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2014-08-08Fixed the menu button resizingfeature/template_manager_improvements2Efe Gürkan YALAMAN1-2/+3
Menu button size requests are changed to fit with the other buttons. Change-Id: Ibe7d850f08b37a971f97d0f28c6bffa8e73b0e21
2014-08-08Fixed the Templates buttonEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-65/+7
It works as a button. When clicked the triangle works as dropdown. Change-Id: Ib4e3b6a1832efef3382e7bd01b06d2ff8d4e7543
2014-08-08All templates option addedEfe Gürkan YALAMAN2-6/+18
Change-Id: I622d5d6fd7fa7be474fa56abf67a1a62fddbcf60
2014-08-08Some code cleanupEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-32/+33
SetupButton function overloaded for MenuButton type. Change-Id: Ib171c7590a59ad360dd8ebab1039d3eba5d565ef
2014-08-08Template Filtering ImplementationEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-18/+91
Change-Id: I9270136afeaadbbe16c408e6e7d2fbde5b53d324
2014-08-08Start of filtering implementationEfe Gürkan YALAMAN2-1/+31
Change-Id: Iebf71deb4739703d87b944300cbc1b8ee2daacc5
2014-08-08Code CleanupEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-527/+24
Some unneccesary code cleaned up. Change-Id: Iebc43ddc8276d5865c640b7fa955152a3361eb36
2014-08-08Selecting and opening templates implemented.Efe Gürkan YALAMAN2-57/+113
All editing related code commented out. Code needs to be cleaned up. Change-Id: Ibe901684d8747552b8ebeeea848c8f5e050ae726
2014-08-08Initial TemplateBar moved from TemplateManagerEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-56/+229
Change-Id: I335e69de31bd64e7c4504a58d7652f755491af33
2014-08-08Some folder features moved to backingwindowEfe Gürkan YALAMAN2-8/+63
Create new folder and delete a folder moved from template manager dialog to startcenter. Change-Id: If89b9fd7ee499f7fccda08d3ac989728148a24a0
2014-08-08selection function movedEfe Gürkan YALAMAN1-1/+17
The localview is not causing crash now. Change-Id: Iea2fe607555d2d3c955f8f198240a2b2d1e26788
2014-08-08Some handlers and buttons movedEfe Gürkan YALAMAN2-8/+221
Some more handlers and buttons moved. Still not usable mostly. Change-Id: I19c9c36a490030369b4e8d84b41f6d2962665426
2014-08-08ViewBar moved to Start CenterEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-4/+115
View bar moved to the start center without handlers. Visible but useless ATM. Change-Id: I1cb64faa1ee86b19ecbb793351c8c11362ef799e
2014-08-08Default filter noneEfe Gürkan YALAMAN1-0/+1
Small fix to add default filter. Which is none, it shows all. Change-Id: I49cf222b2909972f1800cd029f2ba97556aa955a
2014-08-08Moving TemplateLocalView to the StartCenterEfe Gürkan YALAMAN3-42/+87
Added TemplateLocalView to the StartCenter. "Templates" Button will hide RecentDocs and show TemplateLocal view. Change-Id: I34fc7f6ed0d819cf0c29dd89ee154408c5d8434f
2014-08-08fix image dragging inside a documentLuboš Luňák1-5/+1
Testcase is a document with a table and a wrap-through anchored-to-character image below it. Dragging the image up to be anchored to a place in a cell and positioned partially on top of the table does not actually change the image position if the image was below the table before the drag, but changes when the table was above. In the faulty case, SwToCntntAnchoredObjectPosition::CalcPosition() returns prematurely because of paragraph portion information not existing at that point (interestingly, the problem is also fixed simply by commenting out the return). This basically reverts 9b87346bf4a1d32abfa781aa66d4d5b627133edf . I'm unable to check the original problem as the bugreport references a web page that no longer exists. So if that one still exists, it'll need to be handled whenever somebody runs into a way of reproducing it. Change-Id: Id354237dace3179b94768146ec1a599cc3d49146
2014-08-08drop extra (David Tardon1-1/+1
Change-Id: Ib1b6abf7a2aca80e7206d792d31f2cdd0fbe3ff8
2014-08-08warning C4702: unreachable codeMichael Stahl1-0/+2
Change-Id: I8a1e67d3ec1ef0c94b41e46a29a40280468d5e76
2014-08-08osl: kill check for ancient freebsd < 7 versionsRiccardo Magliocchetti3-19/+3
Change-Id: I082611edd88daae36181d62f9fc56b588630629b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <> Tested-by: Michael Stahl <>
2014-08-08Generalize -fsanitize=address checksStephan Bergmann4-13/+17
...that are at least also relevant for -fsanitize=undefined Change-Id: I39044d2a73912a605af8e965eb1cdf8dfd4f0051
2014-08-08bnc#885548: Set the date time mode to non-fixed after the import is done.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+1
So that the new revisions will correctly record time stamps. Change-Id: I7d9b26bed04a95ce2652224faa0f214562818970
2014-08-08Forgot to add break here.Kohei Yoshida1-0/+1
Change-Id: Ic7322f111ca6732243741296d7b5f577af28bf14
2014-08-08DOCX import: handle date SDT in headers/footersMiklos Vajna1-7/+36
Turns out form controls are not allowed in headers/footers (see the comment in the patch), so if that happens, then just fall back to what we already do for other SDT types. Change-Id: Icc79c2a825e9eb2a85980489812a4178fde37576
2014-08-08DOCX import: tokenize CT_SdtDate / storeMappedDataAs and calendarMiklos Vajna1-0/+2
Change-Id: I7d47e7db08637488975b834f7cc72fe1251a14d3
2014-08-08sw: improve doc model xml dump of SwFmtAnchorMiklos Vajna1-1/+22
Change-Id: Icdfc370c4b525fd43d9d5935ff461534cf535233
2014-08-08Unused param elementsMiklos Vajna1-150/+42
Change-Id: Iaefcd143eea3a09040cc0b6aa5d07b2d131e525c
2014-08-08Avoid incomplete type in fn sig to keep ubsan's RTTI-based checks happyStephan Bergmann5-1/+5
Change-Id: Ib769dbbcb78e9440805aee40019ab98cd52e8477
2014-08-08Avoid incomplete type in fn sig to keep ubsan's RTTI-based checks happyStephan Bergmann2-0/+2
Change-Id: I610172167c49afa3989aa1626b10b8aaa1f91578
2014-08-08match va_start() with va_end()Takeshi Abe1-0/+1
Change-Id: I5c3c2570d6311f49da95bb80c0f9850f89970235
2014-08-08configure: SunStudio is not a (supported) C++ compilerMichael Stahl1-52/+1
Change-Id: I65d5f499b2948f9e57c47d262a2d6e5e8cbcf8da
2014-08-08odk: outdated documentationMichael Stahl1-6/+6
Change-Id: I7e675a544729a7e1763d69888d1ad721c70df77c
2014-08-08Avoid incomplete type in fn sig to keep ubsan's RTTI-based checks happyStephan Bergmann5-0/+9
Change-Id: Icb959b7e2e8558f251d4bfd3b21124ca31132183
2014-08-08Fix *_component_getFactory function typeStephan Bergmann1-4/+4
Change-Id: I91b18d4a96d10070fb9e7be76ea39b07541fa4db
2014-08-08Cleanup OUStrings in CustomShapesJoren De Cuyper4-136/+62
Signed-off-by: Stephan Bergmann <>, removing stray left-over sSecondLightDirection declaration Change-Id: I5c7f5c956b70adad953b52be3d456775b0f5fbc1
2014-08-08Remove redundant inclusions of header "cppuhelper/shlib.h"Matthew Pottage3-3/+0
Change-Id: Iab402035613a6cc96b7b4ebd2981a1fd0f8bed23 Signed-off-by: Stephan Bergmann <>
2014-08-08[API CHANGE] Removed two cppuhelper deprecated headers.Matthew Pottage11-551/+57
The headers cppuheader/compbase.hxx and implbase.hxx. They have been deprecated since 2001. Moved the definitions of the deprecated functions to cppuhelper/source/compat.cxx. Signed-off-by: Stephan Bergmann <>, adding fixes and clean-up in cppuhelper/source/compat.cxx and odk/ Change-Id: I48b3cbf551b59d72614737a883a96aab55fc2090
2014-08-08writerfilter: Move includes accordingly.Jan Holesovsky3-4/+2
Change-Id: I35c27dfa459fff3a2ee271333980c789d01fac56
2014-08-08writerfilter: Kill CreateElement and CreateElementMap.Jan Holesovsky5-63/+38
The last bogus usage unordered_map is now gone. Saves another 300k (stripped dbgutil build). Change-Id: I7be0c495d119e4b117eacc6eb5a5f19433582f73
2014-08-08-Werror,-Wunused-private-fieldStephan Bergmann1-5/+2
Change-Id: I03d8f81b17341e128c9c0517ecca2a76f7b4552c
2014-08-08-Werror,-Wunused-macrosStephan Bergmann3-6/+0
Change-Id: I614e1736844637eb0a5bab3830473c36d7999426
2014-08-08fdo#81946 Corrupt : DOCX file getting corrupt after RTPriyankaGaikwad3-0/+15
Decription : DOCX file getting corrupt after RT due to the AlternateContent inside sdtContent block XML Difference : In header.xml Original File <w:sdt> <w:sdtContent> ... </w:sdtContent> </w:sdt> Roundtrip File <w:sdt> <w:sdtContent> <mc:AlternateContent> ......Text Box..... </mc:AlternateContent> </w:sdtContent> </w:sdt> Reviewed on: Change-Id: I32d22f57a52060dd6f0ee784ee0002968d06ac3a
2014-08-08java: remove exceptions from throws clauses that are notNoel Grandin85-449/+193
.. actually thrown Change-Id: Ia326ac7f82e11b948ed0f34e20908a96e7adcd10
2014-08-08java: remove redundant null checksNoel Grandin15-42/+18
Change-Id: Ia42e5ed715fbd3f5b84029a9844da55f307c6260
2014-08-08java: redundant assignment, variable can only be nullNoel Grandin10-20/+3
Change-Id: I91209c5c185cf097a1609244419d73d4757d7d18
2014-08-08java: variable cannot be nullNoel Grandin11-42/+23
remove null check where null-analyis reveals the variable cannot be null Change-Id: Ied0a24665514bbf68c2ed5f15af9e5c2232a8033
2014-08-08java: remove unnecessary semi-colonsNoel Grandin49-57/+57
Change-Id: Ibeeefc6e6ee8f7bed97a02f569f239ff035d38c4
2014-08-08java: use an empty block rather than an empty statementNoel Grandin5-5/+5
Change-Id: I05e60964521d6ec3694483816d91359fb12c8e4b
2014-08-08java: remove redundant super-interfacesNoel Grandin9-16/+6
Change-Id: Iaf671ef87057362c804999a5154d8e8277bbc4b8
2014-08-08java: use the non-deprecated constructor of URINoel Grandin3-7/+7
Specifically, org.apache.commons.httpclient.URI Change-Id: Ib1f888559e9401d5fabbe8ea0585a716d9bb5a59
2014-08-08add a comment so I don't have to figure out this classes purpose againNoel Grandin1-0/+3
Change-Id: I92f3cb3e9308e2d4e369c1ce216952b0eca09b17