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2012-05-04fdo#48253 Expand SAL_STATIC_CAST and SAL_CONST_CASTThomas Arnhold105-500/+485
Change-Id: I50f0887ceb4517d7ef234f970ca2ba679d533382
2012-05-04One more fix for Mac OS X fpicker buildTor Lillqvist1-0/+5
Change-Id: Ib3ce16f191727d80b9d925447770faf99e5bf533
2012-05-04fpicker: fixed build problems for macos and windowsCédric Bosdonnat4-4/+4
Change-Id: I34a7d62f8ee55cbc7f8506c1bdc4b12fe6e5d7bf
2012-05-04removed unwanted/bad cast, fixes n#759178Radek Doulik1-1/+1
Change-Id: I37d19086435a39c7090008158397e6e7fddee5ba
2012-05-04more robust nss initialization, related fdo#45171Markus Mohrhard1-2/+4
fall back to without profile if path is invalid or profile does not exist Change-Id: Ic9a73fbaaa288f8bc99dab2b1d679c2cbe6baa89
2012-05-04Provide again wrongly removed gallaxy theme.Tomáš Chvátal1-4/+4
Also sort all the others alphabetically. By the default the provided themes are same as on 3.5, otherwise user can specify each of the available ones. This avoids use of --with-theme=default which then produces warning "no such file or directory default" by using the proper theme name (ie. galaxy) which does not produce this. There is no visible difference on: --with-themes=galaxy or --with-themes=default Change-Id: I I1a6409f55fdfdff6a19781b25627dcb7682b0fb7
2012-05-04Improved variable nameStephan Bergmann2-3/+3
Change-Id: Id3a505afa3d8a6e99beeccafe30713cf40fc0c76
2012-05-04build Jar_FCFGMerge only in with-java caseMatúš Kukan1-0/+5
Change-Id: I45ba6a2080f489d4b1cf44ca95de81b8e33adac9
2012-05-04(reworked )reorg. code a little so ole controls are catered for wrt fdo#49430Noel Power1-6/+6
Change-Id: Ic1d5e31085484e564de61b45b524aec5b5014ee0
2012-05-04Revert "reorganise code a little so ole controls are catered for wrt fdo#49430"Noel Power4-9/+8
This reverts commit 76bab166e21bc3646ae2d3079aae2c5d9ce0d1e5.
2012-05-04remove public: declaration ( remnant of abandoned part of patch )Noel Power1-1/+0
Change-Id: Iaa27404ca2e604c207568385b7bb2f4ab67ed359
2012-05-04reorganise code a little so ole controls are catered for wrt fdo#49430Noel Power4-8/+9
Change-Id: Ifb2c0a97f85884c459b1e7bc4616154c0e4aea2a
2012-05-04there is no localize script and propmerge.bat is not usedMatúš Kukan2-10/+1
Change-Id: Ie5038d9f53a1249a5c6b5c116f7781084741b40e
2012-05-04use formatted path here for cygwinMatúš Kukan1-0/+4
Change-Id: I1d3ade7813f85c3d87ba2e5017e9635d663ef76a
2012-05-04sw/.../crsrsh.cxx: Translate some German commentsSebastian Spaeth1-56/+70
I tried hard, in some cases the German did not make any more sense than the translations though. I also tried to carefully improve wording with respect to doxygen comments, without really having to understand the code... Change-Id: I I5f3abad10d1591ddc3c9a0cc77a18b80af0de5ce Signed-off-by: Sebastian Spaeth <>
2012-05-04fpicker: make the place edition dialog workingCédric Bosdonnat24-247/+1039
Change-Id: If290ea4c1418162902e00bcc29c3afe69685ec5d
2012-05-04oox: fix up doxygen syntax in oox/vml/vmldrawing.hxxMiklos Vajna1-17/+17
Change-Id: Id726f7aa318dbf351cafd62d880b887d1a821431
2012-05-04gbuild conversion l10ntools moduleDavid Ostrovsky37-661/+951
Change-Id: I Iea9a77f19856dd870eb72fa57249f959cdd7000c
2012-05-04do not override GMAKE_OPTIONS set by userDavid Tardon1-0/+2
Change-Id: I30e3e2a65315ed9895a66c847c1cd73090a74607
2012-05-04Revert "Fix Windows debug build."Jesús Corrius2-5/+1
This reverts commit db649c52911fd5b030a7e4e0c941d7ee75b98785. I will patch the external postgresql library instead.
2012-05-04Remove unused method VendorBase::getJavaExePaths(int*)Marc Garcia3-21/+4
2012-05-04Evil hack to fix the UNO API failure.Kohei Yoshida3-2/+47
We need a clean solution for this, but that will need a bit more effort & thinking. Change-Id: I I25d066fa0322cca9a15af1745a758b1aba981e13
2012-05-04Let's just combine the two tests, since one requires the other.Kohei Yoshida3-12/+4
Change-Id: I I4c02aa1d459f7d5c2a1d9c38255aae3c3043dda6
2012-05-03New API test for ScAnnotationShapeObj.Kohei Yoshida2-0/+263
Change-Id: I4a169493622abf789bb0ef146e553205b2eaba5d
2012-05-03Added interface test for text::XText.Kohei Yoshida4-0/+112
Change-Id: I041b29d6e6314560a0f7fb7c0392c9a0f44fc1eb
2012-05-03Temporarily disabling a failing API test. I'll fix it soon.Kohei Yoshida1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ibeee491989fd9ae4104a0a3ae3bc7f78f95294a1
2012-05-03Add menu entries for sheet name and date field items.Kohei Yoshida6-9/+53
Change-Id: I5ae910d455a7364209a203c2e3567a902e1f01a2
2012-05-03Update sheet IDs in sheet field items during copy and paste.Kohei Yoshida3-6/+8
Change-Id: I1c6e9b4e82eead3c411044482e4fa09332b0babd
2012-05-03Added a field updater wrapper to allow updating of field items.Kohei Yoshida8-3/+181
Change-Id: If39637fd1123b7e6971c639cb7e6774780106ba2
2012-05-03Another SV_DECL_PTRARR now gone.Kohei Yoshida3-25/+37
Change-Id: I0521274a6e19414d2640a1473a249a90ce2224fc
2012-05-03Removed another SV_DECL_PTRARR.Kohei Yoshida3-125/+136
Change-Id: Ib3900d000c6a884c209a06b30e990963d92bc33f
2012-05-03Have the table field item store sheet ID.Kohei Yoshida2-3/+23
I forgot to commit this change... Change-Id: Ifcdbb2b16cf31b180393ea9b4188171c6cfe9963
2012-05-03Properly handle properties of sheet fields.Kohei Yoshida2-4/+44
Change-Id: I549990186c23e7e560f6f584c4ad76dbbc4cc393
2012-05-03Support sheet name field in cells.Kohei Yoshida5-4/+36
Change-Id: I7883960c482de0637e0bfaffc96f23a0d43cc96d
2012-05-03Support date field in cells.Kohei Yoshida5-5/+39
Change-Id: Iff20eb16bb4a7f700b0a533bc745b92fdce8ac0f
2012-05-03Removed unused methods.Kohei Yoshida1-8/+0
Change-Id: Id9c841274da906032f08abdea93850d3b6a14ade
2012-05-03Properly import DateTimeField.Kohei Yoshida4-3/+29
Change-Id: Ib56655b3306f9be035e1f59d233e0a118f247e37
2012-05-03New menu now inserts current time into cell.Kohei Yoshida14-54/+67
2012-05-03Initial skeleton for inserting a field into cell.Kohei Yoshida6-1/+54
2012-05-04rename to Stahl2-1/+1
... so the silly broken gb_Symbols_get_all enables debug for it.
2012-05-03WaE: unchecked results from write/fwriteCaolán McNamara3-5/+17
Change-Id: Ia7943a132d05e596550bd71878b54b2825c31987
2012-05-03respect absolute paths for mozilla profile, fdo#45171, lp#919659Markus Mohrhard1-2/+12
Change-Id: I536238f1f3b05e0a942caa1f65444688d4d36704
2012-05-03WaE: ignoring return value of fwriteCaolán McNamara1-4/+8
Change-Id: I289564b8f41bbae976853aa3994751d3092ff44d
2012-05-03include vector for std::vectorCaolán McNamara1-0/+1
Change-Id: I5d356210ec802fbccea512561cc67e85da760146
2012-05-03should have been SAL_WARNCaolán McNamara1-1/+1
Change-Id: I3f5fd059ecd5b6c4278ffe0f3a2d69b6526d2d01
2012-05-03std::is_sorted is C++11 or C++0X sgi extensionCaolán McNamara1-1/+22
Change-Id: I3039bb172beb21ebafc60a431692b58793cb1538
2012-05-03WaE: variables set but unusedCaolán McNamara1-2/+0
Change-Id: I03bec3b0b4b9d4910b2baab86fa95efe2f5b9ef2
2012-05-03Related: fdo#47644 for huge files build a page chain cache for seeksCaolán McNamara2-16/+100
For huge ole2 structured storage files build a page chain cache on demand to speed up long distance seeks i.e. reduces .doc parse time for fdo#47644 from 1 minute 7 seconds to 18 seconds for me Change-Id: I I40eefb8cabd05db8345a38ea3407686732eb35c9
2012-05-03tweak imported shape position for xls( binary ) format fdo#49430Noel Power3-0/+32
Change-Id: I32241c727a2e591f6400f8296bae357a38ad458d
2012-05-03fix bad import positions of shapes & controls fdo#49430Noel Power6-61/+190
Change-Id: I5635ee681288cb39a11d00c5573e61c582d7daf7