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Get rid of $(share_subdir_name) again
Quoting 56211a166ab25d80de84c2cccce22be15a9be051 "fdo#72394 Don't endlessly expand $(share_subdir_name) into itself": * The compile-time variable LIBO_SHARE_FOLDER should not end up as a runtime framework path variable, esp. since accidentally re-substituting it for "share" segments in unrelated URLs like <file:///export/share/for-all> does not make sense. ac4e19f9085dbd0103c7336a5318aa1e55b3e3e0 "fdo#68552: Don't (attempt to) do run-time expansion of build-time parameters" had already attempted a fix for that, but it had to be reverted again with 791a8b96f754798192875da287c84f8cfa4e533e because it "Unfortunately does not work if BUILDDIR is different from SRCDIR." So this time fix it not via configure-expanded *.in files, but via xsltproc (for officecfg/registry/ files) and sed (for wizards/soruce/configshare files). The changes to officecfg/util/alllang.xsl will replace @LIBO_SHARE_FOLDER@ only in oor:name attribues (and in <value> text), not in any other attributes, because I have no idea how to write that generically in XSLT and it happens to be only needed in oor:name for now. Change-Id: Iec78eb70dcbf1a5bbabf4e42f21c44dc65c3e438
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$(eval $(call gb_Module_Module,wizards))
$(eval $(call gb_Module_add_targets,wizards,\
+ CustomTarget_share \
Package_access2base \
Package_depot \
Package_euro \