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xmlsecurity OOXML export: only cache existing signatures, not our temp. one
When adding a signature, first we export it to a temp. storage, then read it back, show the verification to the user, and then later we do or do not write the temp. storage back to the original one. This means the signature gets exported two times, and MSO only considers the final result valid. So when caching signatures (to avoid a real export based on our data model), don't cache the one we just added to the temp. storage, but do a real export second time as well. With this, MSO considers our appended signature (next to an existing one) valid, too. Change-Id: I4d615298463e037ea4e654ff5c3addcef8b0a094
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diff --git a/xmlsecurity/inc/documentsignaturemanager.hxx b/xmlsecurity/inc/documentsignaturemanager.hxx
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--- a/xmlsecurity/inc/documentsignaturemanager.hxx
+++ b/xmlsecurity/inc/documentsignaturemanager.hxx
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ public:
/// Add a new signature, using xCert as a signing certificate, and rDescription as description.
bool add(const css::uno::Reference<css::security::XCertificate>& xCert, const OUString& rDescription, sal_Int32& nSecurityId);
/// Read signatures from either a temp stream or the real storage.
- void read(bool bUseTempStream);
+ void read(bool bUseTempStream, bool bCacheLastSignature = true);