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diff --git a/sw/inc/swtypes.hxx b/sw/inc/swtypes.hxx
index d3c668818495..245c7cce6e31 100644
--- a/sw/inc/swtypes.hxx
+++ b/sw/inc/swtypes.hxx
@@ -170,6 +170,8 @@ SW_DLLPUBLIC Size GetGraphicSizeTwip( const Graphic&, OutputDevice* pOutDev );
// Separator for jumps to different content types in document.
const sal_Unicode cMarkSeparator = '|';
+// Sequences names for jumps are <name of sequence>!<no>
+const sal_Unicode cSequenceMarkSeparator = '!';
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToTable; // Strings are
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToFrame; // in Init.cxx.
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToRegion;
@@ -177,6 +179,7 @@ SW_DLLPUBLIC extern const sal_Char* pMarkToOutline;
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToText;
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToGraphic;
extern const sal_Char* pMarkToOLE;
+extern const sal_Char* pMarkToSequence;
#ifndef DB_DELIM // This is defined in OFA!
#define DB_DELIM ((sal_Unicode)0xff) // Database <-> table separator.