not advertising their types propertyNoel Grandin6-0/+33
2022-12-06tdf#152380: add checks for names and values sequences length equalityMike Kaganski10-1/+39
2022-12-06Shuffle code aroundKhaled Hosny1-56/+55
2022-12-06Simplify PhysicalFontFace::CreateFontSubset() a bitKhaled Hosny3-25/+20
2022-12-06tdf#113048: Fix PDF ascender and descender of some fontsKhaled Hosny6-21/+34
2022-12-06"using namespace com::sun::star" -> css in header fileKevin Suo2-5/+3
2022-12-05Make check for complete type more explicitStephan Bergmann2-2/+2
2022-12-05Drop dummy functionKhaled Hosny2-11/+0
2022-12-05cid#1517256 Dereference null return valueCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
2022-12-05NFC cleanup docxattributeoutput: use existing function to clearJustin Luth1-6/+1
2022-12-05Make sure bHasShadow has a valueStephan Bergmann1-1/+1
2022-12-05LibreLogo: fix SVG export of font features and text portionsLászló Németh1-0/+8
2022-12-05LibreLogo: fix parsing argument of default Logo commandsLászló Németh2-2/+11
2022-12-05tdf#105575 LibreLogo: hide turtle during lockingLászló Németh1-9/+27
2022-12-05tdf#105575 LibreLogo: speed up by lock (re)paintLászló Németh2-7/+35
2022-12-05LibreLogo: LABEL/TEXT: add more character formattingLászló Németh2-13/+341
2022-12-05jsdialog: sort enabled .ui listSzymon Kłos2-89/+121
2022-12-05create compile_commands.json in builddirChristian Lohmaier2-3/+2
2022-12-05gb_LinkTarget_use_clang: only use flto=thin with clang, not with gccChristian Lohmaier1-1/+1
2022-12-05Revert: "split sw_filters unit test"Xisco Fauli4-217/+4
2022-12-05tdf#126477 DOCX export: fix lost charts in embedded documentsTünde Tóth3-1/+34