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diff --git a/include/svl/zforlist.hxx b/include/svl/zforlist.hxx
index b22aeef4ff0f..a6e8732618e3 100644
--- a/include/svl/zforlist.hxx
+++ b/include/svl/zforlist.hxx
@@ -572,6 +572,15 @@ public:
/// Whether nFIndex is a special builtin format
bool IsSpecialStandardFormat( sal_uInt32 nFIndex, LanguageType eLnge );
+ /** Return a time format that best matches fNumber. */
+ sal_uInt32 GetTimeFormat( double fNumber, LanguageType eLnge );
+ /** Return a format and type that best matches the value of fNumber if
+ fNumber is assumed to be a date, time or datetime value, but unknown
+ which. Originally introduced for Chart databrowser editor, probably
+ should not be used otherwise. */
+ sal_uInt32 GuessDateTimeFormat( short& rType, double fNumber, LanguageType eLnge );
/** Return the corresponding edit format of a format. */
sal_uInt32 GetEditFormat( double fNumber, sal_uInt32 nFIndex, short eType,
LanguageType eLnge, SvNumberformat* pFormat );