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2013-01-23Version, tag libreoffice- Mladek0-0/+0
Change-Id: I7e158fe25c56b57b8baa4429b3a69415f696920c
2013-01-23lo-pack-sources: run NOCONFIGURE=1 ./ instead of autoreconfPetr Mladek1-5/+5 runs the needed tools with the right include paths Change-Id: Ia253b19566eeda31a1190a4fa7c543f7ffb63bfb Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-23class vs struct mismatchLuboš Luňák1-1/+1
Apparently this was enough to cause a linking error with oox::vml::TextBox::TextBox on Windows. Signed-off-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-22Version, tag libreoffice- Mladek3-0/+0
Change-Id: Icc57eb0b4bf57791921f6b15749efd984d87cd3f
2013-01-22bump product version to, release number to 102Petr Mladek2-25/+25
Change-Id: Ic2a234ece3fc4b7c9fdb37d1f338b3d6ac32537e
2013-01-22Branch libreoffice-4-0-0Petr Mladek3-0/+0
This is 'libreoffice-4-0-0' - the stable branch for the 4.0.0 release. Only very safe changes, reviewed by three people are allowed. If you want to commit more complicated fix for the next 4.0.x release, please use the 'libreoffice-4-0' branch. If you want to build something cool, unstable, and risky, use master. Change-Id: I25162d9fb1fab12f48521f79084683b4ab004376
2013-01-22Translate keyboard shortcuts also for LinuxMartin Srebotnjak1-0/+36
Change-Id: I4d2f85106045a22be61c6b42fad941e4d4cf88d5 Signed-off-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-22Updated coreOlivier R1-0/+0
Project: dictionaries ce03fd39f4a4454b4473a68bcee87fd7e9bde9a1
2013-01-22oox: try to make Windows build happyMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib7340d79fc29ef0d0c46083a6aac6c27aba2629b Signed-off-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-22allow space for translated text expansionAndras Timar1-4/+4
Change-Id: I5706fc9201359c05c00d0a97009994d7d188d5bf Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-22Enable NTLM authentication (using sspi.h) in Windows build of curlFridrich Štrba1-1/+1
Change-Id: I5e24338b937d32cd3a09f82bd3cf5a8b29f5d340 Signed-off-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-22n#792778 DOCX import: parse group shapes in oox onlyMiklos Vajna9-41/+149
Previously textframes inside groupshapes were tried to be imported as TextFrames, but then their addition to a GroupShape failed, so the text simply ended up as a normal paragraph. Fix this by importing members of groupshapes as drawinglayer objects, just like how the WW8 import does. Also fix two testcases, which implicitely tested that the groupshape VML element is ignored on import. Change-Id: I1a9fba8a5fd532203a825e55b1d5996277ea12fa Signed-off-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-22curl: fixed crashers in curl patch for system proxyCédric Bosdonnat1-16/+21
Change-Id: Ieb8e782eab9c9bde1d2099d8cc32eceef9f00002 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-22implemented EmfPlusRecordTypeFillPie recordRadek Doulik1-0/+45
Change-Id: I15e7464a6a295bb4c1313c0a65ee33b6443c61c8 Signed-off-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-22fix cell border line properties n#793408Radek Doulik1-0/+1
Change-Id: Id20fa233b7e7eb0f2f01f4c230d1fe3398f2f4ed Signed-off-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-22Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: translations f0efa7684ae765f13bc0e31773c80afb918ac5d1
2013-01-22Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: translations c8b3fffc0e81443cd547cc8662a2693f85c84f4b
2013-01-22Updated coreNémeth László1-0/+0
Project: help a5706714cdaab038624130be071cd98b8a452968
2013-01-21fdo#58988, fdo#58562: Populate draw clip document with data for charts.Kohei Yoshida8-6/+362
Without populating the clip document, copying a chart (or charts) into clipboard makes the charts lose all their referenced data, which causes the pasted chart to appear empty. Conflicts: sc/source/ui/view/drawvie4.cxx Change-Id: I0e7ce7cfbcdb3c9f120c6f0c72c58ab320901e6b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Eike Rathke <> Tested-by: Eike Rathke <>
2013-01-21prevent to create cond formats with empty range, fdo#58778Markus Mohrhard3-8/+19
Change-Id: I54bac843dc60c419c23c6d3f22c8d2f4b5805327 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21...and some more curl code layout massagingStephan Bergmann1-11/+10
Change-Id: Ifbd7dcc3fa8d18192d2ac2fc5faca1b0637c93c2 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Petr Mladek <> Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21More massaging to avoid odd layout-related warnings/errors from GCCStephan Bergmann1-6/+8
(...whatever it is that causes them to be raised at least in my build). Change-Id: I52889de876e448ae8e90ec328e65cda2025968e2 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21Tabs to spacesStephan Bergmann1-14/+14
Change-Id: Ib0d64c9d93f7ae73a160ad242a6731b781edaf0f Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21resolved fdo#59583 prevent inappropriate column/row label detectionEike Rathke1-1/+3
If followed by '(' (with or without space inbetween) an identifier can not be a column/row label. Prevent arbitrary content detection in case a macro function of the same name is meant (fdo#59583) or if it wouldn't resolve to a known function name at all, that earlier resulted in #REF! instead of #NAME? in the case of unknown function but label found. (cherry picked from commit aa2b8bde171bf9562536dc14b2cf81d81e31b438) Change-Id: Ib86687bdecfcf5897f4700086fc9969cc3fab0f0 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Markus Mohrhard <> Tested-by: Markus Mohrhard <>
2013-01-21copy styles from cond format between different docs, fdo#59159Markus Mohrhard1-0/+26
Change-Id: I5472ab648b248d925f1f07cd4194c1201230ff20 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21don't create multiple dialogs in the loop, fdo#59314Markus Mohrhard1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ia48262cdf8b07caf6622f2d4a48f366f3f26c0fd Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21add missing data bar axis import, fdo#59578Markus Mohrhard1-0/+8
Change-Id: Id035741b2372c76f9afe54f59f2203c5edfbb0ae Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21resolve fdo#59240 - FORMATTING: Thai number shown as Arabic numeralsJoren De Cuyper1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ia0d1089d90a6b2196d45da63afbb7d8fa80e4658 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Petr Mladek <> Tested-by: Petr Mladek <>
2013-01-21Add Asturian, Slovenian, and Spanish translations of keymanes for WindowsPetr Mladek1-0/+60
Asturian by Xuacu <xuacusk8 at gmail dot com> Spanish by Adolfo Jayme Barrientos <fitoschido at ubuntu dot com> Slovenian by Martin Srebotnjak <miles at filmsi dot net> Change-Id: I29387f5908ea456abc5c464a03cc74c718ae6b74 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-21curl: patched to read IE proxy settings on WindowsCédric Bosdonnat2-0/+125
Change-Id: I46605f6c8dfacab0feb5a446db458eed8e5756ee Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Andras Timar <> Tested-by: Andras Timar <>
2013-01-21xmloff: refactor Generator version handling:Michael Stahl4-30/+97
Since there are now 2 forks of, we cannot rely on a simple total ordering of versions any more; add a new function SvXMLImport::isGeneratorVersionOlderThan(), taking 2 reference versions. Also extract the LibreOffice version number from the generator string, and extend the BuildId property to store this as a third number. This also allows removal of the "fake LibreOffice3 as 3.3 release" hack, which is not future-proof. (cherry picked from commit bea63709d05514555d5283279cd66439f4ceed73) Conflicts: xmloff/source/core/xmlimp.cxx Change-Id: I44d8105eb537ac43fb9529a8b1b661ae0f2bba30 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thorsten Behrens <> Tested-by: Thorsten Behrens <>
2013-01-21fdo#59517: fix detection of ancient OOo ODF generator strings:Michael Stahl1-4/+5
SvXMLMetaDocumentContext::setBuildId: check only the prefix of the generator string, not all of it. (regression from 17ff7b41d15ab9928e2e2706faa26234a09802cd) Change-Id: I0cdd958d67cd13fd2368cc6958893ce3528a9e94 (cherry picked from commit 0669d78ea76ab9bfeff27ea02d785973f3720d6b) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Tor Lillqvist <> Tested-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Reviewed-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-21Fix Mac build fallout from PRODUCTEXTENSION changeTor Lillqvist1-4/+2
PRODUCTEXTENSION used to be empty. (No idea for how long it had been empty.) And apparently some of the "installer" Perl code implicitly assumed PRODUCTEXTENSION was empty. At least, producing the langpack dmg for Mac started to fail when PRODUCTEXTENSION was no longer empty. (cherry picked from commit c7e3f88b1291c35e09d08d14f82eadf60f7063cd) Signed-off-by: Michael Stahl <>
2013-01-21Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: translations 0bb1d501de8771e7e86412c8b0c8f165dfcd2a4c
2013-01-21PRODUCTEXTENSION: fix various obvious strings and such...Michael Stahl8-19/+9
... to look pretty; most of these expect PRODUCTEXTENSION to be a word like "Beta" but nowadays it is ".micro.rc.alphabeta" numbers so there should be no space before it. ReplaceStringHookProc adds insult to injury by refusing to replace %ABOUTBOX variables unless some %PRODUCT is in the string. Change-Id: Ib676f3837ab0785529a226fc9359e8defacf3459 (cherry picked from commit c106167f5f6ec1bff9b2291ff8791ca6d4d411c3) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-21installer: remove SHORT_PRODUCTEXTENSIONMichael Stahl3-28/+12
Currently PRODUCTEXTENSION does not have a value, which is unfortunate because some places such as the soffice --help output and utl::DocInfoHelper::GetGeneratorString() which creates the meta:generator for ODF files (via Setup.xcu Product/ooSetupExtension) write an incomplete version number. Since there doesn't appear to be a point in having 2 variables here, remove SHORT_ one and use PRODUCTEXTENSION consistently. (cherry picked from commit e024a8d88dbca3a2d178ad88c069721a92156ddf) Conflicts: instsetoo_native/util/openoffice.lst Change-Id: I5aac25bcedd785a098cba612643ea68fe19c77f0 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-21mark *all* tables of a nested join as addedLionel Elie Mamane1-18/+33
Else, if the n^{th} (with n>2) table also appears in a (non-NATURAL) INNER JOIN, it is repeated later, leading to an error from the database engine Change-Id: I03e0f0ef51f45be9d7ddfa63a9dbe09dc500f8dd Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-21resolve fdo#59619 Spelling error - heigthJoren De Cuyper1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ice59129d20c6b7e3aa0dbabfefabd14bad8199b6 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-20Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: translations 3497b6298b4c12e017bb77e9ac70513df9820401
2013-01-18reset one of the sort containers before refilling, fdo#57465Markus Mohrhard1-0/+2
Change-Id: I758af67efec980a56ec83d8e5e6f5f60a0523ac5 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Kohei Yoshida <> Tested-by: Kohei Yoshida <>
2013-01-18fdo#58712 add missing UNO command namesAndras Timar3-0/+65
Change-Id: I68919572b0e5f624e433375f5c523281a8416e70 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <> Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2013-01-18fdo#59428: SwPageDesc::GetUseOn(): mask PD_FIRSTSHARE.Michael Stahl1-0/+1
There is at least one call in SwDoc::ChgPageDesc() checks if the result equals PD_MIRROR. (regression from fa0f42bafbf24e9141ddee728b160b5ab47077f2) Change-Id: Id37ca46eec5885f7f5230337d8a8a594845f7842 (cherry picked from commit 8d301533f0c7764c94f8ad72fced2ce9d9de7585) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2013-01-18fdo#59437: SwFmtAnchor::SetAnchor: Anchors may be on StartNodesMichael Stahl1-2/+5
Assertion added in 90a0116ccb48388d91b21128fcac2e4609838581 wasn't quite right. Change-Id: Icac6c4e3932837ffaf170d9b18664e5b4ff579ff (cherry picked from commit 0ed73a0817ad0ff0107cb297208252c0afe3b4a9) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2013-01-18Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: help c5a1a67cb0526aaec8667e5e602864d426930335 fix paragraph attribute Change-Id: I674f1b39c3eb95dbec065afcda3fc5cdad766ce9 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Caolán McNamara <> Tested-by: Caolán McNamara <>
2013-01-18fdo#59396 Remove duplicate footer entries in "BrightBlue" Impress templateSamuel Mehrbrodt1-0/+0
This also removes an English text in the Master page: "Click here to edit..." and replaces it with a placeholder It would be nice to have this in 4.0 branch also. Change-Id: I1aadc20aa9916e40bbaf1b6f66ec58dfd02a35bb Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Noel Power <> Tested-by: Noel Power <> Signed-off-by: Noel Power <>
2013-01-18sal_Bool to boolTakeshi Abe14-59/+61
Backport needed to fix build after backport of 2b9edadd637ea52293473e63062d334371bc83af . Change-Id: I4e4063321da69d45d14a2fc870c33ea8ae46e4ef Signed-off-by: Luboš Luňák <>
2013-01-18rhbz#818557: fix it differently: SwDocShell::_LoadStyles():Michael Stahl1-0/+9
Try to prevent pushing of SfxShells from this function via EndAllAction and SwView::AttrChangedNotify() by setting a ridiculous pre-exising global bNoInterrupt variable. Change-Id: I9c91ca882891c8dfcd9dc08ba197233cfefddefd (cherry picked from commit beacee6fad46aa2c8fc813bb0150e5c7a5175b26) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-18fdo#58893: Revert "Resolves: rhbz#818557 crash with NULL shell..."Michael Stahl1-3/+0
This reverts commit a1d265be484f1c70f57ab3de9b2d8c27d2fd3aa4. This commit causes the crash, because apparently it causes some event to be delayed via SfxHintPoster which refers to some SfxRequest that is then deleted too early. Change-Id: I301f3b52001c1d8b1b60f5b1cfb3b093c9f81607 (cherry picked from commit 5090267eada3d68a618769c5dbae8b2ee8d6dab5) Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Miklos Vajna <>
2013-01-18Fixed Undo/Redo buttons icon orientation for RTL languages (ar/fa/he)Issa Alkurtass176-0/+0
The icons were in the wrong direction (the arrow pointing to the opposite side) so I flipped them horizontally (and changed colors when necessary). Note: icon-themes is based on languages rather than interface direction so there might be other languages I'm unaware of. Change-Id: If44bed902d763ebbc41ca422399bfd48cc390f93 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Meeks <> Tested-by: Michael Meeks <> Signed-off-by: Jan Holesovsky <>
2013-01-18Resolves: fdo#58730 workaround [UL|LR]Space 100% problemCaolán McNamara2-1/+30
If all paragraph margins are 100% on import, ignore that as being the implicit default. That avoids explicit 100% being set onto the awesome [UL|LR]Space which takes a relative propsize of 100% as a flag that its value field is absolute and so rejected by SwTxtFmtColl::Modify as a candidate for getting its true value initialized relative to its parent, so it ends up as an absolute 0 Always elide the property on export because writing individual margin-foos provides better backward compatibility with older versions anyway. Trigged by 3c5facfce42a0dbe362d6b9fa5ac374fd76f51a1 Change-Id: I55f6ceeae287b7d8e99befa4bd3cc06738a21299 (cherry picked from commit 23c099a0236062724430efb986251637095c8d4f) Signed-off-by: Michael Stahl <>