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fdo76734-Text Box is not preserved for file created in MSWord 2007.
Issue:Only one AlternateContent is getting written in the RT file irrespective of the number of TextBoxes in the original file which is causing the issue. RootCause is found in DocxAttributeOutput::OutputFlyFrame_Impl where under case sw::Frame::eTxtBox,m_aFramesOfParagraph.push_back(sw::Frame(rFrame)); is getting executed only once. push_back should happen as many number of times as there are TextBoxes in the original file. if(rFrame.GetFrmFmt().GetName() == m_aFramesOfParagraph[nIndex].GetFrmFmt().GetName()) bDuplicate = true; In the above check both the GetName() are returning values as empty which leads to bDuplicate equals TRUE and hence push_back does not happen. I have introduced one more check to handle this. Also changes are made in for loop to make it more efficient. Conflicts: sw/qa/extras/ooxmlexport/ooxmlexport.cxx Reviewed on: Change-Id: I397aa3c4548cb57e8dacbf3fbf9ebaf87c0daa80
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