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2013-04-01Add assert nCount <= vector.size() (Thank you Markus!)Julien Nabet1-0/+1
Change-Id: I076e88e6fc845c2333bc3de98de023330e531272
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet4-8/+10
Change-Id: If5950affaff1537362b1e5c2e3791d04c5371306
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet1-2/+2
Change-Id: I9fc8adf31c269db33d0d9806e182748ec082c1e3
2013-04-01fdo#62110: GLU also needs -lGL to linkBenedikt Morbach1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ida9d03564cf003cae282792f0daf5945cff34108
2013-04-01vcl: unused includesMiklos Vajna1-20/+0
Change-Id: I43d83b916bf1741cea7c94a77dcc57b69544801c
2013-04-01svtools: re-add filedlg2 to ResTarget, and remove un-used resourcesMichael Stahl3-60/+1
Change-Id: I4e06e2d021e61d9816cf785322c13b80844f7415
2013-04-01svtools: restore filedlg2.hrc/srcMichael Stahl2-0/+84
This was removed in f7f9b74163acd6811ccfaabb2a1d762225258e15 but is still used in Mac-only fps_aqua library. Change-Id: I227c6962906b533754ec999f36a2f9224465ce22
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet1-6/+18
Change-Id: Ib5e17d5bb94d9b19008ca15e042b443689aba9b1
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet2-2/+6
Change-Id: I0471261e01ed5fb45cb470abd5bc1e809f2873be
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet1-1/+2
Change-Id: I19faf2d0608b2b405d30296bcdccd86583be2f11
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet1-6/+7
Change-Id: I59a332c96793ced08bb509776dbcb8fd6c9d2ab9
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet2-9/+7
Change-Id: Ie155215aea1d6f15e51bf5e64bab10eb2198d4de
2013-04-01Resolves: #i117968# Made WMFReader thread safeArmin Le Grand3-21/+27
Used multithreaded when SdrGrafObj is on asynchronous loading. It was not safe due to using VirtualDevices on occasions where needed (mostly Font stuff). Extends fix of 6280a1e3104826ccdcd71c422b149e249783d5da for fdo#36991 (cherry picked from commit a379ffae809a4b9f92fbde9b9699f5353f7b3472) Conflicts: svtools/source/filter/wmf/winmtf.cxx svtools/source/filter/wmf/winmtf.hxx svtools/source/filter/wmf/winwmf.cxx Change-Id: Ifd1d23217c0fbe22edbd1b1995286846e19030de
2013-04-01Related: #i119403# take transparency into account in both InvalidatesCaolán McNamara2-3/+11
which would seem to be a good idea Change-Id: Id6981851f7ecacab60247af1ef38e06ebb9a7f82
2013-04-01Resolves: #i119403# GridControl not refreshing after deleting rowsJürgen Schmidt1-1/+2
fix: take care of transparency attribute of the control Patch By: Tsutomu Uchino Found By: Wolfgang Becker Review By: jsc (cherry picked from commit 44f7914e0606caff822957b189a4459ccc5e2aad) Change-Id: I77c5339747aa5ad223b8c220f934627d0202d4cb
2013-04-01hunspell: -Werror=undefMichael Stahl2-0/+12
Change-Id: Ib6d015605005dd1fec4aa5351dbf6e72f06cd8ec
2013-04-01Resolves: #i119149# - Fix triggering of selection changed eventAriel Constenla-Haile1-1/+3
Original author: Tsutomu Uchino <hanya.runo at> (cherry picked from commit d81d9022c27648c993df820c01a6e1bf2bf1ad8a) Change-Id: I6d485c2c6f9c81f67c07c313737db637991232fc
2013-04-01boost: fix -Wundef in multi_array/base.hppMichael Stahl2-0/+12
Change-Id: Ice8a2863f7b8c80a1fa9875b099394a16590b97e
2013-04-01np_sdk: fix -WundefMichael Stahl1-2/+2
Change-Id: Id806e33457ff0c828f55db1fe5e5444e208d2a1e
2013-04-01boost: add patch for -Wundef warnings from ticket 6142Michael Stahl2-0/+40
Change-Id: I6bd1b84c491ed05292b253e6df48176ac3ea9053
2013-04-01Resolves: #i119124# - Fix updateRowData @throws documentationAriel Constenla-Haile1-1/+1
Original author: Tsutomu Uchino <hanya.runo at> (cherry picked from commit 0465df078a063637a2d2c73414ceba6cef7abd6c) Change-Id: I11b1d2a11a3ace5f6dbcb4c899fd2449e07e1393
2013-04-01remove unused GetCurDocViewWinThomas Arnhold6-33/+0
Change-Id: I7fe825cd1fb9e988eb8037e1f5dca7252c192f33
2013-04-01libcdr, libmspub: revert more ISYSTEMMichael Stahl2-4/+5
Change-Id: I6acc0d6424cb3ed0ca2fcba12bb7c63dee13cb0d
2013-04-01Revert "use -isystem instead of -I for 3rd party headers"Michael Stahl3-46/+46
This reverts commit 151abb8b2b9d3a22229b98cec12e29484d12109b. Unfortunately has the side effect that it will prevent GCC from generating makefile dependencies for headers from bundled external libraries, which breaks incremental builds horribly. (Retain the uses in configure for real system headers). Conflicts: Change-Id: I149db1d402fa18bdc470f90dee846cfb5158237e
2013-04-01gbuild: InstallModule: fix incremental builds:Michael Stahl1-2/+6
Since the scp2 files heavily depend on the variables in, let's just rebuild everything when that changes. Change-Id: Ia07d05d930ece60a8391a93605340ea21af5e6a1
2013-04-01gbuild: ExternalPackage: fix incremental builds:Michael Stahl1-0/+29
The added files must have a rule that touches them in order to be copied in an incremental build. Change-Id: If53efb711b92fa1005298941f21b2dab23e44e6c
2013-04-01-Werror,-Wunused-macrosJulien Nabet1-3/+0
Change-Id: If921a3e142e44a6fb96924dc2aa454b8c8172e5a
2013-04-01Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive typesJulien Nabet1-21/+19
Change-Id: I0e12ef966d470a22a4f49a5b3b6cfda0a9945328
2013-04-01Comment translation GER-ENG in sw/source/ui/utlui/ (Part 3)Matthias Freund7-139/+63
Change-Id: I33a96565553a78e30f4d6af0b4b92371188d053e Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>
2013-04-01more fix for fdo#62399Faisal M. Al-Otaibi1-5/+6
this will fix the border position, when the borders from the same side are different in cells format dialog, when the sheet RTL. Change-Id: I9fa8a665dfa0b0dcb5230bafa1e3537f450afb9c Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ahmad Harthi <> Tested-by: Ahmad Harthi <>
2013-04-01fdo#62470 fix the table format dialog readingFaisal M. Al-Otaibi1-2/+19
this will fix the wrong reading in table format borders dialog. Change-Id: Ie8061ec4073fe9fd779a739ed717348d37319fe4 Change-Id: I624cf7c162d3983fe4625e8e2e6fef4fc556eed0 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ahmad Harthi <> Tested-by: Ahmad Harthi <>
2013-04-01fdo#62470 fix the input change when the table RTLFaisal M. Al-Otaibi1-21/+58
this fix the wrong borders changes when the table RTL. Change-Id: I6e963c1bb71c63bffe8c8f95c091a5692c21cd31 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Ahmad Harthi <> Tested-by: Ahmad Harthi <>
2013-03-31fix gold warning about hidden symbolsPeter Foley2-3/+1
Change-Id: Iae399e4d596db450e3ed0e15678e546aa76797a0
2013-04-01Use local utility functions instead of SbxSimpleCharClassArnaud Versini1-32/+26
Change-Id: I7c4bc8cc44c0b4e78feb55dcd2c15b82c414e0ef Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Markus Mohrhard <> Tested-by: Markus Mohrhard <>
2013-03-31coverity#735355: Operands don't affect resultJulien Nabet1-1/+1
Change-Id: I772d3535bc2e84ec066a16666dedf302fc9f43b7
2013-03-31There is no <Arg> tag in xcu localizable stringsZolnai Tamás2-57/+5
So no reason to work with it. So can use helper function after make it to handle single quote. Change-Id: Ic2eb901148c3ae31316607b41350bbad79a639db
2013-03-31Remove commented code in odk/examplesChr. Rossmanith2-45/+1
Change-Id: I8b28729d3cc632426efac02028f0d0e332243012 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>
2013-03-31Revert "Try redrawing in multiple phases to avoid blocking the UI thread too ↵Tor Lillqvist3-42/+16
long" This reverts commit 3aae02d02d418222b0b51748008ed5c9c1f1d3c2.
2013-03-31Try redrawing in multiple phases to avoid blocking the UI thread too longTor Lillqvist3-16/+42
When initially calling lo_render_windows() from a redrawRect(), just post the user event asking for a redraw of the (headless) windows, and return without actually drawing anything to the context. Then when the RenderWindows() callback for that user event eventually gets called (which during startup and/or loading of a document might be several seconds later, as there is lots of other activity going on also as "user events"), ask the UI thread for a fresh redraw, and wait for lo_render_windows() in that phase to signal the actual redraw of the "headless" windows into the context. Unfortunately this doesn't work well enough. It is not a good idea to not draw anything in response to a drawRect() it seems. The affected rectangle gets initialised to black. So there is now irritating flashing. One sees an almost ready document (and the UI elements which still are there), but then it goes away for some time before finally re-appearding. Quite silly. So I will revert this, and I am committing it just to keep the code for reference in git. Change-Id: I9ee490345f093d80113c36f9e3268cab5a810dd0
2013-03-31Remove RTL_CONSTASCII_(U)STRINGPARAM in odkChr. Rossmanith3-7/+7
Change-Id: I97e5e650b7966d1ac3c6f9e45b495c21b529b768
2013-03-31add $OUTDIR/pck to search path for SDK productDavid Tardon5-40/+6
... so it is possible to drop the copying-to-bin hack in and . Change-Id: Ic506e25a21003fca491d0902b5d8f282775da229
2013-03-31do not deliver unneeded zipsDavid Tardon3-3/+4
Change-Id: I00ac0593e94203994bd3626c6ebb6d5b97441aa6
2013-03-31add some missing deliverable registrationsDavid Tardon3-0/+3
Change-Id: I5d22ba89d64a2768666aa277222aadd4f2e879b4
2013-03-31drop setting unused var. on clean targetDavid Tardon1-2/+0
Change-Id: I860c45ab4de0636ed8e0301e70da66658e91ceb6
2013-03-31drop extraneous delivery rulesDavid Tardon5-63/+2
These destinations are already covered by the default delivery rules created in . Change-Id: Idc77f01ef468223a23632f9fae02f7b14a35c7d9
2013-03-31fix user-friendly targets' depsDavid Tardon8-9/+13
An user-friendly target sometimes needs to depend on a different target than gb_Classname_get_target to really build everything (esp. to deliver the built product). The rule of thumb is: use the same target that is used for gb_Module_register_targets. Change-Id: I874751871b4569b2a68766cc3f3b5c7645347af0
2013-03-31Make a bit cleaner transformation of help stringsZolnai Tamás17-204/+167
*Not escape tags and double quots in tags, but find tags(icu regexp) when merge and use this infromation to make strings valid. *Define a new Quot function for helpex, which works with icu UnicodeCharacter. *Move tag search to xmlparse.cxx and use icu just in helpex. *QuotHTML not unescape just replace xml charcters. (unescaping is also useless in uimerge.cxx) *Move UnQuotHTML() to helper. (was used it in xmlparse.cxx and cfgmerge.cxx) *Use UnQuotHTML() in uimerge.cxx too. Change-Id: Ice8940ef69279709a1c5d84c6ae1b0d62a71ca76
2013-03-31Updated coreAndras Timar1-0/+0
Project: dictionaries 66a5a2e03573ab1862db1965f7b9c5419db3decd
2013-03-31Comment translation GER-ENG in sw/source/ui/utlui/ PART2Matthias Freund6-70/+54
Change-Id: If636f0de7d883412e36c76fe0de997204021d45b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>
2013-03-31Remove commented code in component.cxx (odk)Chr. Rossmanith1-40/+0
Change-Id: I559b91d465ab298b033b0866b3044a17038cc501 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Thomas Arnhold <> Tested-by: Thomas Arnhold <>