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+++ b/sc/source/ui/inc/viewdata.hxx
@@ -200,6 +200,18 @@ private:
void ReadUserDataSequence(
const css::uno::Sequence <css::beans::PropertyValue>& rSettings,
ScViewData& rViewData, SCTAB nTab, bool& rHasZoom);
+ /** Sanitize the active split range value to not point into a grid window
+ that would never be initialized due to non-matching split modes.
+ This is to be done when reading settings from file formats or
+ configurations that could have arbitrary values. The caller is
+ reponsible for actually assigning the new value to eWhichActive because
+ we want this function to be const to be able to call the check from
+ anywhere.
+ */
+ SAL_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT ScSplitPos SanitizeWhichActive() const;