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The folder EventListener contains an MSDEV project that builds a dll that contains
the EventListener.EvtListener ActiveX component. The component implements the XEventListener
interface according to the rules of the OleBridge. The component will be used from the
-HTML page events.htm. \ No newline at end of file
+HTML page events.htm.
+Contains a Visual Basic project that builds an ActiveX component that implements Its ProgId is VBasicEventListener.VBEventListener
+The dll should also be checked in. VB needs its TLB, so it uses the same CLSIDs on
+the next build. The component will create a message box when its disposing function
+has been called.
+The project also contains a client that builds a Project1.exe (in the same folder)
+that creates VBEventListener and adds it to a StarOffice document