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tdf#98987 sw: add AddVerticalFrameOffsets compat mode
The situation is the following: we have a text frame, with at least two anchored objects: one is wrapped not-wrap-through, the other is. In case the non-wrap-though one shifts the text content of the text frame right or down, then layout may or may not want to re-consider what is the top left corner of the text frame for anchoring purposes. Regarding the x position, sw layout repositioned the anchor point depending on the AddFrameOffsets compat mode: it's enabled for documents imported from Word, disabled otherwise. Regarding the y position, no repositioning was done, however the bugdoc shows that Word does the same repositioning on the vertical axis as well. Add a new AddVerticalFrameOffsets compat mode that enables vertical repositioning as well, and enable that mode for documents imported from DOCX. Change-Id: Idc5cad7d86662008a92ff3bf5fbb3806aa2c7b07 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Miklos Vajna <> Tested-by: Jenkins <>
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diff --git a/writerfilter/source/filter/WriterFilter.cxx b/writerfilter/source/filter/WriterFilter.cxx
index f3c370c85369..65cd9b3ae429 100644
--- a/writerfilter/source/filter/WriterFilter.cxx
+++ b/writerfilter/source/filter/WriterFilter.cxx
@@ -276,6 +276,7 @@ void WriterFilter::setTargetDocument(const uno::Reference< lang::XComponent >& x
uno::Reference< beans::XPropertySet > xSettings(xFactory->createInstance(""), uno::UNO_QUERY);
xSettings->setPropertyValue("AddFrameOffsets", uno::makeAny(sal_True));
+ xSettings->setPropertyValue("AddVerticalFrameOffsets", uno::makeAny(sal_True));
xSettings->setPropertyValue("UseOldNumbering", uno::makeAny(sal_False));
xSettings->setPropertyValue("IgnoreFirstLineIndentInNumbering", uno::makeAny(sal_False));
xSettings->setPropertyValue("DoNotResetParaAttrsForNumFont", uno::makeAny(sal_False));