AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2017-07-13part selector etc. working nowprivate/pranavk/modernize_gtktiledviewerPranav Kant5-10/+101
2017-07-13try to attach findbar tool signalsPranav Kant6-2/+79
2017-07-13set gobject props in setupDocView tooPranav Kant1-26/+26
2017-07-13addresbar and formulabar sig handlersPranav Kant3-3/+15
2017-07-13wrking adress and formula barsPranav Kant7-13/+65
2017-07-13set initial toolbar statePranav Kant3-24/+72
2017-07-13ns for lokdocviewsighandlersPranav Kant4-41/+45
2017-07-13put helpers in namespacePranav Kant6-18/+19
2017-07-13enable comments callbacksPranav Kant6-51/+104
2017-07-13support for version, though not workingPranav Kant1-8/+18
2017-07-13Silence all warningsPranav Kant5-19/+21
2017-07-13working comments sidebarPranav Kant8-33/+303
2017-07-13corner buttonPranav Kant2-21/+29
2017-07-12working row colum headersPranav Kant6-39/+50
2017-07-12row column bar compilablePranav Kant9-24/+329
2017-07-12try to set conditional toolbar formatting in app-window, defer to toolbar-mainPranav Kant1-1/+91
2017-07-12formula and address bar into toolbarPranav Kant4-5/+42
2017-07-12all lokdocview cbsPranav Kant4-14/+150
2017-07-12Move application windows private members to public; remove redundant methodsPranav Kant4-144/+82
2017-07-09listen for lokdocview signals to set toolbar statePranav Kant6-20/+242
2017-07-09new file to executable gtktliedviewerPranav Kant1-0/+1
2017-07-09Remove redundant toolbar membersPranav Kant1-3/+0
2017-07-05WIP: set sensitive signalEditPranav Kant3-12/+87
2017-07-05setup docviewPranav Kant1-0/+21
2017-07-05Find bar visible nowPranav Kant5-4/+31
2017-07-05findbar uiPranav Kant1-0/+95
2017-07-05documentRepair CBPranav Kant2-1/+111
2017-07-05document redline cbPranav Kant2-1/+107
2017-07-05Zoom supportPranav Kant5-15/+72
2017-07-05Change executable to newPranav Kant1-1/+7
2017-07-05changeZoom CBPranav Kant3-6/+64
2017-07-05add statusbar to gtv.uiPranav Kant1-0/+19
2017-07-05Working edit mode buttonPranav Kant2-1/+12
2017-07-05Working uno command debuggerPranav Kant2-1/+116
2017-07-05createView CBPranav Kant6-25/+89
2017-07-05Separate signal handler file and impelment copy/pastePranav Kant5-18/+276
2017-07-05Add toolbar buttons to UI XMLPranav Kant1-3/+468
2017-07-05Make toolbar workPranav Kant4-1/+32
2017-07-05Handle command line optionsPranav Kant3-14/+221
2017-07-04New class for main toolbar; use XML descriptions for UIPranav Kant5-16/+244
2017-07-04First cut to modernize gtktliedviewerPranav Kant5-0/+208
2017-07-03Set resizable to false, correct spell dialog uno command; more dialogsPranav Kant1-1/+4
2017-07-03Render the selected dialog in gtktiledviewerPranav Kant1-1/+65
2017-06-30Remove redundant cairo surface manipulationPranav Kant1-9/+6
2017-06-30Pass pointer to int, not reference; this is C, not C++Pranav Kant3-6/+6
2017-06-30Merge common add_libs blockPranav Kant1-7/+4
2017-06-30Return early if dialog is unsupported; clip the dialog to sizePranav Kant2-9/+13
2017-06-30Change the API to pass uno command and render corresponding dialogPranav Kant6-15/+37
2017-06-30Use the child window factory to create dialog via uno commandPranav Kant1-7/+9
2017-06-30sfx2: Get child window by IdPranav Kant2-0/+16