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diff --git a/include/osl/process.h b/include/osl/process.h
index 7d0960ee3f7f..7fb619f4ccab 100644
--- a/include/osl/process.h
+++ b/include/osl/process.h
@@ -366,6 +366,11 @@ SAL_DLLPUBLIC sal_uInt32 SAL_CALL osl_getCommandArgCount(void);
SAL_DLLPUBLIC oslProcessError SAL_CALL osl_getCommandArg(
sal_uInt32 nArg, rtl_uString **strCommandArg);
+/** Determine whether or not the command args have already been set.
+ @return The command args are already set, and may not be set again.
+SAL_DLLPUBLIC int SAL_CALL osl_areCommandArgsSet (void);
/** Set the command-line arguments as passed to the main-function of this process.
Deprecated: This function is only for internal use. Passing the args from main will