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authorJean-Pierre Ledure <>2022-06-22 18:10:36 +0200
committerJean-Pierre Ledure <>2022-06-23 12:14:01 +0200
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ScriptForge - (SF_String) FIX Unquote() with "'" as quoting char
The quoting character (2nd argument of the method) can be the single or the double quote. The single quote was erroneously ignored. Additionally comments are added in the code about non-symmetrical escaping approaches: "" or \' (maybe to be added in help texts ?) Commit to push to libreoffice-7-4 branch too. Change-Id: Ifd8f66ee9e60310fdc292aa0f338e88d941b2e21 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jean-Pierre Ledure <> Reviewed-by: Jean-Pierre Ledure <> Tested-by: Jenkins
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diff --git a/wizards/source/scriptforge/SF_String.xba b/wizards/source/scriptforge/SF_String.xba
index 10ce48045ab8..888cf672c5da 100644
--- a/wizards/source/scriptforge/SF_String.xba
+++ b/wizards/source/scriptforge/SF_String.xba
@@ -2539,6 +2539,9 @@ Public Function Unquote(Optional ByRef InputStr As Variant _
) As String
&apos;&apos;&apos; Reset a quoted string to its original content
&apos;&apos;&apos; (used f.i. for parsing of csv-like records)
+&apos;&apos;&apos; When the input string contains the quote character, the latter must be escaped:
+&apos;&apos;&apos; - QuoteChar = double quote, by doubling it (&quot;&quot;)
+&apos;&apos;&apos; - QuoteChar = single quote, with a preceding backslash (\&apos;)
&apos;&apos;&apos; Args:
&apos;&apos;&apos; InputStr: the input string
&apos;&apos;&apos; QuoteChar: either &quot; (default) or &apos;
@@ -2567,7 +2570,7 @@ Check:
End If
- If Left(InputStr, 1) &lt;&gt; &quot;&quot;&quot;&quot; Then &apos; No need to parse further
+ If Left(InputStr, 1) &lt;&gt; QuoteChar Then &apos; No need to parse further
sUnquote = InputStr
Set oCharacterClass = SF_Utils._GetUNOService(&quot;CharacterClass&quot;)