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@@ -63,9 +63,13 @@ private:
/** @param pOptions
- NULL means case sensitivity document option is to be used!
+ Used for comparing two strings, if given.
+ NULL means that for comparing two strings ScQueryOp rComp.meOp is
+ tested for SC_EQUAL and SC_NOT_EQUAL, else pOptions->aQueryEntry.eOp
+ Case sensitivity document option is always to be passed in
+ rComp.mbIgnoreCase.
-double CompareFunc( const Compare::Cell& rCell1, const Compare::Cell& rCell2, bool bIgnoreCase, CompareOptions* pOptions = NULL );
+double CompareFunc( const Compare& rComp, CompareOptions* pOptions = NULL );
double CompareFunc( const Compare::Cell& rCell1, double fCell2, CompareOptions* pOptions = NULL );
double CompareFunc( double fCell1, double fCell2 );