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-The configuration database - UNO services and some tools.
+UNO services to access the configuration database
+== Source Overview ==
+ UNO service implementations.
+ UNO objects passed to clients.
+ Central singleton that aggregates all data (reads in the XML files, manages
+ modifications and global notifications).
+ Internal representations of data nodes.
+ XML file reading.
+ Modification management.
+ Notification management.
+ Extension manager interface.
+ Utilities.
+== Some Implementation Notes ==
+=== Mandatory Set Members ===
+- A set member can be marked as "mandatory," meaning that a member of that name
+must always be present in a set.
+- The above definition implies that calling replaceByName on a mandatory set
+member is OK.
+- The XCU format can contain oor:mandatory attributes on nodes. (The XCS format
+does not support them. In the registrymodifications file, oor:mandatory
+attributes should never be needed, as being mandatory cannot be controlled via
+the UNO API.) The XCU reading code only evaluates the oor:mandatory attribute
+for set members, and ignores it everywhere else.
+- Only true sets support mandatory members. A localized property for the "*"
+locale, though acting much like a set, does not support mandatory members.
+- The Registry Format document claims that group extension
+properties are implicitly mandatory, but at least the new configmgr code does
+not treat them like that (i.e., they can be removed again).
+- For simplicity, setMandatory/getMandatory are available as virtual functions
+at the base Node, even though they can only make sense for GroupNodes and
+SetNodes that are set members. The default getMandatory implementation returns
+NO_LAYER, meaning oor:mandatory is not set to true in any layer. (Returning
+NO_LAYER simplifies the code, e.g., removeByName does not have to check whether
+getMandatory is called on a member of a true set to decide whether to forbid
+- When committing changes (made through the UNO API), the "mandatory" status of
+inserted nodes must be updated (in case the insert is due to a replaceByName, or
+the "mandatory" flag was added by a concurrent modification of a lower layer).
+Also, for to-be-removed nodes, removal is ignored for (newly; due to concurrent
+modification of a lower layer) mandatory nodes (but still recorded in
+registrymodifications, so may take effect once the lower layer addition is
+removed again---whether or not that is a good idea).
+=== XcuParser Modification Recording ===
+- XcuParser records modifications when reading user layer data
+(valueParser_.getLayer() == Data::NO_LAYER).
+- oor:finalized and oor:mandatory attributes cannot be set via the UNO API, so
+it is assumed that user layer data does not contain them (for one, they are not
+written by writeModFile; for another, the logic to record modifications expects
+a locprop(modify,fuse) to be followed by one or more value(fuse,remove), which
+would not necessarily be true if the locprop were only present in the user layer
+data to flag it as finalized).
+- The logic to record modifications considers the top of the XML element stack.
+In the following list of all possible cases, items marked with an asterisk are
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - group(modify,fuse) - ...
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - set(modify,fuse) - ...
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - *prop(modify,fuse,replace) - value(fuse)
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - *prop(remove)
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - locprop(modify,fuse) - *value(fuse)
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - locprop(modify,fuse) - *value(remove)
+ ... group(modify,fuse) - *locprop(replace) ...
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - group(modify/fuse) - ...
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - *group(replace/fuse) - ...
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - *group(remove)
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - set(modify/fuse) - ...
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - *set(replace/fuse) - ...
+ ... set(modify,fuse,replace) - *set(remove)
+Legend: "...": zero or more further items
+ "- ...": one or more further items
+ "modify,fuse" etc.: any of those operations
+ "modify/fuse": a modify or a fuse on an existing member
+ "replace/fuse": a replace or a fuse on a non-existing member