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Resolves: #i49853# comment the DTD to emphasize that this DTD is...
for 1.x XML Documents and is not a DTD for any ODF document. (cherry picked from commit 7061d6dbf8d446e96d0ad13ea308f421ea6a424b) Conflicts: xmloff/dtd/office.dtd Change-Id: If2a084e86f935c9dddfbd3a4aa5e2d76473b7d9d
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* the License at .
+<!-- This DTD and the entities it includes are for the
+ XML document format produced by 1.x.
+ This DTD is for reference from the XML prolog of documents
+ in that 1.x format. It can be used for the
+ DTD validation of those XML documents.
+ This DTD is not applicable to ODF documents. ODF support
+ began in 2.x releases. ODF XML documents
+ have Relax NG Schemas.
+ -->
<!ENTITY % dtypes-mod SYSTEM "dtypes.mod">
<!ENTITY % nmspace-mod SYSTEM "nmspace.mod">