AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2020-12-09bump product version to Lohmaier1-1/+1
2020-12-09Resolves: tdf#136272 convert DBL_MAX to 1.7976931348623157e+308Eike Rathke1-0/+78
2020-12-08tdf#134754: Gracefully handle EINVAL from mmap MAP_JIT on old macOSStephan Bergmann1-1/+17
2020-12-08Related: tdf#136272 accept 1.79769313486232e+308 as DBL_MAXEike Rathke1-1/+20
2020-12-08tdf#138612 DOCX import: fix lost part of split table cellLászló Németh3-3/+17
2020-12-08update creditsChristian Lohmaier1-2194/+2376
2020-12-08Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier1-0/+0
2020-12-02tdf#135479: Seems we need the more broad entitlement for Java's sakeTor Lillqvist1-1/+1
2020-12-01Resolves: tdf#138549 use GetSpecialTextBoxShadow to identify ScPostItCaolán McNamara2-15/+7
2020-12-01tdf#138130, tdf#123621 sw: fix textbox position according to DOCXTibor Nagy4-3/+22
2020-12-01tdf#137745: crash, when deleting tables and changed relationship isn't changedJulien Nabet1-0/+5
2020-12-01Adapt solenv/ to312a33b7636334f6ce3b6d1702bc5d3e45215601Stephan Bergmann1-3/+3
2020-11-29tdf#138466 Crash when creating different scenariosNoel Grandin1-2/+3
2020-11-25bump product version to Lohmaier1-1/+1
2020-11-25Branch libreoffice-7-0-4Christian Lohmaier4-1/+1
2020-11-25crashtesting: make tdf129410-1.ods not crash on loadCaolán McNamara1-1/+2
2020-11-25tdf#138430 toolbar bullet dropdown should have a scrolledwindowCaolán McNamara4-12/+18
2020-11-25Better handling of Java filesStephan Bergmann2-1/+6
2020-11-25tdf#137662 set focus in combo/list box on clickCaolán McNamara1-0/+14
2020-11-25Update git submodulesChristian Lohmaier1-0/+0
2020-11-25tdf#138253 sw textbox: fix content of draw format on undoMiklos Vajna3-0/+41
2020-11-25tdf#131970 enable tab-cycling between VerticalTabControl membersCaolán McNamara1-0/+2
2020-11-24fix unit-test with non-pdfium buildNoel Grandin1-1/+4
2020-11-24CVE-2020-25713 raptor2: malformed input file can lead to a segfaultCaolán McNamara2-0/+34
2020-11-24tdf#137662 ignore focus in dropdown if dropdown is hiddenCaolán McNamara1-3/+11
2020-11-24Resolves: rhbz#1900428 don't crash on invalid index used in StarBasic macroCaolán McNamara1-3/+8
2020-11-24Make python3 build on macOS 11, including for arm64Tor Lillqvist2-0/+60
2020-11-24Make bridgetest exercise parameter passing in the C++/UNO bridge harderTor Lillqvist5-13/+126
2020-11-24Cosmetic change to make it easier to see which parameter is the nthTor Lillqvist4-108/+277
2020-11-24Make --without-webdav work even with --enable-mpl-subsetTor Lillqvist1-1/+3
2020-11-24Fix nss build for x86_64 on an Apple Silicon MacTor Lillqvist1-0/+3
2020-11-24The config.{guess,sub} in $SRCDIR is good for external projects, tooTor Lillqvist3-3313/+1
2020-11-24Make the C++/UNO bridge work on macOS on arm64Tor Lillqvist9-13/+370
2020-11-24Use <alloca.h> for macOS and iOS, tooTor Lillqvist1-15/+1
2020-11-24Update config.{guess,sub} with latest versions and handle fallout of thatTor Lillqvist7-334/+432
2020-11-24Replace brittle gcc3_linux_aarch64 vtableSlotCall with pure assembler codeStephan Bergmann3-65/+75
2020-11-24Avoid warning about deprecation in macOS 11.0Tor Lillqvist1-0/+3
2020-11-24Avoid unused parameter warning in the !HAVE_FEATURE_PDFIUM caseTor Lillqvist1-0/+1
2020-11-24Avoid unused parameter 'pImpl'Tor Lillqvist1-4/+6
2020-11-24There is no QuickTime frameworkTor Lillqvist1-1/+0
2020-11-24Colibre: tdf#138350 fix wrong color from monoline color to these HEXRizal Muttaqin32-16/+16
2020-11-23avoid Skia floating point position fixups for rectangles (tdf#137329)Luboš Luňák1-16/+36
2020-11-23tdf#138428 don't record SetName("ScPostIt") in undoCaolán McNamara1-0/+8
2020-11-23tdf#135202: Mysql declare more plugins for native passwordJulien Nabet1-0/+3
2020-11-23Initial attempt at macOS on arm64 support for OpenSSLTor Lillqvist3-0/+15
2020-11-23More WIP work for macOS on Apple SiliconTor Lillqvist2-36/+5
2020-11-23For macOS on arm64, be sure to use HOST_PLATFORM=arm64-apple-darwinTor Lillqvist1-0/+5
2020-11-23Fix apr build with current Xcode: Include <stdlib.h> for exit()Tor Lillqvist2-0/+27
2020-11-23Clean up arm64 confusion a bitTor Lillqvist1-2/+1
2020-11-23Use USE_DLFCN also on macOS on arm64Tor Lillqvist1-0/+14