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diff --git a/svgio/inc/svgio/svgreader/svgsvgnode.hxx b/svgio/inc/svgio/svgreader/svgsvgnode.hxx
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--- a/svgio/inc/svgio/svgreader/svgsvgnode.hxx
+++ b/svgio/inc/svgio/svgreader/svgsvgnode.hxx
@@ -53,7 +53,15 @@ namespace svgio
virtual void parseAttribute(const OUString& rTokenName, SVGToken aSVGToken, const OUString& aContent);
virtual void decomposeSvgNode(drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DSequence& rTarget, bool bReferenced) const;
- /// InfoProvider support for % values
+ /// Seeks width and height of viewport, which is current before the new viewport is set.
+ // needed for percentage unit in x, y, width or height
+ virtual void seekReferenceWidth(double& fWidth, bool& bHasFound) const;
+ virtual void seekReferenceHeight(double& fHeight, bool& bHasFound) const;
+ /// InfoProvider support for % values in childs
+ // The returned 'CurrentViewPort' is the viewport as it is set by this svg element
+ // and as it is needed to resolve relative values in childs
+ // The method does not check for invalid width and height
virtual const basegfx::B2DRange* getCurrentViewPort() const;
/// viewBox content