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authorTom Verbeek <>2001-04-20 14:10:24 +0000
committerTom Verbeek <>2001-04-20 14:10:24 +0000
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changed in order to work together with new build process of wizards
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diff --git a/wizards/prj/build.lst b/wizards/prj/build.lst
index 5f2557f04ad2..ddbaa0273c5d 100644
--- a/wizards/prj/build.lst
+++ b/wizards/prj/build.lst
@@ -1,37 +1,4 @@
-wz wizards : offmgr NULL
+wz wizards usr30073 - none NULL
wz wizards usr1 - all wz_mkout NULL
-wz wizards\inc get - all wz_inc NULL
-wz wizards\prj get - all wz_prj NULL
-wz wizards\jobs get - all wz_jobs NULL
-wz wizards\source get - all wz_src NULL
-wz wizards\source\tools get - all wz_tools NULL
-wz wizards\source\reportwi get - all wz_repo NULL
-wz wizards\source\dbhandle get - all wz_dbhan NULL
-wz wizards\source\autopilo get - all wz_autpi NULL
-wz wizards\source\tablewiz get - all wz_tabwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\fax get - all wz_fax NULL
-wz wizards\source\webwizar nmake - all wz_webwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\combowiz get - all wz_combwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\createre get - all wz_creat NULL
-wz wizards\source\formwiza get - all wz_frmwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\gridwiza get - all wz_gridwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\groupwiz get - all wz_grpmwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\importwi nmake - all wz_importmwiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\init get - all wz_init NULL
-wz wizards\source\querywiz get - all wz_qrywiz NULL
-wz wizards\source\template nmake - all wz_tmpl NULL
-wz wizards\source\standard get - all wz_stand NULL
-wz wizards\source\calendar get - all wz_calen NULL
-wz wizards\source\formedit get - all wz_frmedt NULL
-wz wizards\source\gimmicks get - all wz_gimmi NULL
-wz wizards\source\ssprint get - all wz_spri NULL
-wz wizards\source\ssfuncs get - all wz_sfuncs NULL
-wz wizards\source\schedule nmake - all wz_sched NULL
-wz wizards\source\letterwi get - all wz_lett NULL
-wz wizards\source\dbwizres nmake - all wz_dbres NULL
-wz wizards\source\internet nmake - all wz_inet NULL
-wz wizards\util nmake - all wz_util wz_dbres wz_inet NULL
-wz wizards\source\euro nmake - all wz_euro NULL
-wz wizards\source\config nmake - all wz_config NULL
wz wizards\source\importwizard nmake - all wz_importwiz NULL
wz wizards\source\webwizard nmake - all wz_webwizard NULL