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Rationale for webdav-neon vs. webdav
...regarding 03ded70913f957460f90608465e4d0a182879074 "rename ucb/source/ucp/webdav to webdav-neon" followed by 015b29b74aaf16f5bdf6a90f6e7d5c1d210fe281 "re-base on ALv2 code," copied from libreoffice-dev IRC. Change-Id: I7388007f5f8cfd34aa19cb68ee3bc59b2905153b
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Universal Content Broker (has ucp) which do things like convert files to strings in content broker world.
+mmeeks: so - I renamed the old LGPLv3 webdav code to webdav-neon, and imported
+the (not built) surf webdav ucp into the old space. so that in future, we can
+merge changes more easily - and still choose which to use. cbosdonnat kindly
+volunteered to do some comparitive analysis of the two codebases to decide which
+is best for what etc.