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vcl consitent use of long for corrdinate
most of length in vcl are calculated in 'long' but array of X position tend to be in sal_Int32. As a prep work to be able to support 'double' as the base type of Device Coordinate, harmonize the use of 'long' for non-float coordinate. Change-Id: I7cb33301ff6a5e2c62247b36a4e07e168a58a323
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diff --git a/vcl/source/glyphs/graphite_layout.cxx b/vcl/source/glyphs/graphite_layout.cxx
index d9801102787f..f04b5ec93c46 100644
--- a/vcl/source/glyphs/graphite_layout.cxx
+++ b/vcl/source/glyphs/graphite_layout.cxx
@@ -1090,7 +1090,7 @@ void GraphiteLayout::kashidaJustify(std::vector<int>& rDeltaWidths, sal_GlyphId
-void GraphiteLayout::GetCaretPositions( int nArraySize, sal_Int32* pCaretXArray ) const
+void GraphiteLayout::GetCaretPositions( int nArraySize, long* pCaretXArray ) const
// For each character except the last discover the caret positions
// immediately before and after that character.