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2020-12-09vcl: fix logic size of metafile from Graphicdistro/vector/vector-5.4Miklos Vajna1-3/+6
vector-7.0 has bitmap import filters which set both the preferred size and the preferred pixel size on a BitmapEx. This means that when ImpGraphic::ImplGetGDIMetaFile() gets the bitmap size, it can use maEx.GetPrefSize() directly. Interestingly, the "fall back to pixel size from logic size" logic is still there at other places, e.g. at ImpGraphic::ImplGetPrefSize(). However, on this branch, the bitmap import filters (e.g. PNG import) only sets the preferred pixel size and set the map mode to pixel. This means that directly getting the preferred size results in a zero size, so exporting such a bitmap to WMF/EMF will result in a white rectangle. Fix the problem by using ImplGetPrefSize() (which has the fallback logic) instead of maEx.GetPrefSize() directly -- both for the metafile action and for the preferred size of the metafile. Change-Id: I94090b2e125c0262d4d6d408c8e4d894a0de8872
2020-12-09emfio: allow disabling EMF+ via a bootstrap variableMiklos Vajna1-1/+4
Bootstrap variables have multiple sources, so the environment variable way continues to work. This also allows disabling EMF+ using the -env:EMF_PLUS_DISABLE=1 cmdline parameter, which is useful when soffice is not started in a shell. (cherry picked from commit 71a1ea29b8793a8db012dd3452ef0dd87f1be36a) Conflicts: emfio/source/reader/emfreader.cxx Change-Id: I76e82b77d70910ba4843db6ab998b0b1ea4a31f5
2020-12-09vcl graphic export: convert EMF to WMF when WMF is requestedMiklos Vajna3-1/+41
Regression from commit 5868745db74ae930edb0058490076d82aaeafbe9 (emfplus: make VectorFormats Emf/Wmf/Svg work, 2017-06-12), we used to export graphic data as-is when the requested format is WMF and the source format is EMF or WMF. Restrict the as-is copying to the WMF source format only. (cherry picked from commit 24deea41f820399593210c8806edd68940f77c20) Conflicts: vcl/qa/cppunit/GraphicTest.cxx vcl/source/filter/graphicfilter.cxx Change-Id: Iad40aee79df5ae367ae37c2fb3d5f4dfad8a40fc
2020-11-27WMF export: just write the source data as is for from-WMF graphicsMiklos Vajna5-5/+165
This was already working on master since commit 5868745db74ae930edb0058490076d82aaeafbe9 (emfplus: make VectorFormats Emf/Wmf/Svg work, 2017-06-12), but a matching testcase was missing. [ And on this branch, fix the actual problem by picking the small relevant subset of the above commit. ] (cherry picked from commit 6bb0e09e2423ae00e06e6b7ae2c5a0af6ca100a1) Conflicts: vcl/qa/cppunit/GraphicTest.cxx Change-Id: I7661cd5e66d13b1750f16c0c423c4b69420577a0
2020-11-19sw replacement image creation: fix this when an ODT's settings.xml is invalidMiklos Vajna4-4/+54
This builds on top of commit c123bfff501229f398a1b679fc7434b82d53685c (Bin overly eager early return that stops replacement image creation, 2020-08-20), and handles a similar case, when SwView::ReadUserDataSequence() is not called at all. The result is the same: no shell is selected on the command dispatcher stack, so .uno:UpdateAll is ignored and the replacement images are not created. (cherry picked from commit 693f12ad57912c2356a197d9a794e6108ce79ef2) Conflicts: sfx2/source/view/sfxbasecontroller.cxx sw/source/uibase/uiview/view.cxx Change-Id: If8b74424b0ad88e63129fd8f7efd09f85e300895
2020-11-19sw: rename CppunitTest_sw_updateall_object_replacements to sw_uibase_uiviewMiklos Vajna5-78/+78
All these new test suites are named in a way, so that in case the fix is in sw/source/foo/bar/, then the matching test suite is sw_foo_bar. Rename to this schema, so next time a bug is fixed in that directory, we don't need to add a new suite. (cherry picked from commit 0be6168c5a7b1493a22222dc0967b5e8a0153386) Conflicts: sw/ sw/ Change-Id: I968711754cb587cc2f97fff6431be416b477728f
2020-11-19Fix ooo38104-1.sxw crash after c123bfff501229f398a1b679fc7434b82d53685cTor Lillqvist1-2/+5
Unlike the c123bf commit, this commit does not cause the crash that was caught by the crash-testing system. (The crash could be reproduced by: wget -O ooo38104-1.sxw ./instdir/program/soffice.bin --headless --convert-to docx ./ooo38104-1.sxw ) In this commit, I reinstate the "early return" in SwView::ReadUserDataSequence() that I dropped in the c123bf commit, but instead move the SelectShell() call earlier, so that it will be executed before the potential early return. The problem that we try to fix here is the one that the fresh CppunitTest_sw_updateall_object_replacements checks, so to reproduce that problem, revert both this commit and c123bf, and then run that unit test. (cherry picked from commit 6e0bb3fc4e89ddb85ddf40889b11a0c0bd4ab607) Conflicts: sw/source/uibase/uiview/view.cxx Change-Id: I6c728b75a2f172b75fbf2ad00c019c32aecc19f8
2020-11-19Add unit test for c123bfff501229f398a1b679fc7434b82d53685cTor Lillqvist4-0/+166
(cherry picked from commit 3f291bb285335efbc2f21a08bdcb23d92911940c) Conflicts: sw/ Change-Id: Ic616ec9f39b65f8e8ec840a48e3b5801b31cf5da
2020-10-20sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: handle non-package Ole10Native streamMiklos Vajna2-117/+147
Commit 1392fd6a7eaf9f507639096984c2a0108f254795 (sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: handle Ole10Native stream, 2020-04-30) added support for handling an OLE1 stream which contains something other than OLE2 data. However, that assumed a fixed class name ("Package") and a matching class id. Fix this, similar to how the import side was fixed with commit 247b247dadc8f0133a8eb94f1423a29315cf998a (sw reqif-xhtml import, embedded objects: handle non-package Ole10Native stream, 2020-10-16). (cherry picked from commit 326c8d06070a4a41a666db919702f7c423dc7a18) Conflicts: sw/qa/extras/htmlexport/htmlexport.cxx Change-Id: If2ec9434c802e23e395cf2a6eaf63ad5b1db9c1c
2020-10-20sw reqif-xhtml import, embedded objects: handle non-package Ole10Native streamMiklos Vajna5-8/+278
Commit 800085d4fb0831f2065e86bfd99164cd89998fcd (sw reqif-xhtml import, embedded objects: handle Ole10Native stream, 2020-05-04) added support for handling an OLE1 stream which contained something else than OLE2 data. However, that assumed a fixed class name ("Package") and a matching class id. Improve this, so that the class id is created dynamically, based on the OLE1 class name. The class id can be figured out by putting the OLE1 data in an RTF file and converting that RTF file to DOC using Word. (cherry picked from commit 247b247dadc8f0133a8eb94f1423a29315cf998a) Change-Id: I1623a42a8f9b1278fd69641f1ae1ee467a6f0143
2020-09-03sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: take OLE1 pres data from rtf if neededMiklos Vajna3-31/+108
Next to the native data of an embedded object, the presentation data / replacement is included at several layers: - the OLE2 container may have it - the OLE1 container may have it - the RTF container may have it - the PNG file next to the RTF container may have it Given that various consumers pick one of the above, we try to provide presentation data in all layers. We already had code to generate the OLE1 presentation data from the OLE2 container, but we gave up for OLE1 in case the OLE2 container didn't have it. This means that in case the RTF container is wrapped in a proper RTF file, Word refuses the edit the embedded object. Fix the problem by taking the presentation data from RTF for OLE1 purposes, in case it's missing from the OLE2 container. (cherry picked from commit 0d027abbc5609b096d2a954e77aa7354a55928ab) Conflicts: sw/source/filter/html/htmlreqifreader.cxx Change-Id: I158db1c87044a3895d0c64a6e5a5384686627d96
2020-09-02sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: prepare pres data earlierMiklos Vajna1-21/+39
If an embedded object has some native data, we provide presentation data (replacement graphic) for it in the OLE1 container. We usually take this from the OLE2 container, but it's OK to omit the presentation data there. So refactor to have the presentation data available from the OLE node (already used for RTF purposes) earlier, that'll allow taking the OLE1 presentation data from RTF if it's missing from OLE2. (cherry picked from commit 4d33262b1b652b57f222c9f1cce7d976725399d4) Conflicts: sw/source/filter/html/htmlreqifreader.cxx Change-Id: Ib6b1b5e843308b0f7af04499de5a1ef5461f7b00
2020-09-02convert WriteCharPtr..getStr to WriteOStringNoel Grandin1-6/+6
and improve the WriteOString method, we can avoid the strlen here, we already have the length One change in behaviour to be noted - if the string contains trailing zero bytes, which ARE INCLUDED IN THE STRING LENGTH, i.e. I'm not talking about the normal terminating zero, then this patch changes behaviour because we will now write those zeros to the stream. [ Just the sw/source/filter/html/htmlreqifreader.cxx part. ] (cherry picked from commit 241bee7e4be6a205fae0d3f5508e084462c7ca55) Change-Id: I4668b9b9eb877f820b1dc70d6cd10ba2623bc0a2
2020-09-02loplugin:constparams in swNoel Grandin1-1/+1
[ Just the sw/source/filter/html/htmlreqifreader.cxx part. ] (cherry picked from commit 7075ce2fee860daa6affde92b256838aaa3d7d87) Change-Id: I4a0f51eae28c82eca3c44b9d06c0410f9645f62f
2020-08-24Bin overly eager bypass of code section that stops replacement image creationTor Lillqvist1-2/+1
The skipping causes a customer's Java code that handles some .odt document to unexpectedly not create object replacement images in the document. The problem is that in the bad case, the SwTextShell is created later than .uno:UpdateAll is dispatched, so the dispatch does nothing. SwBaseShell::Execute() for FN_UPDATE_ALL is not called. And this is required, becase that calls setUserAllowsLinkUpdate(true), so that on save, when EmbeddedObjectContainer::StoreAsChildren() in comphelper/ hits the 'if ( ! && getUserAllowsLinkUpdate() )' condition, then we create a replacement image. This is a Basic script that demonstrates the same issue: desktop = CreateUnoService("") Dim props(0) as new props(0).Name = "Hidden" props(0).Value = true component = desktop.loadComponentFromURL("file:///.../test.odt", "_default", 0, props) dispatcher = createUnoService("") frame = component.CurrentController.Frame dispatcher.executeDispatch(frame, ".uno:UpdateAll", "", 0, Array()) component.storeSelf(Array()) component.dispose() Change-Id: I4a5f78a2118a387f062c2d5213a0012a7df2dd9f
2020-07-29sw reqif-xhtml export: avoid writing text-decoration:noneMiklos Vajna4-7/+44
This CSS key is allowed, but only the underline and line-through values are allowed in reqif mode, according to the top of page 66 of "01_OMG_Requirements Interchange Format (ReqIF)_Version 1.2_formal-16-07-01.pdf". (cherry picked from commit d19a21a81bea24cdcfc8618ed3d37b825e638f65) Change-Id: Ide64344f58bde4569fe499d8514dab36a055bda9
2020-07-17SVG export: fix lost semi-transparent text on shapesMiklos Vajna3-39/+98
Extend SVGTextWriter::setTextPosition(), so when it looks for a text action in a metafile, it recurses into transparency groups, so the text is not lost. Extract part of SVGActionWriter::ImplWriteMask() into a new StartMask(), so we can detect the case when the transparency group has a constant alpha, i.e. no complex mask is needed, just an opacity value. When looking for text, remember if we saw a request for text opacity and make the transparency group writing in SVGActionWriter::ImplWriteMask() conditional to avoid duplication. This is needed because once we're inside <text>, we don't want to write an invalid transparency group via <g>, rather we want a fill-opacity on the existing <tspan>. With this, the SVG export is on par with PDF export for semi-transparent shape text. (cherry picked from commit 666f252457bdb4371d15380a0289e107b2dfbe84) Conflicts: filter/source/svg/svgwriter.cxx filter/source/svg/svgwriter.hxx Change-Id: If43b0ab3446015299acc4b37590358867c5fac5f
2020-07-17Prepare test for SVG export of semi-transparent text, not enabledTomaž Vajngerl2-0/+33
This prepares the test for semi-transparent text, but the assert is not yet enabled until the bug gets fixed. (cherry picked from commit ebb7cd91ec2bbbba3e4d2ce106b24933b23f4d14) Change-Id: I31a241910fd7bdf27579f291a497b76292eac775
2020-06-23sw: fix missing OLE preview on updating linksMiklos Vajna5-0/+173
Regression from commit 74844277cc2194c9e43f5bd7a6f78a9603da32f3 (disable generation of ole previews in ODF format until after load, 2016-09-13), if the document has charts without previews, it's loaded, fields are updated and saved, we no longer generate those previews. Given that Tools -> Update -> Update all is always an explicit user action, restore the permission to update OLE previews / links before performing the actual update. With this, comphelper::EmbeddedObjectContainer::StoreAsChildren() will generate those missing previews inside the getUserAllowsLinkUpdate() conditional block. (cherry picked from commit 2aad85f84235f362604b5fd385bb77de839d2014) Conflicts: sw/qa/uibase/shells/shells.cxx Change-Id: Ib54e06a2e2f2e1c65951fdec302e59e63c71d008
2020-05-21sw XHTML export: properly write <li>...</li> around multiple paragraphsMiklos Vajna4-16/+69
Writer just has a list of text nodes, but ODF and HTML can have multiple paragraphs inside <li>, in case the non-first text nodes have their RES_PARATR_LIST_ISCOUNTED set to false. Improve b6f7a4908d1c3fc610440a1cbbbc1673a53da8b6 (sw XHTML export: properly write <li>...</li> around paragraphs, 2018-04-11) to make the decision around when to write </li> based on not only the current but also the next text node. This way we omit </li> for non-first paragraphs inside <li>, but keep writing it in other cases. (cherry picked from commit 119b6876c92e4cdae44583c4b1b1419d3533e3ee) Conflicts: sw/ sw/source/filter/html/htmlatr.cxx Change-Id: I994855961aeea92050268dba5f19f125c7ad2b7f
2020-05-04sw reqif-xhtml import, embedded objects: handle Ole10Native streamMiklos Vajna3-4/+114
This is the import side of commit 1392fd6a7eaf9f507639096984c2a0108f254795 (sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: handle Ole10Native stream, 2020-04-30). (cherry picked from commit 800085d4fb0831f2065e86bfd99164cd89998fcd) Conflicts: filter/source/msfilter/rtfutil.cxx sw/ Change-Id: Ib98620f06c471a58e75b0e6c0230d37820dbc928
2020-05-04Resolves: tdf#115750 SvStream::WriteStream was brokenCaolán McNamara1-6/+5
and didn't stop copying at the size limit arg (cherry picked from commit bcdaaf62d41728eb757ff2b9cb95c2df2791e2f4) Change-Id: I8f1be0310160f5158d2f64c62d6b2c09c0157930
2020-05-04sw reqif-xhtml export, embedded objects: handle Ole10Native streamMiklos Vajna4-2/+237
Normally the embedded object has some OLE2 native data, and we insert our OLE1 header before that. But in case the OLE2 data already has an Ole10Native stream, then don't create an OLE1-in-OLE2-in-OLE1 output: it's pointless and some consumers have trouble parsing that. (cherry picked from commit 1392fd6a7eaf9f507639096984c2a0108f254795) Change-Id: Ifc8b37494f97da89ce66a147e08a49eaa2f7ae1e
2020-05-04tdf#108748 generate PDF preview on SwapInJan-Marek Glogowski2-0/+22
When including a PDF as an image, it's represented internally as a Bitmap with additional PDF data. On SwapIn, LibreOffice just imported the PDF data missing the PDF preview. The Graphic also gad the wrong image type, which results in a busy loop on master, with a strange / unhelpful STR_COMCORE_READERROR generated by SwNoTextFrame::PaintPicture. This is a workaround to generate the Bitmap on SwapIn, which will really slow down LibreOffice when importing many PDFs. I guess the job of generating the PDF previews should probably be deferred to a thread or a low priority Scheduler task, just like the general image loading is handled. (cherry picked from commit 3a88795c1211c62277dc646e61c2ba8306febe37) Change-Id: I8084e4533995ecddc5b03ef19cb0c6a2dbf60ebd
2020-04-24sw html export: fix handling of paragraph alignment in XHTML modeMiklos Vajna3-0/+40
The problem was that the <p align="..."> markup was used, while XHTML prefers the <p style="text-align: ..."> markup. Note that OutHTML_SvxAdjust() is a special case: other paragraph-level pool items would just call the equivalent of OutCSS1_SvxAdjust(). Fix the problem by bringing the paragraph alignment case close to e.g. SvxULSpace handling, which is the m_bNoAlign == true case. On top of this the reqif-xhtml output is then valid out of the box, since IgnorePropertyForReqIF() already filters out not allowed CSS properties. (cherry picked from commit 9d38360e2ed06b2083d56b637f009411d41f36eb) Conflicts: sw/source/filter/html/htmlatr.cxx sw/source/filter/html/wrthtml.cxx Change-Id: I5fb4314bec172affcd03b1c49b986406a93c2b12
2020-04-20PDF export: fix handling of page sizes larger than 508 cmMiklos Vajna4-7/+83
The value of these coordinates are not allowed to be larger than 14 400, and Adobe Reader complains about them. Use UserUnit to declare in case we won't work with points anymore, but with a larger unit. This will mean UserUnit=2 in practice, since e.g. Draw has is page size limited to 600x600cm, so larger values won't happen, at least not for now. (cherry picked from commit 4830592b780833cf5eee2aef30bc9c5d444dfb24) Conflicts: vcl/qa/cppunit/pdfexport/pdfexport.cxx vcl/source/gdi/pdfwriter_impl.cxx vcl/source/gdi/pdfwriter_impl.hxx Change-Id: I8ee159f2571f4070aded85388792a215de86f7ff
2020-04-09SVG export: fix lost semi-transparent line shapesMiklos Vajna5-18/+175
The line shape itself didn't really have a height, rather it had a stroke. For some reason, the SVG mask then decides that nothing has to be painted there, so unless the line is entirely opaque, the line shape gets lost on export. Fix the problem by handling transparency similar to the PDF export, which detects if the whole purpose of the transparency gradient is to pass around a transparency percentage. We don't need a mask in that case, we can just use opacity as described at e.g. <>. (cherry picked from commit ea52d24b5a19bb54f91cd679a977332ec330880d) Conflicts: filter/qa/unit/svg.cxx test/source/xmltesttools.cxx Change-Id: I0355b9b09b6dd48bbacc5b7cc54fb71866304ef1
2020-04-09tdf#107998 - svg export: shapes are uncorrect both in Draw and ImpressMarco Cecchetti1-3/+8
Start Draw, draw a rectangle, export it to a SVG document. Open the SVG document with a browser or Inkscape: instead of a rectangle, you will see a self-crossing polygon. This issue is due to a clean up commit (9d8c206ee4a5c130e11a4e786b4286f3362f9ca1) about string concatenation which has not taken into account that operations are performed from right to left. Change-Id: Ib1c0d872b6bd95abe98bb5e22ef69f6b2d5c163b Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jan Holesovsky <> Tested-by: Jan Holesovsky <> (cherry picked from commit 877b605bf519f20179e5de1beb5bb16cd431aa89)
2020-04-06Add some fallback minimum size when screen size detection goes wrongSamuel Mehrbrodt1-0/+7
(cherry picked from commit 643a1492bd648fbd803ca86aca600cc2bdaf5819) Change-Id: I97ec2359b8ae406e310a5d043ac068ddd89b3fd1
2020-03-31sw: fix use-after-free when moving multiple tables to a previous pageMiklos Vajna1-0/+11
Regression from commit e4da634b983052f300cd0e9b2bbaa60eb02c1b28 (sw: fix moving more than 20 table frames to a previous page, 2020-03-30), asan found a heap-use-after-free during CppunitTest_sw_ooxmlexport5 CPPUNIT_TEST_NAME=testOldComplexMergeTableInTable, the follow frame is deleted like this: #1 in SwTabFrame::~SwTabFrame() at sw/source/core/layout/tabfrm.cxx:145:1 (instdir/program/ +0xec98ba5) #2 in SwFrame::DestroyFrame(SwFrame*) at sw/source/core/layout/ssfrm.cxx:389:9 (instdir/program/ +0xec8495f) #3 in SwTabFrame::Join() at sw/source/core/layout/tabfrm.cxx:1390:9 (instdir/program/ +0xecb6088) #4 in SwTabFrame::MakeAll(OutputDevice*) at sw/source/core/layout/tabfrm.cxx:1865:9 (instdir/program/ +0xecbc1f6) #5 in SwFrame::PrepareMake(OutputDevice*) at sw/source/core/layout/calcmove.cxx:370:5 (instdir/program/ +0xe519919) #6 in SwFrame::Calc(OutputDevice*) const at sw/source/core/layout/trvlfrm.cxx:1789:37 (instdir/program/ +0xed8424e) #7 in SwLayAction::FormatLayoutTab(SwTabFrame*, bool) at sw/source/core/layout/layact.cxx:1485:15 (instdir/program/ +0xe897ea9) Fix the problem by not moving multiple tables to a previous page in one iteration when the table is a follow one. (cherry picked from commit 10036bd52e094b5c9b02ff5142829f0825a20571) Change-Id: I443240b6153b74d6def97140c516d7cf7a2d35e4
2020-03-31sw: fix moving more than 20 table frames to a previous pageMiklos Vajna3-1/+38
Steps to reproduce the problem: - have some content on page1 - have more than 20 tables on page 2 - delete all content on page 1 The first 20 tables are moved to page 1 then the layout process stops as the layout loop control aborts it: warn:legacy.osl:8282:8282:sw/source/core/layout/layact.cxx:544: LoopControl_1 in SwLayAction::InternalAction and the remaining tables stay on page 2, even if page 1 would have space for them. There are various other ways to trigger the same problem, e.g. have a ToC, add lots of headings, update the ToC, undo. Fix the problem by doing more work in SwLayAction::FormatLayout in a single iteration: if a table frame is moved to a different parent we can still format the table's next frame in the same iteration with a bit of effort. (cherry picked from commit e4da634b983052f300cd0e9b2bbaa60eb02c1b28) Conflicts: sw/qa/core/layout/layout.cxx sw/source/core/layout/layact.cxx Change-Id: I25912a69c19e042f0e0375898f4e0a5fa13321fc
2020-03-19ofz#9934 null derefCaolán McNamara2-2/+3
Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: Michael Stahl <> (cherry picked from commit 4fb7390956a193e00c1b599129b89933c41f98ae) Change-Id: I6833ad8a556b561a37e468da8845914cabfac4c5
2020-03-19desktop: disable testGetFontSubset()Miklos Vajna1-1/+1
This fails with: cppunittester: svx/source/dialog/charmap.cxx:1648: void SubsetMap::InitList(): Assertion `eBlockStart == eBlockEnd && eBlockStart == eBlock' failed. And probably ~always did, just I ran the tests in an assert-disabled build previously. Disable the test so other test failures can be noticed fast. (Especially that the test is not too relevant on this branch, it's for Online.) [ The test works on master, so just disable this on this branch only. ] Change-Id: Ib29f76d049503e5b8584f6aed4bc85e88558f9e7
2020-03-13tdf#31814 Fix for EMF+ DrawString and DrawImagePatrick Jaap1-1/+10
DrawString: The value 'fontAttribute' is optional and may be null, results in missing characters. DrawImage: The case of 'metafile' was missing and leads to low resolution rendering. (cherry picked from commit 52a2a0101f71b21876f17d5419132ffa27f6e35d) Conflicts: drawinglayer/source/tools/emfphelperdata.cxx Change-Id: I81566d884975fda832f4a5af6663c837f355c383
2020-03-13tdf#122557 EMF+ Implement proper rotation support of DrawImageBartosz Kosiorek3-6/+65
(cherry picked from commit e3ccc09417731e61d3d35ed4cc1a7436e05f5325) Conflicts: drawinglayer/source/tools/emfpbrush.hxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfphelperdata.cxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfphelperdata.hxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfpregion.cxx Change-Id: I2c32a47fac06b2026d61a0f369e6d569c9f57502
2020-03-12tdf#113704 Implement proper reading of the EmfPlusRegionNodeBartosz Kosiorek3-38/+165
Regions are specified as a binary tree of region nodes, and each node must either be a terminal node or specify one or two child nodes. Nodes contains two child nodes: RegionNodeDataTypeAnd = 0x00000001, RegionNodeDataTypeOr = 0x00000002, RegionNodeDataTypeXor = 0x00000003, RegionNodeDataTypeExclude = 0x00000004, RegionNodeDataTypeComplement = 0x00000005, Terminal nodes: RegionNodeDataTypeRect = 0x10000000, RegionNodeDataTypePath = 0x10000001, RegionNodeDataTypeEmpty = 0x10000002, RegionNodeDataTypeInfinite = 0x10000003 RegionNode must contain at least one element. (cherry picked from commit d0c4cee7e5ad00363d264aec0011a4b07983b19d) Conflicts: drawinglayer/source/tools/emfpbrush.cxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfpcustomlinecap.cxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfphelperdata.cxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfphelperdata.hxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfppath.cxx drawinglayer/source/tools/emfpregion.cxx sw/source/ui/config/optload.src vcl/source/src/units.src Change-Id: I668e5892701b979f09bcf5bbce44a43226676192
2020-02-12forcepoint #21 pop on empty stackCaolán McNamara2-1/+1783
Thanks to Antti Levomäki and Christian Jalio from Forcepoint. (cherry picked from commit 3686a3fc1b2eaee53b1ab32f33455b2b37aa8c6e) Conflicts: writerfilter/source/dmapper/DomainMapper_Impl.cxx Change-Id: I25b1c6361fb0a3ae6b01f2be870c9e1b49bf5b84
2020-01-29dtrans win32: implement support for pasting when the handle type is streamMiklos Vajna1-1/+46
Steps to reproduce the problem: select an image in Word on Windows, copy, paste into Writer -> nothing happens. A workaround is to use paste special, and select the metafile paste, not the bitmap one. The root cause was that clipboard contents on Windows can have different handle types and we only supported the memory and the metafile cases. An alternative fix would be to handle this at a higher level, e.g. TransferableDataHelper::GetBitmapEx() in vcl could fall back to EMF when the bitmap formats fail, but that would not work for other applications that only offer bitmap formats with a stream handle type. (cherry picked from commit 5d1a540963d1c5b952655414fc77367f67db968d) Change-Id: Iccaaf33df949ee73185acbd55b61d00a12d210ee
2020-01-22PDF export: don't ignore FilterData specified by UNO clientsMiklos Vajna1-1/+1
The data was given to the PDF filter, but then we stopped iterating right after finding our output stream. Seems this was always like this, ever since commit 4111b430a0a7954416ff95794a8ffb8fbc4472e3 (#101570#: added pdf filter, 2002-08-13). (cherry picked from commit 3b9797671ce49f53b2c583c9201c348b55b10c96) [ Testcase not backported, pdfium is too old on this branch. ] Conflicts: filter/source/pdf/pdffilter.cxx vcl/qa/cppunit/pdfexport/pdfexport.cxx Change-Id: If26661935c22a7b7959fda5f92b4d50b15f13a35
2020-01-21PDF export: skip pointless downsampling for very small imagesMiklos Vajna1-2/+4
Regression from commit b6588bd7c831ce88a29131ca7ea8d3f3e082564e (Reduce image resolution by default in PDF Export, 2014-03-02) the problem is that in case you have small enough bitmaps, then these used to look OK at reasonable zoom levels, but now we intentionally scale down bitmaps by default. That makes little sense for tiny images, do this only for large ones. (cherry picked from commit b894ec7fadb8ca6bf0b33fa9eee4b9303e8161d4) [ Testcase not backported, pdfium is too old on this branch. ] Conflicts: vcl/qa/cppunit/pdfexport/pdfexport.cxx vcl/source/gdi/pdfwriter_impl2.cxx Change-Id: Iff15325b842b47d9285a7c0f83f402897498392d
2020-01-17sw reqif-xhtml export: fix not needed font name/sizeMiklos Vajna5-4/+48
The only reason commit 4cd3c436923bfba281b1bf16d9785208a2119cea (sw reqif-xhtml export: limit values of the style attribute, 2018-04-11) missed these is because they write their css properties directly, not going via SwHTMLWriter::OutCSS1_Property(). Also adapt testReqIfWellFormed: its intention was to make sure that in case these properties are written, then inline CSS is used: that is true for XHTML, but not for ReqIF-XHTML. (cherry picked from commit 1655819c8914efad28f218f56d8d89d4e4bd9488) Change-Id: I4ceb2bb09187101baa6f4a74d65aaa4dc955511f
2020-01-17sw reqif-xhtml export: fix not needed namespace for commentsMiklos Vajna2-1/+45
In general, all "foo" elements should be started as "<reqif-xhtml:foo" in the reqif case, but not for comments, which stay as "<!--". (cherry picked from commit a73483817faac173b2b9d4e970d2a05bfedc6798) Conflicts: sw/qa/extras/htmlexport/htmlexport.cxx sw/source/filter/html/htmlfldw.cxx Change-Id: I841c0d8e448f670b9b42cb915154e6264f7f150a
2020-01-14sw reqif-xhtml export: fix non-well-formed output on Chinese textMiklos Vajna10-18/+40
And also search for the '"<" OOO_something' pattern, and fix up all cases where we forgot to call GetNamespace() when opening an element. (cherry picked from commit 186ef501a305d452da1f36aa51106dba181dc324) Conflicts: sw/source/filter/html/htmlbas.cxx sw/source/filter/html/htmlfldw.cxx sw/source/filter/html/htmlflywriter.cxx sw/source/filter/html/htmlforw.cxx sw/source/filter/html/htmlftn.cxx sw/source/filter/html/wrthtml.cxx Change-Id: I015e807c1ad0f96c7c4aaa97f7f61ae134cf3754
2019-12-18sw reqif-xhtml export: add a new RTFOLEMimeType parameterMiklos Vajna10-11/+79
This is similar to commit e0f20211a8048a87b078aa4cf0f28c0c847487ad (sw reqif-xhtml import: add a new AllowedRTFOLEMimeTypes parameter, 2019-12-16), except that was for the import and this is for the import. The situation was similar, SfxBaseModel::impl_store() still had the custom store parameters, but later functions lost it, so at the end OutHTML_FrameFormatOLENodeGrf() in the sw HTML export could not respect it. Fix the problem in a similar way, so the SfxMedium instance created for the duration of the export provides the custom options via SfxMedium::GetArgs(). (cherry picked from commit 037cd13af81f8a1169d01e95036ed942f261f9a6) Conflicts: include/sfx2/objsh.hxx sfx2/source/doc/objstor.cxx sfx2/source/doc/sfxbasemodel.cxx sw/source/filter/html/wrthtml.cxx sw/source/filter/html/wrthtml.hxx Change-Id: I71d2c7920f42d98133f345703cfdfd50f0e8550c
2019-12-18sw reqif-xhtml import: add a new AllowedRTFOLEMimeTypes parameterMiklos Vajna9-1/+1087
The HTML import is an old-style filter, so it has no XFilter implementation where filter() would get custom parameters out of the box. One way would be to fix by adding one more entry to the aFormalArgs table under sfx2/, but doing that with a random parameter of a random import filter feels dirty. So instead make SfxMedium store all arguments as-is, this way accessing other keys is as easy to accessing the already available FilterOptions (string) key. Regarding the actual filter change, don't require "text/rtf" as a mime type for embedded objects in the reqif XHTML import, so that in case the file has e.g. application/rtf, then that works as well. In case an (UNO) client wants to still limit the accepted set of MIME types, that's possible via the new parameter. (cherry picked from commit e0f20211a8048a87b078aa4cf0f28c0c847487ad) Conflicts: include/sfx2/docfile.hxx sw/qa/extras/htmlimport/htmlimport.cxx sw/source/filter/html/swhtml.cxx [ Backport note: master uses std::set for m_aAllowedRTFOLEMimeTypes, here we use std::vector, as comphelper::sequenceToContainer() can't handle sets on this branch. And given that the elements in this container will be small, it does not matter in practice. ] Change-Id: Ia60da44d692f550d8ad5bbf374171cac67d9e04f
2019-11-25cui: add UI for semi-transparent shape textMiklos Vajna6-2/+150
- Make font color only work with the RGB color, otherwise the preview would be white for e.g. half-transparent red. - Add label and widget to see already set transparency. - Add a flag to show these only for Draw/Impress and leave Writer/Calc unchanged. - Update returned item set to contain transparency in case the widget changes. Conflicts: cui/source/inc/chardlg.hxx cui/source/tabpages/chardlg.cxx cui/uiconfig/ui/effectspage.ui Change-Id: If77771076ff4b10a4a5d468a6583809a94deb57e
2019-11-25oox: add PPTX import/export for semi-transparent shape textMiklos Vajna7-2/+167
And start a drawingml test suite in oox, so the test and the tested code is close to each other (just like how it's done in chart2/ already). (cherry picked from commit 1e64d9ebaa231caef5fb062009b8f76465e415f4) Conflicts: oox/ Change-Id: I9a2810691f12604d240e4394e6a5ff4e7f52f1c1
2019-11-25xmloff: add ODF import/export for semi-transparent shape textMiklos Vajna3-0/+90
Test this from sd, so that SdModelTestBase::saveAndReload() calls BootstrapFixture::validate() for us. (cherry picked from commit 4dbb33a1c21948bebcf890c2f8ceb56b15a87936) Conflicts: schema/libreoffice/OpenDocument-schema-v1.3+libreoffice.rng sd/qa/unit/export-tests.cxx Change-Id: I6c90a3a71a5603604e69f9b45137bc8e4388dc0f
2019-11-25svx: add rendering for semi-transparent shape textMiklos Vajna1-0/+10
The color's alpha is normally lost when we roundtrip SvxColorItem's tools Color via TextSimplePortionPrimitive2D's basegfx::BColor. One way would be to add an extra transparency member to the primitive, like BackgroundColorPrimitive2D does that. However, a much easier way is to go via UnifiedTransparencePrimitive2D, that way we handle transparency in drawinglayer::impBufferDevice::paint(), rather than platform-specific code like CairoTextRender::DrawTextLayout() in the Linux case. (cherry picked from commit 81b0d5393ca4cf2ff0954e53b05928cde047c2e0) Conflicts: svx/ svx/source/svdraw/svdotextdecomposition.cxx Change-Id: Ie7aebe77ad9ac776dd27fc50538a5045200c8010
2019-11-22editeng: add UNO API for semi-transparent textMiklos Vajna4-2/+14
Keep the type internally as sal_uInt8, to be used as an alpha channel. Keep the type externally as sal_Int16, so it's consistent with the fill area transparency. (cherry picked from commit 6fafae4d109f5768621a11deb394b1b0c4dc5606) Conflicts: offapi/com/sun/star/style/CharacterProperties.idl Change-Id: I5138a6b73526f20a40f93df4cff4951e2b11bd6d