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authorMichael Meeks <>2013-11-18 15:41:26 +0000
committerMichael Meeks <>2013-11-19 00:01:36 +0000
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uia: merge VCL pieces of IAccessible2 work.
Original code from: Author: Steve Yin <> Date: Sat Nov 16 23:58:19 2013 +0100 Integrate branch of IAccessible2 With these improvements: Make IAccessible2 an experimental feature, with fallback to Java a11y. Move initial setup of windows into the bridge and clean, remove conditionals Check for presence of AT in the bridge as well to clean. Merge VCL events extensions and their handling. Clean and split WB_GETOBJECT handling out to it's own method. Add component prefix namespacing. Cleanup msaa service info, and implement XComponent to share mxAccessBridge. Add suitable debugging output, remove VCL dependency from UAccCOM causing registration issues. Change-Id: Ib19e38ddca71182018df438df27dcdb555d91402
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diff --git a/winaccessibility/inc/g_msacc.hxx b/winaccessibility/inc/g_msacc.hxx
index df6e4bd9bf0a..d700249a9bb3 100644
--- a/winaccessibility/inc/g_msacc.hxx
+++ b/winaccessibility/inc/g_msacc.hxx
@@ -20,6 +20,10 @@
#ifndef __G_MSACC_HXX
#define __G_MSACC_HXX
+extern void FreeTopWindowListener();
+extern void handleWindowOpened_impl( long pAcc );
+extern long GetMSComPtr( long hWnd, long lParam, long wParam );
extern AccTopWindowListener* g_pTop;