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don't strip font names of apparent script suffixes anymore
e.g. "CM Roman CE" should be left alone. bump font cache id to invalidate old cached lists I think this practice stems from Window 3.1/Word 95 where the encoding was included in the font name Microsoft Office still generates RTF files with weird-ass Win 3.1 style fontnames but any actual existing fonts that happen to have names that fall into that pattern should be left alone now. Change-Id: Ibb704048d63b33ce510d6b1076700c6e94a0af2a
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diff --git a/unotools/qa/unit/testGetEnglishSearchName.cxx b/unotools/qa/unit/testGetEnglishSearchName.cxx
index dbc8b173a9f1..c9d8e1fbe4b4 100644
--- a/unotools/qa/unit/testGetEnglishSearchName.cxx
+++ b/unotools/qa/unit/testGetEnglishSearchName.cxx
@@ -39,12 +39,11 @@ void Test::testSingleElement()
test1 = GetEnglishSearchFontName( "Symbol " );
- //removing Skripts
+ //no longer remove script suffixes
test1 = GetEnglishSearchFontName( "Symbol(SIP)" );
- //remove Whitespaces between
- test1 = GetEnglishSearchFontName( "Symbol (thai)" );
- CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL( OUString("symbol"),test1);
+ test1 = GetEnglishSearchFontName( "CM Roman CE" );
+ CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL( OUString("cmromance"),test1);
//remove special characters; leave semicolon, numbers
test1 = GetEnglishSearchFontName( "sy;mb?=ol129" );
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL( OUString("sy;mbol129"),test1);