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authorIvan Timofeev <>2013-06-24 22:55:55 +0400
committerFridrich Strba <>2013-07-08 09:07:37 +0000
commit54d8b3ae7ff97c798ea515b8196c1b2b9ccdf056 (patch)
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fdo#66335: fix fdo#44582 and fdo#63254 differently
This combines the following cherry picked commits: 1) fdo#66335: gtk: Revert hacks for RTL scrollbars returning false here in getNativeControlRegion results in a fallback to square buttons in vcl scrollbar code. But there is no problem in gtk+ backend in this case, let's fix the problem differently. This reverts commits 898a3e84807bccbb876e3f5583728f6d24e05e9a and e8e82bd2109b82ddd535cdac30303249c6b62942. (cherry picked from commit 48e1d9c7afe5c2a39d9a08d7a38f7c8ff39d8c84) 2) fdo#44582: fix scrollbars in RTL UI (cherry picked from commit e3a801e2454eed2e61202bbacca01fe3fcc20c1d) 3) fdo#63254: correct re-mirroring formula This patch fixes horizontal scrollbar in Calc when a sheet is RTL and UI is LTR. When a particular window (horizontal scrollbar in this case) is RTL and a whole UI is LTR this code used for mirroring and re-mirroring back coordinates. AFAICS mirroring is correct, but re-mirroring is not. The used formula comes from commit 69b684b12e42bf1396bdffca88ca880ac3c2e00b, and the same formula appears in the other variant of overloaded function "mirror": mirror(sal_uInt32, const SalPoint*, SalPoint*, const OutputDevice*, bool), but it does not affect the bug. (cherry picked from commit a08f579e3704fbd97590f9b050d250ae445725a7) Conflicts: vcl/source/control/scrbar.cxx Change-Id: I0ccaa8998fe87403b3606828eaf3f5bd1dbe6bb4 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Tested-by: Bosdonnat Cedric <> Reviewed-by: Abdulaziz A Alayed <> Tested-by: Abdulaziz A Alayed <> Reviewed-by: Fridrich Strba <> Tested-by: Fridrich Strba <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx b/vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx
index e4bd038d6007..e6272574b754 100755
--- a/vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx
+++ b/vcl/unx/gtk/gdi/salnativewidgets-gtk.cxx
@@ -1041,13 +1041,7 @@ sal_Bool GtkSalGraphics::getNativeControlRegion( ControlType nType,
rNativeContentRegion.Right() = rNativeContentRegion.Left() + 1;
if (!rNativeContentRegion.GetHeight())
rNativeContentRegion.Bottom() = rNativeContentRegion.Top() + 1;
- //fdo#63254 horizontal scrool bar isn't displayed in RTL tab
- // with LTR UI in calc
- returnVal =Application::GetSettings().GetLayoutRTL();
- //See fdo#44582, Horizontal scrollbar in navigator window is broken
- if ((nPart==PART_BUTTON_LEFT || nPart==PART_BUTTON_RIGHT) && Application::GetSettings().GetLayoutRTL())
- returnVal = false;
+ returnVal = sal_True;
if( (nType == CTRL_MENUBAR) && (nPart == PART_ENTIRE_CONTROL) )