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authorRiccardo Magliocchetti <>2012-02-21 11:29:42 +0100
committerTor Lillqvist <>2012-02-21 12:46:28 +0200
commite125c8fa82beca36791e1bdeae116824f4bc7a7b (patch)
tree91d5013cd5e35ed5cf19ca8b94ed0d9e3873dba7 /vcl/inc/svsys.h
parent0a7058b48a5ce51f7be99f10fc0363859c41a7aa (diff)
Put HEADLESS definition under LIBO namespace
tml reminds us that use a generic and potentially clash-prone word like HEADLESS as preprocessor defintion is pretty lame. He suggests to put it under the already used LIBO namespace. To sum it up let's do a s/HEADLESS/LIBO_HEADLESS/g.
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diff --git a/vcl/inc/svsys.h b/vcl/inc/svsys.h
index 0fbb9ce81a5a..d6d7c8b6c6c2 100644
--- a/vcl/inc/svsys.h
+++ b/vcl/inc/svsys.h
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@
#include "ios/svsys.h"
#elif defined ANDROID
#include "android/svsys.h"
-#elif defined HEADLESS
+#elif defined LIBO_HEADLESS
#include "unx/svsys.h"