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@@ -143,17 +143,6 @@ public:
conversion functions of osl.
static String CreateTempName( const String* pParent=NULL );
- /**
- The TempNameBaseDirectory is a subfolder in the folder that is passed as a "physical" file name in the
- SetTempNameBaseDirectory method.
- This subfolder will be used if a TempFile or TempName is created without a parent name or a parent name
- that does not belong to the local file system.
- The caller of the SetTempNameBase is responsible for deleting this folder and all temporary files in it.
- The return value of both methods is the complete "physical" name of the tempname base folder.
- It is not a URL because alle URLs must be "UCB compatible", so there may be no suitable URL at all.
- */
- static String SetTempNameBaseDirectory( const String &rBaseName );