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fdo#74141 :In <w:ind> Right margin gets added even if not present in orig doc.
There was a problem that in style.xml and document.xml in <w:ind> tag "right" & "left" margin attributes gets added(w:right=0 & w:left=0),if these attributes are not set in original document. (In this case LO should not write these attributes in <w:ind>) eg. if original doc has implicit right and left indentation values set(In style.xml) and there is no explicit values provided for some para (In document.xml) still it used to write w:right=0 and w:left=0 in <w:ind> tag of document.xml which overrides an entry from style.xml. XML difference : - Original file: <w:ind w:left="567" /> - Roundtrip file Before Fix: <w:ind w:left="567" w:right="0" w:hanging="0"/> - Roundtrip file After Fix: <w:ind w:left="567" w:hanging="0"/> Conflicts: sw/qa/extras/ooxmlexport/ooxmlexport.cxx Reviewed on: Change-Id: Ifa01bae24d48bb38d5e255356247c46a43beefcc
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