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the data partition size right in the GUI, that is doomed to producing
and AVD that doesn't work. Instead start it from the console:
- emulator-arm -avd <Name> -partition-size 500
+ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(pwd)/lib emulator-arm -avd <Name> -partition-size 500
+In order to have proper acceleration, you need the 32-bit
+ sudo zypper in Mesa-libGL-devel-32bit
Where <Name> is the literal name of the AVD that you entered.
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You will also need the SDK as full "make" also builds a couple of
Android apps (written in Java). Use the "android" tool from the SDK to
-install the SDK Tools, SDK Platform Tools, the API 14 SDK Platform,
-and the Android Support Library. (Hopefully that list is enough.)
+install the SDK Tools, SDK Platform Tools, the API 14 SDK Platform + ARM EABI
+v7a System Image, and the Android Support Library.
Here is an autogen.lastrun for Android, when cross-compiling from Mac
OS X 10.8 with Xcode 4.4.1: