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2018-11-14sw: GSE_INP is dead since CVS import, remove itprivate/mst/sw_redlinehide_3Michael Stahl1-2/+1
Change-Id: Ib0713df614e63c20965979e7e34f7481fe8ed838
2018-11-14sw: fix a search-and-replace gone bad in DocumentFieldsManager.cxxMichael Stahl1-12/+12
Change-Id: I6b2df2aee96ab32123d3fa23fd9a2480b3ed3c72
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: update fields on redline opsMichael Stahl1-0/+20
Can't tell which chapter/reference fields will be affected by a redline, so we have to either update all of them, or rely on the IDocumentSettingAccess::getFieldUpdateFlags() which lets the SwIdle update the fields, at some later time... Change-Id: I3b9cfd17bd227a18f64dac193f0cc912768810c1
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: update fields in UnHideRedlinesMichael Stahl1-0/+13
Repainting is not enough, values require up-to-date outline visibility etc. Change-Id: I85d99fc65a071279c2d4656a52ff82ed3b2db7d8
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: filter deleted footnotes in Field Reference dialogMichael Stahl3-1/+22
Change-Id: I386bce6b929e38077c01595de618b89fccdaf5fe
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwSetExpFieldType::GetSeqFieldList()Michael Stahl3-6/+13
Change-Id: Iea24b3823b648066e331dc5e9789c79662727a12
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwRefPageGetFieldMichael Stahl4-33/+83
With the old Hide implementation this actually would take the last set-field in the redline nodes array section to set the value at the start of the document, because there was no check for that; surely that was wrong... Change-Id: I63fb89ccf0067f1fe375226d6d04cafb6485c5d6
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwAuthorityFieldMichael Stahl7-43/+98
... and SwAuthorityFieldType, which needs 2 lists of the fields because each citation may occur multiple times, so their order might change on deletions. This is for when there is a bibliography in the document, and it is set to IsSequence(), i.e., insert Bibliography -> Number entries -> Sort by document position... Change-Id: Iba2c31267aeebacb779713567eeb0aa6659afefb
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwGetExpField, SwSetExpFieldMichael Stahl9-88/+287
This is quite tricky & somewhat ugly due to the SwValueField base class & we need to duplicate its member too :( It would be possible to filter the deleted fields in SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList(), but the problem with that is that the instance is long-lived & might be used with different layout settings, so it's probably better to filter in the 5 or so client functions that iterate over the GetSortList(). Note that this will also filter other fields including database fields, hopefully that shouldn't cause problems. Change-Id: I0cdbc7757fa529598b5dbceec0bd2c4a619be05a
2018-11-14sw: booleans are hard, let's go shoppingMichael Stahl1-1/+1
Has been like that since CVS import... Change-Id: Iefa49407de90bace5eea2f86170ba8cd29b1cfe7
2018-11-14sw: flag check looks incorrect in SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList()Michael Stahl1-1/+2
Change-Id: Ifebbaa6ef21ac518f62a726dadaceb97fd5e446b
2018-11-14sw: prefix members of SwDocUpdateField & trivial cleanupsMichael Stahl3-58/+63
Change-Id: Ied1e89279e3071e0c6c1b414bb23044e6439258c
2018-11-14sw: remove the SwSetExpFieldType::m_pOutlChgNd memberMichael Stahl3-12/+6
It's only used in one function, just use a local map. Change-Id: I3a79876acf8b31c1a8a14e9f65ada2153e7c773a
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: expand layout-dependent in SwChapterField/SwGetRefFieldMichael Stahl2-4/+4
Change-Id: I3b68a46f68fb4070d26b247a6701b510cc209d9b
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: transport layout from ExpandField() to Expand()Michael Stahl25-74/+74
While at it, rename that to ExpandImpl() so it's unique. Change-Id: I217deb72b4dfdca777e28e18ff56e49863e66640
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: add layout parameter to SwField::ExpandField()Michael Stahl28-63/+75
If the bCached=true, it shouldn't matter what the layout is, because the field won't be expanded properly anyway. Except for the SwInputField which disables caching, but that one often has a different code path anyway. For most fields it doesn't matter anyway, e.g. database fields. Change-Id: I628195f43c5d26feba94af0a832386791c072ba1
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwFormatFootnote::GetFootnoteText()Michael Stahl3-6/+10
Change-Id: I206d7345525a4de0f9ece6bac575f82ff1f96df8
2018-11-14sw_redlinehide_3: SwGetRefField::GetExpandedTextOfReferencedTextNodeMichael Stahl3-4/+6
Change-Id: I98530004f2d75b10fc4cd3241b06d513ed57675b
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: pass layout into SwTextNode::GetExpandText()Michael Stahl20-41/+49
Thanks to [loplugin:nullptr] and [loplugin:implicitboolconversion] for finding one of the call sites; 3 current C++ compilers would otherwise have implicitly converted the parameters into nonsense without warning. Change-Id: I3cf6697b37616570fd56fd32da27752983a66f4a
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: pass current layout through ModelToViewHelperMichael Stahl10-34/+46
The expansion of footnotes (and soon text fields) depends on the layout's mode. In SwXFlatParagraphIterator, just use whatever is SwDoc's "current" layout, should be good enough... Change-Id: Ica3b9eae56b14910c435c0f9c3f8ab6dbcda105f
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: SwNodeText::GetExpandText overload is...Michael Stahl3-11/+16
... apparently only used by ToX code; rename uniquely & add layout parameter. Change-Id: I0f94787fecd913912f122a654f183ac59b16e30a
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwGetRefFieldMichael Stahl2-60/+158
... and init it in SwGetRefField::UpdateField(). Change-Id: I69af00678e84214d4a122d8b2d940fcdda5f4ccf
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: add second result to SwChapterFieldMichael Stahl4-54/+85
Now it can store both the result for Show as well as for Hide mode. Change-Id: I15a14b76a96ef77683cd63039b1a8f5e1e94e4c9
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion()Michael Stahl2-8/+11
Add layout parameter to find the correct outline node. Change-Id: I15477dff18c3e5e34b291a92878d938d04497436
2018-11-10sw: prefix members of SwChapterFieldMichael Stahl2-39/+40
Change-Id: I180806bfe40150398fb45f57c7d93e429464f2cb
2018-11-10sw: parameter of SwChapterField::ChangeExpansion() is requiredMichael Stahl5-9/+7
Change-Id: I2d992719c86ec7d0203173c6f9008cf4845b3855
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: fix comment of SwUndoRedlineDeleteMichael Stahl2-4/+7
GetUndoComment() just returns "$1" and then SwUndoRedlineDelete::GetRewriter() just replaces all of that; seems to work... Change-Id: Iaaa563b8dc6848506a5f8e186248f4f6fb9c80e9
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwEditShell::GetScriptType()Michael Stahl1-4/+5
Change-Id: Iffb09b9145b72a1ac8710e41a0a7d7ad3abe5c33
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt PDFExport lcl_HasPreviousParaSameNumRuleMichael Stahl3-17/+25
Reuse some formerly static functions in docnum.cxx Change-Id: I8d6bcca28a4f8a6e197a1c302acdf22ce6de01ff
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt more SwCursorShell InFrontOfLabel funcsMichael Stahl1-5/+10
SwCursorShell::LeftRight() and SetCursor(). Change-Id: I71cd382f06a4050c4676864ac50fb268cd099226
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwCursorShell::LRMargin/IsAtLRMarginMichael Stahl3-13/+15
Change-Id: I4576a464b37e786178a3cb31a0be922f1b55db88
2018-11-10sw: remove pointless indirection to SwTextNode::GetNumRule_Michael Stahl2-9/+1
Change-Id: I4b5d34d3efd4f49f8b1690ed4c2b063c782b9d20
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwCursorShell::UpdateMarkedListLevel()Michael Stahl2-1/+3
Change-Id: I2cd143baafae09324ad0a439cfad3f916ddb13b3
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: hide deleted numbered nodes in field dialogMichael Stahl7-27/+62
This reuses the IDocumentOutlineNodes code for IDocumentListItems; the only client of it is the field dialog cross reference page. Adapt SwCursorShell::GetContentAtPos() too. Change-Id: I9a9ed464b176dd26bf39969ba94041f995ba8c7e
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: fix footnotes not being removed when deletedMichael Stahl1-15/+22
If there already is a merged SwTextFrame and a footnote is being deleted in a non-first node hence UpdateFramesForAddDeleteRedline() is called, the SwFootnoteFrame isn't removed unless by some accident. Just let CheckParaRedlineMerge iterate all top-level nodes. Change-Id: I65ac90636a283d5178b4c0323bcc0ae28b3f1196
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: move assert in SwContentNode::DelFrames()Michael Stahl1-2/+2
This is happening in MoveParagraph; the UpdateMergedParaForDelete will reset the pParaPropsNode pointer so move assert below that. Change-Id: I31069578a9bfdb05f01ea778bbe9e9ae43c865c6
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: update frames in MoveParagraph()Michael Stahl1-0/+4
... if redlining is disabled and MoveNodeRange is called. Change-Id: I8c4e35b1b783446ab9bd888599bcce44222857e8
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: SetHideRedlines() must iterate doc when Show->HideMichael Stahl1-1/+2
Something must call AddToListRLHidden() on all the nodes. Change-Id: Ibe23f499372b7fd07a2894ee3f90684d53d67aef
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: fix SwDoc::MoveParagraph copying of redlined textMichael Stahl1-0/+41
If redlining is enabled, the selection is copied and so delete redlines become insert redline; better to delete the delete redlines so the insert redline consists only of the visible text. Change-Id: I5f7da96dd957262ccc2b83d0abe6add258b7067f
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwDoc::MoveParagraph()Michael Stahl5-6/+171
Very tricky... Change-Id: Ic4157d14c2a3ee7c90f103561a376ac6f753a694
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: update frames in SwDoc::MoveParagraph()Michael Stahl1-0/+4
... for hidden mode. Change-Id: I61f240ee7e4e3b61d53b07170be195c15fd679ae
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: fix bad redlines in SwDoc::MoveParagraph()Michael Stahl1-1/+10
Avoid creating a redline that ends on an EndNode (if the moved node is the last in the body), and also ensure that the redline has valid SwIndex nContent in its positions (because lcl_CheckPosition asserts that). Change-Id: I9b89d8cbc180453c24d9690ac937adb4512f0aeb
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: SwTextNode::AddToList ignore Undo-array nodesMichael Stahl1-1/+1
The node is moved between undo-array and doc-array and each time AddToList is called; it doesn't make sense to add a node that is currently in undo-array to a list, and it leaks the mpNodeNum because IsInList will return false because the SwNodeNum lacks a parent, and it triggers some recently added asserts, so just don't do that. Change-Id: I75e51386806ce3845b7c61206020a59c092577fe
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt setters in SwEditShell tooMichael Stahl4-37/+85
SwEditShell::SetNumRule(), DelNumRules(), NumUpDown() The selection could start in a different node than the props-node but the operation with hidden redlines should apply to the props-node. Change-Id: I307f6497c8fabdf8e12e352c6b9f2c4bf9101720
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwEditShell::GetPaMAttr/GetPaMTextFormatCollMichael Stahl1-2/+4
These are Num-relevant. Change-Id: Ic07dc2574590713357aec484051f52bfe792eabb
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwWrtShell::NumOrBulletOn/OffMichael Stahl1-6/+9
Change-Id: I5cd89bc0595f96125d58a05e01d9e33b965621fe
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt SwFEShell::GetNumRuleNodeAtPos()/IsNumLabel()Michael Stahl1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ifd65b7b294cd7bc2a93c9e574712dce200bdfcf3
2018-11-10sw: remove this nonsense, see SwPam::Delete()Michael Stahl1-6/+0
Change-Id: Ic8425801e51219627fd37e0b63161590a61b2857
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt even more SwEditShell NumMichael Stahl1-4/+4
IsNoNum(), GetNumLevel(), IsNumRuleStart(), GetNodeNumStart() Change-Id: I38e592835f3e6e3e7faa901e5b6533b2222fb35a
2018-11-10sw_redlinehide_3: adapt more SwEditShell NumMichael Stahl3-6/+34
ReplaceNumRule(), SetNumRuleStart(), SetNodeNumStart() Change-Id: I7e58d477b02e0e242ce3c12eca0071856533debf