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authorJan Holesovsky <>2012-05-14 17:50:43 +0200
committerJan Holesovsky <>2012-05-15 08:39:32 +0200
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aero: Implement a glass menubar on Windows.
We need to default to the Aero colors too, in order to this be really beautiful; but hopefully already in the current state it is an improvement :-) Change-Id: I 113039b62320fa76916ba74071e1eebff4d3476c
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diff --git a/vcl/inc/win/salframe.h b/vcl/inc/win/salframe.h
index 0d4e206e8507..b8056696b7f8 100644
--- a/vcl/inc/win/salframe.h
+++ b/vcl/inc/win/salframe.h
@@ -144,6 +144,12 @@ public:
virtual void BeginSetClipRegion( sal_uIntPtr nRects );
virtual void UnionClipRegion( long nX, long nY, long nWidth, long nHeight );
virtual void EndSetClipRegion();
+ /// Update the region that is supposed to be handled by the window manager
+ ///
+ /// This is primarily for Windows Aero theme in order to be able to draw
+ /// to the Glass area.
+ virtual void extendWindowManagerFrameNative( int nLeft, int nRight, int nTop, int nBottom );
void ImplSalGetWorkArea( HWND hWnd, RECT *pRect, const RECT *pParentRect );