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2013-05-09small optimization, don't call objectAtIndex twiceHerbert Dürr1-2/+3
(cherry picked from commit a88630fb326fa4dcbe28edd1c149c8e5e7b7f123) Conflicts: lingucomponent/source/spellcheck/macosxspell/macspellimp.cxx Change-Id: Ic48281be27bf43f8a564f46684ddb53a2d83d80e
2013-05-09fdo#63311: Unable to delete text from Shape.Muthu Subramanian1-7/+4
This avoids setting null as text to the shape. [empty_text seems to be the initial value of text for shape rather than null - something recent? We also seem to export empty <text> entries because of this]
2013-05-09make conversions between BitmapColor and sal_uInt8 explicitHerbert Dürr41-298/+265
Implicit conversions are a dangerous cause of confusion as seen in and require tricky rewrites to work around them, this change cleans them up and disables them. (cherry picked from commit 2d9d5c8d6beb7fb0a7dafa0c1c4d10a25d7200fd) Conflicts: filter/source/graphicfilter/egif/egif.cxx filter/source/graphicfilter/epbm/epbm.cxx filter/source/graphicfilter/epgm/epgm.cxx filter/source/graphicfilter/ipbm/ipbm.cxx filter/source/graphicfilter/ipsd/ipsd.cxx sd/source/ui/slidesorter/view/SlsButtonBar.cxx svtools/source/filter/igif/gifread.cxx svtools/source/filter/jpeg/jpeg.cxx svtools/source/filter/wmf/winwmf.cxx svtools/source/graphic/grfmgr2.cxx vcl/inc/vcl/bmpacc.hxx vcl/inc/vcl/salbtype.hxx vcl/source/gdi/bitmap.cxx vcl/source/gdi/bitmap3.cxx vcl/source/gdi/outdev2.cxx Change-Id: I1d163c66782c2750aeee00725dbb2b614507c0d4 (cherry picked from commit ff80c37b18b941712fb967a0c1d48813b47c0583)
2013-05-09Related fdo#35546 Improve Layout of "Insert Photo Album" DialogSamuel Mehrbrodt2-149/+132
No Objections from the Design list: Change-Id: Ib880023b956c6d94d8110829d0c32281854a0705 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-05-09fdo#63154: Remove _CL and _LF from solar.hMarcos Paulo de Souza17-66/+62
And use RTL_CHAR_{CR,LF} from rtl/string.h Conflicts: vcl/source/app/dbggui.cxx Change-Id: I05b0325006845e48eb5483485a9042aa7b0cd22a Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-05-09Update pchAurimas Fišeras3-3/+7
Change-Id: I7c0c9158eb17cb79ffceae6770b4c513d57b3817 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>
2013-05-09remove #if 0 block ( from af34774d260a68fc02cd78ba90dd8d4afaf1a2a4 )Noel Power1-45/+15
I left in that block in the mentioned commit above for mostly because I preferred a more obvious hack/change to cherry-pick to 4.0 The more I think about this ( despite the still imho problematic setting of the modify state ) I think always writing from memory to the storage is the right thing to do Change-Id: I13c82b9d6b55120482c65fb7a5bfadb2396c347c
2013-05-09protect UNO EnvStack's s_setCurrent() against unknown threadidHerbert Dürr1-2/+7
untracked threadIds have been observed and can result in crashes. s_getCurrent() already checks them and s_setCurrent() does it now. (cherry picked from commit bf8e3135ac906ce0ab7d6d9ccbd434f1597f2ff4) Conflicts: cppu/source/uno/EnvStack.cxx Change-Id: If35237179c1ee3b854e6183294ed72a6d0b105a8
2013-05-09Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: dictionaries d3a3bfe33a6d60cb1f458093e5a7236412047ea6
2013-05-09empty auto_Foo_Lib_ALL does not work; remove itMatúš Kukan1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ie66af9ad3959042dcc4b0850c387f40344dc4b30
2013-05-09fdo#60924 autoinstall - gbuild/scp2: add graphicfilter moduleMarcos Paulo de Souza6-2/+22
Change-Id: I7823b4f0d8b7ab99ef549361a89f12036bf63270 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: David Tardon <> Tested-by: David Tardon <>
2013-05-08Add open action to template manager toolbar.Rafael Dominguez5-0/+27
Change-Id: I5cec8814776f2658c990fb45193736a60178965b
2013-05-08Display folder name in breadcrum when opening template manager.Rafael Dominguez1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ie822d840af826b1d8d477a55fc92aa6b0cc512e9
2013-05-08Give view variables a proper name that reflect their use.Rafael Dominguez2-86/+86
Change-Id: Ie1d4cb0e77a43ce1ea2115e781b3a62d60961e11
2013-05-08zlib: remove ExternalPackage_zlibMichael Stahl20-141/+18
Change-Id: I5bce88b2044279a6563fd68c35f9c1ac824c8850
2013-05-08cairo: forgot to remove another outdir libpng pathMichael Stahl1-1/+1
... should be covered by $(LIBPNG_CFLAGS) already Change-Id: Ib0f5b152b369285fca7018c0872c41ab2eb8b9cb
2013-05-08support MS Office and Flat ODF file types in Mozilla Plug-inAndras Timar2-17/+119
Change-Id: I9bb3b67551dc14fd74e02defa0404e1f83359f2b
2013-05-09sal_Bool to boolTakeshi Abe4-39/+38
Change-Id: I4835adb15e2a9494d0080eeee80158c98981d7cc
2013-05-08remove auto_Gnome_lib_ALL from module_gnome.scpRene Engelhard1-1/+1
.. as it is empty anyway and otherwise the next item (evoab) doesn't get properly added to the gnome module Change-Id: Ib00093882ff7390f3c709f5e8d7bdc371b145331
2013-05-08Fix connectivity on WindowsFridrich Štrba1-0/+1
Change-Id: I1db4f6a6c680de2143659040d06d299881d8a9c7
2013-05-08hopefully this fixed the strange autorecovery related dataloss fdo#42899Noel Power1-0/+14
also this is a fix for bnc#817477 Disabling the optimisation of copying the library container storage to target storage for the moment ( hopefully after some rework it might make some sense to re-enable this code ) The problem here is there is a tragic flaw in the api implementation. In the implementation the library in-memory model state reflects that the library model has been saved to storage but not the library container storage as you ( or at least I ) would expect but actually any storage. So to illustrate the problem, during autorecovery when the basic library containers are stored to the autorecovery file the library pImplLib->implIsModified() is set to false, any subsequent save attempt will think the library is not modified and will attempt to the librarycontainer storage to the target one. However, in this case the source (library container) storage has never been updated with the changes from memory. Can't we simply only update the 'implIsModified' state only if the library container's own storage and the storage to store to are the same ? Sounds like a good idea, unfortunately this is not possible due to the way that sfx spaghetti code uses temporary storages for even own copies and also because it sets the new root storage for the library container after the library copy happens. ( some stuff in dbaccess appears to depend on this as well ) AFAICT for any document save/saveas etc. operation the librarycontainer's own storage and the storage we save to are *always* different. So for the moment it seems best to *always* write the storage from the in-memory model. Change-Id: Ia24e7a6119558497d901370dbc0986101bde4de9
2013-05-08gbuild: MSVC avoid a warning from pyuno...Michael Stahl1-4/+5
... which is caused by CPython's crazy naming convention that python module DLLs need to have .pyd suffix, so substitute that too when generating .pdb and .ilk filenames. Change-Id: Iaba9bdfb4c67d5fca016a0552e5ce9b0bdeb12ea
2013-05-08make clear that this is a false positive reportMarkus Mohrhard1-1/+1
2013-05-08coverity#1019431: use of freed memoryMarkus Mohrhard1-2/+4
2013-05-08coverity#1019372/373: Resource leaksJulien Nabet2-0/+2
Change-Id: I8d1facfa027701a4f249f14392f9b204e92180be
2013-05-08Don't leak all of the EMF+ graphic objects.Thorsten Behrens3-6/+8
Change-Id: I7951a9d25da5feec997dd0643f8579f5bcd0ee0f
2013-05-08coverity#1019374: Resource leakJulien Nabet1-0/+1
Change-Id: If558758e3315879adf3034038f7ebe7315baf7a6
2013-05-08gbuild: PrecompiledHeaders: fix badly quoted gb_Helper_PHONYMichael Stahl1-2/+2
(regression from 45a420b2f5ea1765ca3da3f31a4b357e292e0423) Change-Id: Iec3e5f1d9b26fc093377a8e0cb61f7943c610611
2013-05-08cppcheck: variables reassigned before using old valueJulien Nabet1-4/+2
Change-Id: I5108253859eac682ab423843f8812c8c8c6ce9fa
2013-05-08No need for RTLD_NOW hereStephan Bergmann1-1/+1 was like that "since the beginning," but for no apparent reason. Change-Id: Ic293739b5cd5de0bfe9e2580a0755af64202e582
2013-05-08Library_puyuno_wrapper is not built on WNT anywayStephan Bergmann1-2/+0
Change-Id: Ia4e2f9d5f3475b0a7af8b6db80ba4b2cd5f6bfce
2013-05-08oox: fix dependencies in CustomTargetMichael Stahl1-5/+3
This breaks on incremental build after files have been renamed like in 38f5717b1d488b866d55a603eea1260c6203fd69, hope Windows tinderboxes are happy now. Change-Id: I292508c242f7e6da1db3693cf54ba11876ac8997
2013-05-08Make sure again pyuno_wrapper does not link against libstdc++Stephan Bergmann1-0/+12
...which got broken with gbuild'ification. Change-Id: Ice2b3ffb81a646c9e542344ca348eb6a16eb4ce2
2013-05-08Revert "python3: build against internal zlib when that is requested"Michael Stahl2-51/+0
Internal zlib is not really supported anyway on any platform that uses This reverts commit 6afe0e5804f2a23f9fc9842d372fff77fd1023f1. Change-Id: Icf94a85c4baf00df54ee5dcca5fe3ca4a63a54a8
2013-05-08Include <cctype> for std::tolower() to fix MSVC buildTor Lillqvist2-0/+11
Change-Id: I777bcf9d80ad579347bd26147cb8801cc61222e6
2013-05-08Resolves: #119945# improve setting of OrdNums for "nesting" of objectsOliver-Rainer Wittmann2-12/+13
- instead of adjusting the OrdNum of the "nested" object the OrdNum of the "parent" is adjusted. Found by: Yan Ji <yanji.yj at gmail dot com> Patch by: yuanlin < at gmail dot com> Review by: Oliver <orw at apache dot org> (cherry picked from commit 73f462e2162847262093c3984dc6c98919e1b3cd) Conflicts: sw/source/core/layout/flylay.cxx Change-Id: I0541dc3775f81efd60a6f4baa172c5297ee9d829
2013-05-08jpeg: remove ExternalPackage_jpegMichael Stahl3-21/+1
Change-Id: I09a4b3a3ef816a8bf63d4aa0c7fe7bec2a67dbd8
2013-05-08libpng: remove ExternalPackage_libpngMichael Stahl6-24/+6
Change-Id: I478a057c07b9fe850401b96297a14d7842c0703f
2013-05-08configure: substantially de-bong libpng handlingMichael Stahl3-56/+2
- remove --unix-qstart-libpng: the internal libpng is static lib so this option is pointless - clean up duplicative libpng checks - replace usage of ENABLE_QUICKSTART_LIBPNG with ENABLE_HEADLESS, which is the one case where it could still be disabled Change-Id: Ie2e2c7e4a2396572742fdf056bf23c4271f04811
2013-05-08LibreOfficeLinux.conf: use system zlibMichael Stahl1-1/+1
It appears that there are some externals that link against the system zlib anyway, and the assumption is that system zlib will work everywhere. Change-Id: Id348ed88d00ec1495aa54871c994062b9e1b3e85
2013-05-08python3: build against internal zlib when that is requestedMichael Stahl3-1/+53
Change-Id: I72798f704237f99ed49eeb3633a1e2ef481edeed
2013-05-08libcmis: remove ExternalPackage_libcmis.mkMichael Stahl4-31/+4
Change-Id: Ib81300d8606281d7de46382c4f251f58ffffb5ad
2013-05-08libmariadb: remove ExternalPackage_libmariadbMichael Stahl4-59/+4
Change-Id: I15bf4537a88f2ae290d778ada993f06ec99c2fa5
2013-05-08postgresql: stop delivering headersMichael Stahl2-6/+2
Change-Id: I1c08999207a90e6105fbba576354cbfea0ec1689
2013-05-08mythes: stop delivering headersMichael Stahl2-4/+4
Change-Id: I10a9e7836ce648a0f789be479a7c90bbff592b37
2013-05-08clucene: remove ExternalPackage_cluceneMichael Stahl4-107/+7
Change-Id: Ib120919cf3810eeba8332dd572af73c0f4979922
2013-05-08harfbuzz: stop delivering headersMichael Stahl3-19/+6
Change-Id: I6a68b2df3a5bd4076e07729b675179e52f4f0615
2013-05-08expat: remove ExternalPackage_expatMichael Stahl5-26/+3
Change-Id: I80b7f86947645a45263bbd7423a10ba8300441e9
2013-05-08svx: remove Package_sdiMichael Stahl14-48/+24
Change-Id: I0c648ca1b1f3cc22244d660e032bacbdbe0f642e
2013-05-08sfx2: remove Package_sdiMichael Stahl16-43/+25
There are just a handful of sdi files in sfx2 anyway so just put sfx2/sdi on include path. Change-Id: Ia9be889a63ba9a2f330b505613ae38158a4b7bdf