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@@ -93,6 +93,25 @@ interface XSlideShow : ::com::sun::star::uno::XInterface
boolean nextEffect();
+ /** Undo the last effect in the main sequence of the slideshow.<p>
+ The current slide is displayed as if the last user-triggered effect
+ has never been triggered. If there is no previous effect on the
+ current slide then slideEnded(true) is called at the registered
+ XSlideShowListener objects, which can then trigger a change to the
+ previous slide. Note that this command is executed asynchronously.
+ Multiple calls to update() may be necessary to complete its execution.
+ If there is currently no slideshow running, this method does
+ nothing.<p>
+ @return <TRUE/>, if the previous effect was successfully
+ triggered. This method returns <FALSE/>, if there is no show
+ running, the first effect on the first slide was not yet
+ triggered, or the implementation failed to trigger the previous
+ effect.
+ */
+ boolean previousEffect();
/** Start a shape-intrinsic animation or activity.<p>
This method starts an animation or activity intrinsic to the
@@ -145,8 +164,24 @@ interface XSlideShow : ::com::sun::star::uno::XInterface
a different slide, this will still work but will not have any performance
+ <li>name: SkipAllMainSequenceEffects, value: boolean.
+ When <TRUE/> then all main sequence effects on the new slide
+ are triggered. This is typically used when going back one
+ effect leads to the previous slide. On that slide all
+ effects have to be shown in order to continue the backward
+ travelling.
+ When <FALSE/>, the default, then no main sequence effect is
+ triggered.
+ </li>
+ <li>name: SkipSlideTransition, value: boolean.
+ When <TRUE/> then the slide transition animation, if there
+ is any, is not displayed. This is typically used when going
+ back one effect leads to the previous slide. Typically used
+ together with SkipAllMainSequenceEffects also being <TRUE/>.
+ When <FALSE/>, the default, then the slide transition
+ effect, if it exists, is played.
+ </li>
void displaySlide(
[in] ::com::sun::star::drawing::XDrawPage xSlide,