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diff --git a/basegfx/inc/basegfx/polygon/b2dpolypolygoncutter.hxx b/basegfx/inc/basegfx/polygon/b2dpolypolygoncutter.hxx
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--- a/basegfx/inc/basegfx/polygon/b2dpolypolygoncutter.hxx
+++ b/basegfx/inc/basegfx/polygon/b2dpolypolygoncutter.hxx
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ namespace basegfx
// of the contained polygons in not changed but used as topological information.
// Self crossovers of the contained sub-polygons are implicitely handled, but to not lose
// the topological information, it may be necessary to remove self-intersections of the
- // contained sub-polygons in a preparing step and to explicitely correct their orientations.
+ // contained sub-polygons in a preparing step and to explicitly correct their orientations.
BASEGFX_DLLPUBLIC B2DPolyPolygon solveCrossovers(const B2DPolyPolygon& rCandidate);
// Version for single polygons. This is for solving self-intersections. Result will be free of