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2014-09-30Fix wrong conditional for zoom-saneness-check.private/ajrhunt/c4Andrzej Hunt1-1/+1
Change-Id: I54cb8ffc71c162e75675d306b903ef40ad05092f
2014-09-30Temp: the DrView scaling will be completely wrong for tiled rendering.Andrzej Hunt1-5/+5
(No idea why yet) Change-Id: I9fcbd9055d82feb59b1c957234c9d7747f95ced9
2014-09-30Don't render infinitely large document if empty.Andrzej Hunt1-0/+7
Change-Id: I887d8cef0c24b1e5155969a9f571660ca54ef463
2014-09-30TODO: printfun needs fixing (see previous commit).Andrzej Hunt1-3/+9
We don't need this for tiled rendering for now though. Change-Id: Iac9ed2a4327840ac0af00eb1903484e127fac2c8
2014-09-30Use twips internally for FillInfo too.Andrzej Hunt4-25/+40
Otherwise errors sum up leading to tile-mismatches for tiled rendering. Change-Id: I5328771a2d7c284870bb028b53fe69a61e00ba6d
2014-09-30Adjust MapModes for gridwin tiled rendering.Andrzej Hunt1-8/+21
Change-Id: I8d31521d6b22f375c6de413f2070746f4758a431
2014-09-30Don't abort rendering if Android window 'minimized'.Andrzej Hunt1-1/+7
This simply has no relevance to tiled rendering. Change-Id: Iee348cf6792d83d364c33de81415a7cbe0be6a47
2014-09-30We want to keep nPPTX/Y for our old scaling.Andrzej Hunt1-0/+37
Change-Id: Ia10baf8eebeb92c421066a392387a1ad71e56ce9
2014-09-30Remove incorrect fudge factor.Andrzej Hunt2-4/+4
Change-Id: I3a8d2b2ca1f90a07bd9fffd9e33f59b23671569c
2014-09-30ScreenPos calculations in twips too.Andrzej Hunt1-25/+23
Change-Id: Ibc45f414a56e3c4cdf6c7f384d561938382c1653
2014-09-30Use twips internally for GetScrPos.Andrzej Hunt1-30/+50
Change-Id: I48c674815c95f73722a427fd2d8d9a3dca9b3a6c
2014-09-29Use GetScrPos so that col/row-headers match the grid.Andrzej Hunt1-3/+18
Without this we can still get single pixel errors which can sum up over multiple columns/row. Change-Id: Id428dafab1ca771c123c84d815261263a7d33fed
2014-09-29Match TiledRendering scaling to the new ViewData PaintMapMode.Andrzej Hunt1-9/+18
This is a bit hacky, still need to figure out what's going wrong that we need this weird conversion. Change-Id: Id1c62401f9f85c6d436bdd73b51ccf126100cbc4
2014-09-29Don't use UpdateVisibleRange for calc tiled rendering.Andrzej Hunt1-1/+7
Change-Id: Iaba02741acc280dfc4c500e0d08271b39560149b
2014-09-29Set visible range from origin for Calc Tiled Rendering.Andrzej Hunt1-1/+15
Change-Id: I255b8865786088751c5d71da9db2ba38defed3bd
2014-09-29Allow PaintMapMode retrieval.Andrzej Hunt1-0/+2
We need this for conversions elsewhere (outside of ScViewData). Conflicts: sc/source/ui/inc/viewdata.hxx Change-Id: I86ce18a22095488d3d3750bd13a5fab46a352be5
2014-09-29Use MapMode instead of nPPTX/nPPTY.Andrzej Hunt2-33/+8
This is far from complete: we need to replace all uses of nPPTX/nPPTY for things to work correctly. Change-Id: I7c8aca62c537d8770903f4a6ae0a164479af3fc1
2014-09-29ScOutputData needs ScViewData for scaling.Andrzej Hunt5-5/+14
Change-Id: I14cd3e835ba8233478514d5f6832737aa2c99bf9
2014-09-29Make nPrtToScreenFactor and GetOutputFactor fractions.Andrzej Hunt9-23/+44
These are then used for our output MapMode which required Fractions too. Change-Id: Icbfd9f808a6efe297096c94dc4043cef88c0ba0b
2014-09-29ScViewData::GetActiveWin can be const.Andrzej Hunt2-2/+2
We need to reuse this in other const methods, so lets make it const too. Change-Id: I6d96fa2370081d515f8629998d8a1e218bec643a
2014-09-29Allow overriding limits for SetZoom for Tiled Rendering.Andrzej Hunt2-16/+31
Change-Id: Ic656012921408ce5c8dc691933a71a9e0ac78e5d
2014-09-29aScrSize should be mutable.Andrzej Hunt2-5/+5
Change-Id: I7376ea17aa4f66c9d9085757b84fb69dd0ad71cb
2014-09-29Fix PaintTile scaling preparation.Andrzej Hunt1-8/+12
Change-Id: I0a725fd5c030f3c089c2bbd25947088c321eb2d4
2014-09-29Ensure we actually render all cells in the selected area.Andrzej Hunt1-0/+4
Only cells within maVisibleRange are rendered, even if we request a larger area (and maVisibleRange is otherwise not updated for tiled rendering). Hence we should explicitly set it here. Change-Id: I399be9df1f266a2b3d32a95483960b21f561c6b3
2014-09-29Take into account drawing layer for data area size.Andrzej Hunt1-2/+18
The drawing layer could potentially have items that are outwith the data area, but we probably want to have them included for tiled rendering. Change-Id: I958c4fa29491cdb0fd80392dfcfa033306f2b76c
2014-09-29Implement data area size retrieval.Andrzej Hunt3-4/+49
Cell dimensions appear to be in TWIPs (but the drawing layer is in 100th mm).
2014-09-29Allow overriding of device for Paint, and use that for Tiles.Andrzej Hunt2-7/+14
Paint handles figuring out which cells are within the visible area for us etc. Gridwin being a Window which paints to itself is a bit of a pain, since we now need to be able to reroute painting calls to alternative output devices, however these changes seem to be sufficient to at least get the cells in the desired tile rendered. Change-Id: I7bd1434c97acc6e9ef6e1e63cbcf039b987c88e4
2014-09-29Calc: Add tiled rendering device to the paint view.Andrzej Hunt1-0/+13
This prevents the previous warnings of SdrPageView::DrawLayer: Creating temporary SdrPageWindow (ObjectContact), \ this should never be needed Change-Id: I76cb7c9ed4d45bfcbd297f697314309b4e036f80
2014-09-29Render tiles from calc.Andrzej Hunt3-14/+32
Currently the document size and number of cells to be rendered is hardcoded, this will need some more work to select the correct cells for a given tile (i.e. cells from location). Also, there isn't really a "size" for a calc sheet, so presumably we'd need to instead return the area containing cells that aren't empty, whilst still being able to render larger tiles? (And in any case the client will need to be aware of this and provide an appropriate interface, i.e. the current LO UI simply extends the sheet ad-infinitum.) We also currently get some warnings most likely related to the way we push our OutputDevice into the rendering methods: SdrPageView::DrawLayer: Creating temporary SdrPageWindow (ObjectContact), \ this should never be needed Change-Id: Ia9d64d7de6c22d5b401350f88497a7ec106f1973
2014-09-28vcl: cleanup headers - remove comments, tabifyChris Sherlock13-759/+817
Change-Id: I718832960abe07450bc9fdda15297cb5e56f84e4 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Chris Sherlock <> Tested-by: Chris Sherlock <>
2014-09-28fdo#70998 Termchange: Picture->ImageSamuel Mehrbrodt14-16/+16
Change-Id: I4113d35e2a4778c9833e659b1e4ff4fbb1ab9734
2014-09-28android: minimize the rounding error, clean-up MultiTileLayerTomaž Vajngerl3-48/+23
Change-Id: Ib167acf5914596b69ee240255aaab173a0570038
2014-09-28android: LayerRendered - rename member to mScreenShotLayerTomaž Vajngerl1-23/+31
Change-Id: I16fbda06c75bbf80e7d2c2b045418297589c6ff7
2014-09-28android: revert ScreenshotLayer draw method backTomaž Vajngerl1-2/+58
Own draw method expands the picture correctly but for some reason the SingleTileLayer draw method does not so revert back. Change-Id: Ie8e39fc46b84ae410439a781928ff79bc1503d10
2014-09-28android: replace with ImmutableViewportMetrics (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl10-193/+227
Change-Id: I46509f8be4dc49dac45eb98059dad25e150988dd
2014-09-28android: Improve panning smoothness (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl2-74/+88
Change-Id: I3983709651548eb97e588ebe2c2de608a4a4dfc7
2014-09-28android: solve black screen on load - call setForceRedrawTomaž Vajngerl1-3/+11
Change-Id: Ia9ae05a14c0c751fde961186be350d57d5308519
2014-09-28android: remove notifyLayerClientOfGeometryChange (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl3-20/+5
Change-Id: Ibc1f4d11dcfdf177cd45fcf689b518d975b13709
2014-09-28android: move scrollBy & scaleWithFocus to PZC (Fennec Import)Tomaž Vajngerl3-36/+32
Change-Id: Ie0d23b302994134f9d382e255b0408f7c9f1c1fb
2014-09-28android: add PanZoomTarget (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl3-37/+67
Change-Id: Ib946b7a95cd59833a732e3da6c139e848778e1bc
2014-09-28android: remove getViewport and getZoomFactor (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl4-14/+6
Change-Id: Id28994e51adf779bd5462901c23c488e3465f91b
2014-09-28android: add ZoomConstraints (Fennec import)Tomaž Vajngerl7-79/+89
Change-Id: I7bb840f74675a2e23fd7ee45aad4d48a705e567e
2014-09-28border_width from 12 to 6, as the rest of dialogsAdolfo Jayme Barrientos35-35/+35
Second pass. Change-Id: Ic4702d2ca7a9d54ee4712dcd073006f16b2d5d1d Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Samuel Mehrbrodt <> Tested-by: Samuel Mehrbrodt <>
2014-09-28fdo#60123: Make rotation angle spinbox wrapKatarina Behrens1-0/+1
like all the other rotation-setting spinboxes elsewhere do Change-Id: I9df819abbafecb975bf9db698d0da99de851f5a7
2014-09-28jurt: remove constructor in AnyConverter_Test (JUnit)Robert Antoni Buj i Gelonch1-15/+31
Change-Id: I4393b59d7d3a285160d6090847d9a16676f41f4d Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: David Ostrovsky <> Tested-by: David Ostrovsky <>
2014-09-28ridljar: Any_Test & UnoRuntime_Test (JUnit)Robert Antoni Buj i Gelonch2-6/+10
Modify exception test in Any_Test. Replace assertTrue with AsserSame & AssertNotSame for equality operator in UnoRuntime_Test. $ make JunitTest_ridljar_uno Change-Id: I42a8380e7c4aed79af976165224c2af25c50fbce Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: David Ostrovsky <> Tested-by: David Ostrovsky <>
2014-09-28fdo#75757: remove inheritance to std::vectorTakeshi Abe1-13/+6
from SfxVerbSlotArr_Impl. Change-Id: I84582f10095638a0fef82aa46f721d57a8b27c27 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2014-09-28Add tooltips for non-obvious, unlabeled buttons in redlinefilterpage.uiAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-49/+8
Change-Id: I9a39f6eaa3555e32a64f6c2c479685d98c4087f8 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2014-09-28Restore missing title in addresstemplatedialog.uiAdolfo Jayme Barrientos1-0/+1
... to what its .src-based equivalent had before fbb1f977 Change-Id: I7db16afe06fca160d798bc1eeac43d6b90c1e1ad Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2014-09-28Avoid leaking dbus objectsMatthew J. Francis1-4/+4
Change-Id: Ifb6a7bb3867bba293fd256c87998528a90053507 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>