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tdf#125893 DOCX import: fix "half" contextual paragraph spacing
Always ignore own top margin setting of the actual paragraph with contextual spacing, if the previous paragraph is identical. I.e. in that case, too, when the previous paragraph has no contextual spacing, like MSO does. Note: PARA_SPACE_MAX mode hasn't included this modification, yet, so only ODT documents converted from DOCX use it at the default setting. See also commit ba18832ceeda21f047a664b71a4333a54737e6c8 (tdf#75221: make margin collapsing implementation conform OASIS proposal) Change-Id: Ida9d12b2c511fcd5e38ade7eb5f4650387c65813 Reviewed-on: Tested-by: Jenkins Reviewed-by: László Németh <>
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